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Big and tall chairs at SitBetter

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    • Chairs for the Bigger and Taller...

      Being a larger sized person doesn't always make things easy. In fact, I think most can agree it's more of a hindrance than anything else. Whether you are larger because you are 7 ft. tall, or maybe you are just a little overweight, the question that plagues most of us always seems to rear it's ugly head;  am I going to fit in that chair? I'm a big guy (6'2" 350lbs), and personally I can relate to this in so many ways. When you go over to a friend's house and you decide to just stand for fear of breaking their furniture, or even worse when you go over to your grandma's house and all she has is wicker furniture. All of these situations are embarrassing to say the least, but what about your workplace? When you have to sit in a chair for 8+ hours a day, finding the right chair is extremely important.

      Speaking from experience, there is a lot to consider when purchasing a new chair when you are big and tall. We spend all the time in the world picking out a new car, or a new cell phone, but what about that thing you are sitting on day in and day out? I'm going to break down some of the more important things to look for when purchasing a chair.

      First and foremost, you need to be comfortable.

      Choosing your fabric and foam are essential. If you are not a leather or vinyl person, don't get leather or vinyl. The last thing you want to do is buy something you're not going to be comfortable with. When you're spending $500+ on something, it's not the best time to be adventurous. The same goes for the other options, don't get a mesh or fabric chair if you know you are going to want something in leather or vinyl. The benefit to leather or vinyl is it has a classy look as well as being a little easier to clean. The benefit to mesh or fabric is they 'breathe' a little better, but may not be as easy to clean as a vinyl or leather.


      You want to be confident when sitting in it.

      This means you need to take a look at the weight rating. Just as I steer away from wicker furniture or cheap plastic lawn chairs, if you are bigger you should also stay away from chairs with a low weight rating. On Sitbetter we do our best to keep pertinent information on each product page. If you are 300 lb.s, don't buy a chair that is rated for 200 lbs., you will wind up wearing the chair out far before you should. The last thing you want is to have to buy a new chair every 6 months or worse, you could end up breaking it and falling and hurting yourself, or at least your pride. Not that I have any experience with that ;).


      Another really important feature when ordering a chair is the cylinder.

      If you are 7 ft tall, you probably shouldn't purchase a chair with a low cylinder. You want your feet firmly on the ground, but you don't want to sit in the chair like it is a bean bag all day. This can be tricky when you are taller, because a lot of desks sit at a standard height, and sometimes getting your legs at the proper angle just isn't possible with the current desk situation you have. Be sure to measure and measure again. Measure your desk from the floor to the underside of the desk. Also measure your current chair and where it sits from the floor to the top of the seat. The measurements for the seat range are posted on most, if not all of our chairs. If you can't change your desk, do your best to cut the difference by ordering the proper cylinder.

      Era Premier


      You get what you pay for.

      For the most part, many of us sit in our chairs for 8+ hours a day. That is a lot of wear and tear, especially when you are bigger. Sure, you can buy a cheaper chair, that isn't rated for your height or weight and you may save some money. But in the long-run, if you're having to spend money on a new chair every 6 months, you will be spending a LOT more. The best thing to do is research, make a smart spending decision, and buy a chair that is going to last a couple of years, but more importantly, a chair that you will be happy with.

    • How to Find the Right Chair for Big or Tall People

      When you have to sit for hours on end in an office chair, the most important aspect is that the chair is comfortable and good for your health. However, not all office chairs are made to fit all types of people. If you are taller or bigger boned than the average person, you should not have to sacrifice your comfort just to do your job at a desk. Sitting at a desk can be particularly uncomfortable for taller individuals. Their legs might bend in a strange fashion in the wrong chair. Those who are bigger might experience back pain due to a lack of support from a standard chair. In order to find a chair to suit your needs, you have to shop for chairs with certain features and adjustments made especially for those who are big or tall.


      Height Adjustment

      If you are bigger and taller, you know that most office chairs are designed for a much shorter person. Chairs that don’t adjust height-wise can’t provide the user with the comfort that they need. Your ofSeat Height Adjustmentfice chair should be fully adjustable so that you don’t have to crouch down. Feet should rest flat on the floor and the lower legs should be straight and not bent. This allows for increased blood circulation. Every big and tall office chair should have a quick and easy way to adjust the height  of the chair relative to the floor.


      Weight Capacity

      Each chair has a certain weight capacity. Standard office chairs can be quite limited in the weight that they can hold. You need to look for chairs that hold enough weight. These products can handle anywhere from 300 to 500 pounds. In order to handle extra weight, the chair might have a larger base and a stronger mechanism.


      Seat Width and Sliders

      One of the most common complaints about standard office chairs is that the seat is not wide enough for those who are big and tall. If you require an office chair that is taller and larger than the average size, you need to look for a chair with a greater seat width. This will lend additional comfort and help support your thighs. Chairs with wider seats will be easy to find if you pay attention to the seat dimensions. Many office chairs that are designed for those who are big and tall also include a seat slider. This feature allows the user to create more length in their chair seat. This is a particularly useful feature in an office chair for tall people. In addition to the seat slider feature and a wider seat, you should also notice the cushioning of the seat. It should provide enough comfort and support for those long days behind the desk.

      Seat slider


      Tilt Tension

      Many big and tall office chairs come with a tilt tension feature. As not everyone is the same weight, height and strength, you need a chair that can cater to diverse users. The tilt tension feature makes it possible to control the rate and ease with which the chair reclines. This feature is important, as it allows the chair to adjust to different weights and strengths.

      Tilt Tension

      High Backrest

      One of the most important features of any chair that you sit in for hours on end is back support. If a chair doesn’t support your back, you could experience headaches, neck and shoulder pain and pain in the lower back. For those who are taller and bigger, short backrests do not lend the proper support. You need to find a chair that has a high backrest. This feature will offer the proper lumbar support.

    • Top 10 Chairs for Big and Tall Men

      Finding an office chair can be a difficult task, but is even more difficult when your stature is different than the norm. Most office chairs are designed to accommodate users up to 250 lbs. that are between the height of 5'4-5'11". So what about those that are bigger or taller? In recent years manufacturers have taken these individuals into account when determining which chairs they would like to add to their product lines and have begun adding chairs that can accommodate heavier weight capacities. At SitBetter, we understand finding an office chair can be an arduous task if you are a bigger or taller user which is why we are making it easier by breaking down the top ten desk chairs for big and tall men.

      ErgoCentric eCentric Plus1. eCentric Plus

      The eCentric Plus Size Big and Tall Chair is a customer favorite for its premium level of ergonomic comfort and quality for plus size users. It features heavy duty components including a larger base and stronger mechanism/cylinder; durable enough to withstand users up to 400 lbs. Features of this chair include back height adjustment, a memory foam seat, infinite free float, adjustable spring tension. seat height adjustment, and a 2" depth adjustable seat slider. Another notable feature is the option for a larger seat size including an extra large seat or extra long seat. It also has a number of upgradable options available including a headrest and air lumbar support.

      Allseating Chiroform Big and Tall2. Chiroform Big and Tall

      Weight rated for users up to 500 lbs., the Chiroform is an ideal tasking solution for larger individuals that spend multiple hours a day sitting with its extra wide seat and backrest. It features memory foam on the seat and the option for memory foam on the back for extra comfort. It features a solid metal mechanism and heavy duty construction which includes back height adjustment, seat height adjustment, tilt lock and tilt tension control, and forward seat tilt lock. The seat is extra wide at 24" and is 20" deep.

      ERA Premier Big & Tall Chair3. ERA Premier

      The Premier Big and Tall Chair by ERA products represents the top of the line in heavy duty seating for big and tall users. Built with a one-of-a-kind steel frame, ERA chairs are crafted to ensure each component lasts a lifetime of use for users up to 500 lbs. Featuring stylish flip up arms, thick contoured seat cushions, 4 way adjustable lumbar support, a seat slider, and an extra wide 28" aluminum base. The mechanism is heavy duty and solid steel, featuring ergonomic recline and tension adjustment. The seat is 22"W and has the ability to be adjusted up to 21.5"D. The back is also tall at 28" high perfect for taller users as well.

      OFM Avenger Series4. Avenger Series

      The Avenger series is a newer big and tall edition to OFM's line of ergonomic office chairs and has instantly become a smash hit for its comfort and classic styling that is suitable to fit into any office environment. Weight rated at 500 lbs., this chair can comfortably accommodate users of differing weights and sizes. It features soft supple leather stitched and tufted for plush comfort along with a 5" thick padded seat. Other notable features include seat height adjustment, 3" thick leatherette padded arms, tilt tension and tilt lock control. Available in your choice of cream or black vinyl.

      Boss Big and Tall Executive Office Chair5. BOSS Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

      The BOSS Big and Tall Office Chair in Caressoft Vinyl features a heavy duty spring tilt mechanism that allows for recline, height adjustment and tilt lock as well as tilt tension adjustment. The arms are fixed with padded arm caps for comfort. The chair also features double plush cushions upholstered in black caressoftplus for long lasting support. The back also features built in lumbar support. This chair also features a 27 inch heavy duty steel base with 3 inch over-sized carpet casters and a wrap around steel frame, finished in black. This chair is a customer favorite for its thick seat cushions, affordable pricing, and contemporary styling. Rated for up to 350 lbs.

      OFM High Back Big & Tall Office Chair6. OFM High Back Big and Tall Chair

      The OFM High Back Big and Tall Chair is designed to hold up to 400 lbs and is ultra comfortable with its 6" seat foam and high back design. It features a swivel tilt lock mechanism which includes a tension control and padded armrests for additional comfort. Available in four different fabric including blue, burgundy, green, and charcoal. If you don't believe us, believe our previous customers who have purchased this chair rant and rave about it with comments such as "I would buy more anytime" to "Finally a chair that is supportive, fits a 350 lbs. 6'3" individual comfortably, and is attractive. No longer the need to use an extra cushion for the seat...very comfortable". Suitable for taller users as well with its 30.5" high back backrest.

      OFM Avenger Executive Series7. Avenger Series Executive

      The OFM Big and Tall Executive Chair provides lasting comfort for individuals that require heavy duty seating. Weight rated at 500 lbs., this chair can comfortably accommodate users of varying sizes. A new addition to OFM's line of big and tall chairs, this chair is already receiving rave reviews for its classic executive styling that can fit into virtually any office space and its comfortable 5" thick padded seat. Other features include seat height adjustment, 3" thick fixed leatherette padded arms, a chrome plated aluminum frame, tilt tension, and tilt lock control. Available in classic black only. The tall 28.5" backrest is also suitable for taller users that are looking for full back support.

      Office Star Space AirGrid8. Office Star Space AirGrid

      The Office Star Space AirGrid was introduced earlier in the year and has gained popularity throughout the year as more people become familiar of its comfort and features. This chair holds up to 400 lbs and comes with many adjustments including pneumatic seat height adjustment, tilt tension control, tilt lock control, an adjustable headrest, and an ergonomic mid-pivot knee tilt control. Other notable features include a supportive mesh back with built in lumbar support, perfect for those that suffer from lower back pain and height adjustable armrests. The seat is larger than normal at 22"W x 21"D, perfect for heavier individuals.

      ERA Big Sur9. ERA Big Sur

      The Big Sur by ERA products is another top of the line heavy duty chair for big and tall users and even dispatch industries. This chair is hand crafted in the United States to ensure each component will last a lifetime of use at almost any weight capacity (designed to hold up to 500 lbs.). Features an extra large 26" seat width, a 4 way adjustable lumbar support, seat slider, 28" aluminum base, 4 way adjustable headrest, and a seat slider. The mechanism is heavy duty and solid steel, featuring ergonomic recline features as well as height and tension adjustment. Our customer's couldn't have stated it more perfectly, "The Big Sur is the Rolls Royce of Big and Tall Chairs and is worth every penny".

      Boss' Big & Tall Bariatric Chair10. Boss Big and Tall Bariatric Chair

      Boss Office Product's big and tall executive bariatric chair has long been a popular choice among customers for its level of adjustability and affordable pricing. Compared to many other similar models, this chair is a budget friendly choice for those looking to save money. This chair features a 2 paddle spring tilt mechanism which can be locked in any position, pneumatic seat height adjustment with adjustable tilt tension and tilt lock, a sturdy steel frame with padded armrests, and 27-inch brushed metal five star base. Available in a commercial grade black micro fabric upholstery.

    • How to Pick the Right Big and Tall Office Chair

      Ever heard the saying one size fits all? While this may be true for some articles of clothing or perhaps a piece of jewelry, the same can not be said for office chairs. With people varying in shape and size, not all office chairs can accommodate every individual's needs, calling for the need for speciality chairs. The truth is most office chairs are designed for individuals that weigh less than 250 pounds and that are between the heights of 5'4"-5"10. But what about everyone else? Well luckily, if you happen to be a little bit bigger or taller than what is considered to be average, there are chairs designed just for you, big and tall office chairs.


      Why should you get a big and tall office chair?
      If you have ever worked in an office before, you probably have come to find that everyone sits in the same exact office chair. You may have also noticed that bigger or heavier people often have a difficult time sitting with correct posture. This is due to the fact that these individuals are not suited for a standard office chair. For someone that is taller, the wrong seat size can lead to many problems including not getting enough support for their thighs and having to shift around awkwardly to try to sit in a comfortable position. Even sitting all the way back in their chair, taller users can have their legs extended out much farther than everyone else's. This leads to sitting with improper posture which eventually will lead to back pain and aches.

      For heavier users, they may find components of their chair breaking off or wearing down much quicker than other users. This is because, as aforementioned, most chairs are only designed to hold up to 250 pounds therefor their parts are only designed and created for this weight capacity. Failed cylinders, which cause the seat height to longer be adjustable, are among the most common problems experienced with a chair that has a weight capacity less than its user along with broken armrests and chair wheels. Understandably, this can become a safety hazard and quite possibly, a legal issue.


      Necessary Adjustments
      In order to pick the right big and tall office chair for you, it is important to look for certain adjustable features on your new potential office chair prior to purchasing. The first feature to look for is a seat slider, which allows the user to adjust the depth of the seat by pulling the seat out and adjusting its length. This is especially important for those that are taller and need that extra seat coverage to fully support their thighs.

      Another important adjustment to consider is the cylinder, which allows for the chair to be adjusted up and down. A chair with a standard size cylinder may not be adequate for those that are taller and need that extra height to sit with their knees at a 90 degree angle and feet placed firmly on the floor. Specialty big and tall chairs sometimes come with varying cylinder heights to accommodate the needs of taller individuals. One manufacturer in particular that offers different cylinder heights as an option with their chairs is ErgoCentric.


      Measurements to Consider
      Before purchasing a big and tall chair there are certain measurements that should be taken into consideration before making the purchase. The first measurement that should be looked at is the depth of the seat. Most standard size seats are around 19" deep; if you are taller you will want to try to find a seat that can be adjusted to at least 21" with a seat slider to ensure you fit comfortably while sitting. Another measurement to consider is the seat height of the chair. Leg strain and stiffness can occur if your legs are bent an unnatural angle from sitting on a chair that is too short. Lastly, the height of the chair's back is another crucial measurement. A chair with a small back rest will not provide the support necessary for a taller individual and may lead to unnecessary back, shoulder, and neck pain.


      A common concern for most, understandably, is the cost of the product. Unfortunately, big and tall chairs can cost a pretty penny, with most costing somewhere in the range of $300-$600, with some costing even more than that. The reason for this high price is the quality of materials used to construct the chair to ensure that it can hold higher capacities while providing the user comfort and support. While it may seem like quite the investment, if you spend long hours a day sitting at work, the added comfort you will receive will improve your productivity and make for a more enjoyable work environment.

      Whether you are looking to purchase a big and tall chair for your personal home office or looking to meet the needs of several of your employees, consider the above recommendations when looking to find the right big and tall office chair to meet your needs or the needs of others.

      To view SitBetter's extensive collection of big and tall chairs please click here.

    • Purchasing Heavy Duty Office Furniture

      Businesses across the United States employ and serve an eclectic mix of individuals of different shapes and sizes; a range of people perhaps broader than any country in the world. With each individual being unique and completely different it is important to take into consideration their needs especially when it comes to purchasing office furniture. Office furniture is a big investment, so it is important to consider all necessary elements prior to making a purchase. Will most people entering your office have the same body type and build? If your answer to this question is no, then it is safer to prepare for situations when heavy duty furniture may be needed that will be durable enough to withstand substantial usage.

      Purchasing heavy duty furniture is also beneficial for companies that have most of their employees or customers seated for the majority of the day. It is easy to forget just how often you may be sitting in an office chair until you think about how many hours you work per week and then consider how much use your chair is getting over just a year's time. This is especially true for work environments that have furniture that is in use all day everyday such as call centers and dispatch centers where employees are switching shifts but the same chair is used. Office chairs that are in use twenty 24 hours a day 7 days a week require special heavy duty seating to ensure the chair will not break within the first few months and instead lasts for years to come.


      There are many benefits to owning heavy duty furniture, the first being the quality of construction. Heavy duty office chairs are often engineered with an indestructible all steel frame with no easily breakable plastic components. Many are also designed and warranted to hold up to 500 lbs., essentially making the chair usable for just about anyone. The parts that comprise the chair are also stronger and manufactured better to stand up to even the toughest work environments. There are heavy duty mechanisms, more back and seat support, sturdier casters, a larger base, and a long-lasting cylinder. Most manufacturer warranties also showcase their belief in their heavy duty products by offering 10 year warranties with some even offering a lifetime warranty on all working parts.


      Another advantage of owning heavy duty furniture is that all your employees, customers, and clients will be guaranteed to fit comfortably no matter their shape or size. Often times bigger and taller individuals have a difficult time finding furniture that will allow them to sit comfortably and more importantly fit their body proportions. This often leads to chairs that break underneath them which can cause serious injuries or at the very least a bruise to show for it the next day. Big and tall chairs are designed specifically for bigger individuals and can be found on any specialty seating website as well as some office furniture showrooms. Big and tall furniture has expanded to include office chairs, guest chairs, conference seating, and task chairs; essentially providing a seat solution for just about any office seating application.


      Ultimately, purchasing heavy duty furniture  and chairs is the best return on investment for any business. Once the purchase is made, no longer will you need to worry about furniture breaking every few months and then needing to spend the time searching for replacement furniture. Your furniture will already be built with quality components to withstand even the toughest working conditions and be able to support heavier individuals. Purchasing office chairs should be a long-term investment, and it is both impractical and wasteful to have to buy new furniture every year. While it may cost more upfront, having furniture that lasts for more than ten years and comfortably supports every person that steps into your office will greatly outweigh the money spent.

      Finding a company that has an expansive line of heavy duty office furniture may be difficult, even more so if looking in retail locations that typically only stock cheap furniture. To view Sitbetter's extended online catalog of heavy duty furniture that will suit every businesses' needs click here!

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