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Big and Tall Office Chairs

In the past I’ve brought you through my struggles to find the right office chair for my home office, and I’ve taken the liberty to bring you through the pains that were associated with an office chair that wasn’t ergonomically correct for me. Well, with the average height range of men from five-feet, six-inches up to six-feet even, I rank near the bottom of that average scale at five-feet and seven-inches. So, that means finding items that fit, like an office chair, is going to be a bit easier than for someone a lot taller than me.

It begs to question though, what about big and tall men? Where can they find big and tall office chairs?
But wait, let’s get something out of the way first. I know there are big and tall women out there who work in offices, but I’m working with some statistics. On average though, women do tend to be a bit shorter than men. In the United States alone women are roughly six-inches shorter.

Alright? Now, back to my blog.

Out of nearly one-billion men in the world, almost sixteen-million are over six-feet tall. So, when it comes to finding big and tall office chairs what can they do?

In the past, decades actually, this segment of the population has literally had to squeeze into office chairs which were uncomfortable and clearly not ergonomically correct for their larger stature. Are there even big and tall office chairs? Of course there are and has a ton of them.

Big and tall office chairs are just as comfortable and stylish as any office chair for the average person. Depending on the model they can support up to five-hundred pounds, with wider seats and higher backs. The big and tall office chairs have the usual height adjustments, lumbar supports, and swiveling seats, and most of them have arm adjustments. For me?  The arm adjustment is the key to keeping my elbows at the ergonomically required ninety degrees.

If you are in the upper echelon searching for the right big and tall office chair you should take some time and check out We have a huge selection of big and tall office chairs and you’ll surely find the right fit for your body and your wallet.

Chairworks Karma Leather Office Chair Reviewed!

Chairworks has been around for a while now, and they have a solid reputation for making good quality leather office chairs. What makes them stand out above the leather office chair crowd (and believe me, it is a large crowd that can be sometimes tricky to find good things in) is the simple fact that all their chairs are rated to support up to 350 lbs. This fact in itself is telling for two reasons: #1) They stand behind their chairs. Any company that is willing to guarantee that their chairs will support 350 lbs in general is a company that believes in what they sell and will provide great warranty service to boot. #2) It means that their chairs are good quality. Not just the mechanism or the wheels or a few parts, but all the parts. Which is critical for any chair rated to sustain 350 lbs., since pressure of the user is going to be distributed on all the parts, thus these parts have to be able to hold up to 350 lbs of weight. Would any chair that is rated for 350 lbs be a perfect Big and Tall Chair? No. But then again, getting comfort and value for a user that needs a higher weight rating than 250 is pretty difficult these days. This is what makes the Karma such a nice chair.

The Chairworks Karma High Back Chair is nice because, at a value oriented price point, it will provide a larger user with comfort and durability. The back is high for shoulder support and the leather covers a soft yet durable foam seat. The armrests are a solid polypropylene, which is a firm and durable plastic. Unfortunately, the chair is not ergonomic, meaning the mechanism is a standard mid pivot instead of a knee tilt. Overall though, the Karma Executive Leather Office Chair is a durable chair that can be a nice value priced leather office chair for a larger user.