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    • What Makes an Office Chair Ergonomic?

      There are many brands of ergonomic chairs on the market today, including Allseating, BOSS, ErgoFast, Eurotech, and many others. With so many different choices of ergonomic chairs and stools, many of which you can probably find in an office near you, it’s clear that ergonomics have become a popular trend in office furniture design. But how many people actually know what makes a chair, or any other piece of office furniture, “ergonomic”? Keep reading if you’re interested in learning more about this revolution in seating and furniture design, and making the most of your health and workplace experience.


      Defining Ergonomics

      According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, ergonomics, which is also known as human engineering or biotechnology, is a type of applied science that is centered on the design and arrangement of “things people use” so that those people and things “interact most efficiently and safely.” The term may also be used to describe the characteristics and design of an object as a consequence of the use of ergonomic science. This may all sound complicated, but at the end of the day, ergonomic furniture is designed to keep people comfortable and safe as they work, and most importantly, to help workers avoid stress-related injuries on the job. The following factors affect the ergonomic design of an office chair, which is the most important piece of furniture for a comfortable workplace.


      Back Support

      A regular office chair can easily leave a person with pain in the back, neck, and shoulders after extended use. It really doesn’t take long to feel these effects if you are sitting in a poorly designed office chair day in and day out. With one of the available ergonomically designed products, such as the popular ergoCentric chairs, this is no longer a problem. An ergonomic chair is designed to provide optimal back support, including lumbar support in addition to a classic backrest with just the right amount of padding, to keep the spine in a healthy straight position. This ultimately limits stress, absorbs shocks, and reduces the likelihood of injury.

      Eurotech Ergohuman - Mesh Office Chair with Leather Seat and Headrest


      The height of a chair may seem inconsequential, but it can make a big difference when it’s wrong. If the height of your chair and/or armrests isn’t right, you will quickly become uncomfortable on the job. Ergonomically designed chairs have adjustable armrests and seats, and sometimes even adjustable backrests, so you can get the perfect match for your height and body type.

      Kadet Mid Back Drafting Chair

      Overall Size

      The overall size of a chair matters in ergonomics as well. The design of an office chair should not only consider the height of various parts, but also the width of the backrest, and the depth and width of the seat. The backrest should be at least 12 inches wide and the seat should be at least 18 inches wide, if not more, to provide adequate support for the worker.

      At the end of the day, all these ergonomic factors can help contribute to a happier and healthier workforce, which makes an organization much more productive in the long run.


    • Maintenance of a Leather Office Chair

      When it comes to purchasing an office chair most people have one key feature in mind that they expect their chair to come with, and that is easy maintenance. Of course, maintaining an office chair is not always as easy as it sounds, especially if you sit in the chair for long hours everyday for several years. There is always that occasional accidental spill that occurs when you are eating your favorite snack before lunch or the time you spilled your pepsi on your chair. When spills and stains take place on chairs that are made from a fabric material, they are generally more difficult to clean and maintain than chairs made from other kinds of materials. That being said, if you are looking for a chair that is designed for its durability, comfort and low maintenance, then leather office chairs are a must have item for your office.

      An ergonomic leather office chair finished in a high quality hide will give you many years of good service no matter if you are using the chair as an executive leather office chair that you sit in for a few hours a day during meetings or a leather office desk chair that you sit in for the whole duration of your work day. Reputable suppliers will be more than happy to tell you about the origin, quality and grade hide used in the manufacture of their office seating products to help you assess the difference between high and low quality leathers. High quality leathers are usually upholstered in a single piece of hide to maintain the appearance and the finish. Frequently cheap chairs with leather upholstery are made from off cuts and scraps of very low quality leather that have been pieced together to cover the chair. Typically this leather can be thin and brittle in texture which will cause the chair to rip and tear over time.

      Generally speaking leather upholstery is easy to maintain and simply needs a regular wipe down with a damp cloth combined with a little bit of soap and possibly an application of a specialist hide cleaner every six months or so. Leather cleaner is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at your local home appliance store such as a Home Depot or a Target. When you spill that drink you brought back from lunch on your chair, a damp rag will do the trick to get rid of the spill leaving virtually no remembrance. If leather is carefully maintained, a good quality hide upholstered chair will develop its own patina to give your leather office chair a distinctive appearance as it matures and ages.

      Leather chairs in general are easier to maintain than fabric office chairs. Whether you have a black leather office chair or a brown leather office chair, maintenance will stay the same regardless of color or style. With leather fabric being easy to wipe down, spills and food remnants are easy to take care of and remove. High quality leather office chairs are also built to be durable, another distinguishing factor that will help your chair last longer. If you are looking for a chair that will need little maintenance and will still provide you with a touch of class and style, a leather office chair is the way to go.

      As Featured On EzineArticles

    • Rich, Plush, Comfy | Black Leather Office Chairs

      The last time I blogged, I was mentioning my shoulder pain. It seems I’d pinched a nerve, tweaked a muscle, or something minor like that. If you read on you would have found out I’d gone to see a physical therapist who told me the problem was surely the chair I’d been using in my home office.

      I ordered a new chair, used all the fancy adjustments and locking mechanisms and followed through on the multi-colored rubber bands regimen assigned me by my therapist. I can honestly tell you I’m just about back to normal. Heading to the gym has become a regular part of my week again, however I’m just not hitting the weights with as much vigor as I used to. But, all good things come in time. Seems I still have a little ways to go.

      During my recovery stage, I received a number of “wish-me-well” emails. Some of them asked about the new chair I bought for my home office, while others wanted information on black leather office chairs that were similar to what I recently purchased.

      Of course we have many shapes and models and I was glad to share the information. Leather office chairs tend to go with all types of décors. They include varying back designs with lumbar supports, upright locking positions, and they contain adjustable tilt tension handles to contour to your body shape. The luxurious feel and look of leather can barely be compared to any other type of office chair, and I have to admit, although I don’t spend a lot of time at my desk, I do have a black leather office chair. It’s incredibly comfortable and has a deep lushness to it, and it makes a great impression.

      A quality black leather office chair should offer a comfortable back support, a cushioned seat, padded arm rests, and as always your feet should be resting flat on the floor without having to stretch. In addition, leather is a durable material that resists stains and is low on maintenance. A damp cloth can remove stains and a leather repair kit, should the need arise, makes it easy to fix any small tears. With these items in mind, you can make an okay day into a great one.

      So, whether you’re meeting with a client or even interviewing a potential job candidate, nothing gives the best impression of your office than a beautiful, well-kept black leather office chair.

    • La-Z-Boy leather office chairs...

      viagra for sale london

      23_Sintas%20HighBack.jpg.scale.jpg" alt="" width="200" height="292" />So what is this rumored La-Z-boy leather office chair you hear of? Is is a recliner just as comfortable as the one you know and love so well at home, but disguised with a suit and tie for the office? Not really...(Although, on second thought, that would be an awesome design...)

      A La-Z-Boy office chairs come in a variety of shapes and fashions, from leather office chairs, to task chairs, to mesh chairs and modern chairs. But ultimately, the one that is most similar to its home brethren is the leather office chair collection of La-Z-Boy office chairs.

      One look at them and you can tell they we cut from the same cloth - or in their case, the same foam! (And the chair cheesiness has begun...) But seriously, they are extremely comfortable. Very plush, thick and cushy, and the look ironic description for a La-Z-Boy chair, I know, but it's true. Their leather office chairs exude a very executive presence.

      They aren't the most inexpensive chairs in the lot, but they will treat you nice...very nice, for a very long time to come...Then, the most uncomfortable part of your day will be the car ride to and from your office....if only la-z-boy made car seats...hmmm...

  • Leather Office Chair Review- OST-8501 Mid-Back Conference Room Chair

    8501 Leather Conference Office Chair


    There are simply a ton of leather office chairs out there, and many look the same, so really, what makes a difference between those you can buy at officestaplesdepotmax superstore for 60 dollars and those that cost a couple hundred or more?

    Two things- comfort and durability!

    You are really going to get what you deserve, if when shopping for conference room leather office chairs, you start to settle for the cheapest possible!  If you don't want to buy new ones again in a matter of months, put a little extra into it. 

    Here's one of the sort of chairs that's really worth the extra bit of investment, and even at the price, it's well worth it!

    The OST-8501 conference room leather office chair is soft and plush, very easy to sit in for hours at a time, which makes it great for conference room applications.  The chair has a deep mahogany finish on the arms and base (which has a steel frame supporting it), and a very comfortable knee tilt control.  Knee tilts move the pivot point forward, so the feet stay on the floor when reclining, making it very comfortable.  It has padded armrests (be careful about the height of the chair when putting it back under the table!) and an integrated lumbar support which is very comfortable!

    This is a well-built chair- meant to last- which means in the long run, you're spending less money, and it's very comfortable as well!

    For one chair behind a desk, or many around a conference room table, this leather office chair is sure to please!

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