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    • Chair Mats - Which is Best For Your Floor?

      Chair mats are an essential component for every home and business office where office chairs are used. They allow for ease of rolling and reduce the amount of energy required to move an office chair from one location to another. Carpeted floors tend to provide too much resistance for office chair casters to work effectively and efficiently. They are also designed to extend the life of your carpet by spreading out the pressure from the chair casters, which will wear down carpet fibers over time and cause indentations. Mats also help protect hard surface floors such as linoleum, tile and hard wood floors from scratches and wear that can occur from office chair casters. When determining which will work best for your work surface, it is important to take several factors into consideration prior to purchasing to ensure that it will be suitable for your work environment.

      One important component that must be taken into consideration when purchasing a chair mat for your office is the thickness of the carpet the chair mat will be used on. Each chair mat is designed to be used on a specific type of carpeting, some are made for low pile carpet where as others are made for medium pile carpet. Then there are chair mats that can only be used on commercial grade carpet because of their thin design. The thicker the mat the flatter it will lay and the less it will bow, which makes it easier to roll on.  Additionally, thicker chair mats will help prevent the chair from moving since it will stay more level. There are also thicker chair mats ideal for big and tall users that allow for a greater weight capacity and are strong enough to keep from cracking when rolled on.

      The backing on chair mats is also essential when determining which will work best for your carpet or work surface. If the mat is intended for use on a carpet, be certain to make sure it has small anchors or studs that will grip the carpet and prevent the mat from sliding. These anchors are specifically designed to not damage the carpet surface or carpet backing. Hard floor chair mats feature have a smooth backing that will not scratch or damage the floor below while preventing the mat from sliding. Bamboo chair mats for hard surfaces come with a unique non-slip felt backing which works in the same capacity in that it protects your hard wood floor while keeping the mat in place.

      Chair mats are available in multiple designs and patterns depending on your preference or your employer's policy. Decorative mats are available in a variety of patterns including oriental rug design, heathered chenille, bamboo, squares, strips, swirls, and lines. These mats allow you to personalize your home or office with elegance and style, making them a perfect complement to all workspace environments. If you are looking for something more subtle, most chair mats come in a clear coating. Others are available in glass clear coating which allows for the beauty of your carpet or hard wood floors to show throw and your mat to seamlessly blend in.

      The final consideration when purchasing a chair mat is the type of edges you will want your mat to have. The edge options available are straight, crystal (rounded at the corners), or beveled (sloped downwards). Straight edges are best for hard surfaces, making it more difficult to slide on and off the mat. Crystal edges can also be used on hard floors and add a more elegant appearance with rounded corners.  For carpeted areas, a beveled edge chair mat is ideal. Beveled edges are also a good solution if you will be frequently rolling on and off your mat. The ramped edge allows for a smoother rolling surface.

    • The Benefits of Owning A Chair Mat

      The office chair mat, a key piece of furniture necessary for any work environment that often gets forgotten when purchasing new additions for the office. Chair mats are often perceived as a luxury purchase rather than a necessity, and as something that can be purchased at a later point in time if really needed. While you may have preconceived notions about office chair mats, they are actually a key piece of furniture that should be taken into consideration when purchasing new items for both your work and home office. Having a chair mat in any work environment is beneficial for a number of reasons including floor protection, appearance purposes, personal safety, ergonomic benefits, and ease of mobility.


      The primary purpose of owning a chair mat is to protect the surface that you roll on with your office chair. No matter what surface your office chair currently sits on, such as hardwood floors, carpet, or linoleum, there are chair mats designed specifically for each of the aforementioned. Office chair casters can easily scratch hardwood floors, leave imprint marks in carpet, and also damage the quality of your carpet from the consistent rolling. In fact, many carpet manufacturers will void their warranty if an office chair will be used on it without the use of a chair mat. Carpet chair mats typically come with a set of cleats located underneath the chair mat that allow the mat to stay firm and in place when rolling across. Chair mats for hardwood floors or linoleum do not have the cleats underneath the mat, however their weight allows for the mat to stay in one place rather than sliding around as one might fear.


      The addition of a chair mat to an office instantaneously creates an elegant and clean appearance . Many come with a clear finish making them less noticeable for those that are apprehensive about having your chair mat take attention away from the overall design of your office and allows the beauty of your flooring to show through. They can also compliment your office design or stand out with the option for colorful and unique designs that are provided by some chair mat manufacturers. Some unique chair mat designs include bamboo, zebra print, a world map, peacock print, colorful circles, and many more. They are also available in different shapes and sizes depending on what your office needs; if you have smaller work area then you may opt for a smaller sized chair mat. If your work area requires rolling across a larger surface area, then you may want to opt for a larger chair mat or a mat that differs from the traditional rectangle shape and try an arc or ellipse shape instead.


      Chair mats often bring up the concern for personal safety, for example, many people often do not look where they are walking and may be worried about tripping over their chair mat. The same can be said for walking in the dark at night in your home office and risking falling over from catching an edge on your chair mat. While cheaper chair mats do come with straight edges that can be a safety concern, there are plenty of higher quality mats available that come standard with rounded protective edges designed specifically so people do not trip over them. Rounded or beveled edges are also helpful for a smooth transition to the carpet or floor when rolling off the chair mat.

      Chair mats are ergonomically beneficial in preventing leg fatigue and ease of movement. If you currently do not have a chair mat and use your office chair on a carpeted surface, then you have most likely already felt the pressure and struggle that it takes to roll from once spot to another. With a chair mat, gliding from one spot to another is a simple task rather than having to utilize your leg muscles to give you the momentum to move on the carpet. Repetitive pushing with one's leg muscles can cause unnecessary leg and back pain from over exerting oneself.


      Purchasing a chair mat is a worthwhile investment for assurance that your floors and carpets will be protected and unharmed from your office furniture. While getting new flooring or carpets can put a huge dent in your budget, buying a chair mat is very affordable with even the highest quality of chair mats usually falling below the one hundred-dollar threshold. Your legs will also thank you from relieving the amount of pressure necessary to get from one place to another when rolling in your office chair. If anything, keep your floors clean and looking beautiful with the addition of a chair mat.

      To view our selection of high quality chair mats with a lifetime no crack guarantee click here!

    • Holiday Gift Guide For Her Office

      Feel like Christmas and the holidays alwa

      ys seem to sneak up on you at the last minute? One minute you are enjoying the summer sunshine and the next it seems to fast forward to Christmas. Instead of worrying about the hassle of making your way through the crowded aisles of the mall or camping out on the street before the big sale, Sitbetter has created our very own holiday gift guide for the 2009 season. The best part of all is you can get all your shopping done while sitting on your computer in your pajamas! So take a look at some of our top picks for our holiday gift guide for her office.

      The Saffron I Dedicated Task Chair is a great chair for a petite or smaller user that needs ergonomic comfort and support. The chair is high quality, has a small curved backrest with built in lumbar support, and a comfortable padded seat available in 3 sizes.

      Included features are: fully upholstered dual curve backrest, dual density molded polyurethane foam, small seat pan, back height adjustment, seat angle adjustment, back angle adjustment, back pivot and seat height adjustment, forward tilt lock out, standard life ranges 15.25", 20.25" smaller cylinders available, 24" glass reinforced nylon high profile base, and 5 dual wheel nylon carpet casters.

      Price: $219

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      The Presto (522) is the perfect chair for those 'Petite' or 'Small' applications. Comfortable and with a contoured back to provide support.

      The Presto offers perfect ergonomic support even for those with back pain.

      The Presto Petite Series by Allseating provides quality and comfort with all the best options to create a fully customized ergonomic seating solution for people who need a smaller office chair. With over 20 different colors to choose between it won't be hard for you to find your color of choice for the Presto, it even comes in purple if you are feeling bold!

      The Presto comes with four control options including: posture back, synchro tilt, intensive task plus, and deluxe tilt j-bar.

      Price: $229

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      BOSS' B6206 features breathable mesh black fabric seat with ample padding. The open mesh mid-back is designed to offer lumbar support, which is an added benefit for those that suffer from back pain.

      Height adjustable arms accent the chair, while the locking tilt mechanism, with tension control afford easily adjustable for the user, Pneumatic seat height adjustment, nylon reinforced 27-inch base and dual wheel casters round out this chair's features.

      This chair comes equipped with a Six-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty. Weight capacity for a user of this chair is 250 pounds.

      Ships ready to assemble. Assembly is not too difficult for those that are not crafty like myself and tools needed to put the chair together are shipped along with the chair. At only $99 this chair is a steal for the comfort and features offered.

      Price: $99

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      Combining value with the stylish iconic look made popular by Eames - the Otto by Eurostyle represents a return of the modern retro.

      Chromed steel frame with leatheratte seat and back available in 3 modern colors: Black, White or Dark Brown at no extra charge. Combining these with the chromed aluminum armrests and polished aluminum base, along with staple features such as a knee tilt mechanism with swivel, locking and height adjustment, make the Otto High Back a great modern seating choice for executives and managers alike.

      My favorite color for the Otto is the white leather, definitely makes for a really modern and stylish chair that will make everyone envious.

      This chair is perfect for anyone anywhere, whether you need a new chair for your home office or if you are looking to purchase several for the conference room. And of course, for friends/family for the holiday season!

      Price: $229

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      The OST-108 by Office Star is is a solid and sturdy traditional wooden banker's chair that will look great in a number of different settings. It has a wooden seat padded with 1" vinyl covering for added comfort.

      This chair is smaller, so you'll like it in areas where you don't want a big chair or you're not really going to be sitting for longer periods of times. Banker's chairs are the perfect decorative chair to have in the house, just make sure not to sit for extended periods of time or it may start to hurt.

      Comes in three color combination's- Fruit Wood with a black pad, Fruit Wood with a brown pad, or Black with a black pad.

      Price: $145

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      With bright aluminum finish details, Zip makes a stylish impact in the conference rooms as well as in the office.

      Even if your Zip is for home, why not sit in style?

      By providing full back contact and breathability, Zip Mesh delivers the support busy offices need to stay healthy, happy and productive - combined with the modern design and unique mesh, the Zip is sure to provide your team will have more productive meetings than ever before!

      Make working at home or browsing the internet more productive by bringing a Zip home for the holidays. Many different fabric options are available to find the Zip color of your choice. My favorite is the Moguls Aquarium color!

      Price: $349

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      The Inertia (79040) is a stylish mid back task chair that is both comfortable and affordable.

      Part of the Inertia family of seating, Inertia Upholstered Mid Back Task Chair fits in with practically any office environment - not to mention any budget.

      Available in Executive, Conference, Task, Side and a Stool option, the Inertia Upholstered Seating Line provides support and comfort whether you're sitting straight or leaning back.

      Having sat in this chair before, I can assure you that it is not only modern and stylish, but also really comfortable. Even if you are sitting in this chair for extended periods of time, it will still feel comfortable 8 hours later.

      Price: $307

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      Offering all the benefits of a traditional dynamic monitor arm - with none of the shortcomings - the M2 redefines high-performance monitor arms. Current-generation monitor arms utilize a bulky, failure-prone gas cylinder to support the weight of the monitor. The M2 instead uses an innovative mechanical spring to achieve exceptional performance and durability in a lightweight, ultra-thin design.

      Available with white accents on a polished aluminum arm or a silver arm with gray accents.

      The M2 comes with a bolt mount AND a clamp mount for installation on any surface.

      I have one of these monitor arms in white myself and it definitely makes my office space look more sleek and stylish. I would definitely recommend one to anyone interested.

      Price: $259

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      Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co.'s® "Natural" and "Dark Cherry" Bamboo Roll-Up Office Chair Mats meld beauty, style and function to create an alternative to the bland, utilitarian vinyl chair mat. There is no product like this in the marketplace!

      These Bamboo Roll-Up Office Chair Mats are incredibly durable and will add an elegant touch to any office or home office setting. Furthermore, these mats are easy to ship and easy to transport. No assembly required! Chair Mat is 8 mm thick, and features an anti-static natural rubber back.

      Saving the Pandas, too: Anji Mountain's Bamboo Chair Mats are made from Moso Bamboo, a species not in the Giant Panda diet. Furthermore, Anji Mountain Bamboo is sustainably harvested in the mountain range not inhabited by the Giant Panda.

      Price: Starting at $135!

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      Personalized just for her with any name printed in the chocolate brown font shown within the colorful polka dot design. Work will be less dull and more colorful with the Crazy For Polka Dots Mouse Pad!

      The rubber mouse pad features non-slip natural rubber base; measuring 8" diameter. A full 1/4" thickness keeps it in place. For a very inexpensive price this will be the perfect gift for both the office or even the home office.

      Price: $11

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      Everyday convenience now at your fingertips with a simple glance to schedule today, next week and months ahead with personalization mall's 15 Quotes© Personalized Perpetual Calendar. Choose from 14 popular quotes to provide daily inspiration. Or, you may opt to modify their quotes or write one of your own.They then delicately engrave the polished silver piece with any sentiment, personal or company name you choose. The elegant piece will provide a lifetime of style and function for any home or office desk top - just rotate the wheels to select the month, week and day to represent each month, year after year. Features: Cube-shaped piece measures 3" square with an additional 1/2" width, due to the protruding calendar dial, non-slip rubber base keeps in place, weighs approximately 2 pounds - the heavy weight also makes it ideal as a paperweight.

      Price: $46.95

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      This Old World Italian trio includes two selections from Santa Cristina Antinori: clean, crisp compogrande orvieto white wine and fruity Tuscan sangioves. A third bottle of Tomaresca neprica, an earthy blend of negroamaro, primitivo and cabernet sauvignon from Puglia, Italy completes this trio.

      Nestled alongside Baptista's mozzarella cheese swirls, olives, Dolcetto chocolate wafers, dried fruit medley, asiago cheese spread, penne rigate pasta and much more, this authentic Italian ensemble is perfectly suited for those who enjoy the robust flavors of Italy.

      If you know someone who loves wine and pasta, like myself, this seems like the perfect gift to get!

      Price: $79.95+shipping

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