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Leather Office Chairs with Memory Foam?

We had a client ask us today about finding an executive leather office chair with memory foam on the seat and on the back.  We, we have chairs with memory foam on the seat, but not on the back…First of all, I want to thank that client, because we always like hearing about chairs that we do not have, and getting them on the site..Rest assured, we will find something that fits that description, and we will have it on site.  We know chairs after all, and if we don’t follow our basic principle, then why are we in business?

Anyways, given the request, I did some research.  Here are the parameters of my quest:  An executive leather office chair can be defined as a chair with a high back.  Arms are usually adjustable, but don’t have to be.  The memory foam has to be on the seat and the back.  Current chairs off the top of my head that offer memory foam only offer it on the seat.  And what did we come up with???

No, we don’t have the answer just yet.  But we’ll keep this updated as we find some solutions…