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What’s NOT an ergonomic chair….

Leather Conference Office Chair

I reviewed this chair yesterday…. funny thing is, I was looking around the web and actually discovered there were sites offering this chair as an ‘ergonomic chair’! How absolutely ridiculous!

Now, granted, there are a ton of definitions of ‘ergonomics’ out there, ask 10 people what the term represents and you’ll get 15 definitions! My own personal definition is: adapting your space to your body, not adapting your body to your space.

I’m going to venture, this particular chair above, while being very comfortable for shorter periods of time, is NOT an ergonomic chair! Look, the best this chair does is rotate, go up and down and lean back. Very nice for a conference chair, but not very good for working long hours in front of the computer!

An ergonomic chair, just briefly (I’ll get into the whole aspect of what you want out of one soon enough), is going to have things like adjustable arms, the back will adjust in multiple ways, in other words, that chair is going to adjust to your body, not force you into an awkward, uncomfortable and unhealthy situation.

My whole point here is that you shouldn’t automatically believe a chair is ergonomic simply because someone selling it says it is. Check out the chair, heck, check out the business selling it- do they really know what they’re talking about or just trying to sell you something, anything.

If you want an ergonomic chair you might try going here!

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If you’re looking for a good, quality conference chair or desk chair at a great price, you can do far worse than th

e B7406! This is a chair which is comfortable, durable and has a great price!

When I first sat in it, I was amazed, it has the feel of another chair which costs hundreds more. There is a bit of a underhang right under the lumbar support, so you really get the benefit of a soft and comfortable support right at the lumbar region. The padding is soft and comfortable, the covering is actually called CaresSoft, but you’ll find it difficult to tell the difference between it and leather. The style is contemporary, yet fits in well with a good number of decors, so it will basically fit in just about anywhere!

If you’re considering a purchase of a number of chairs for the conference room, or only one for your home office, this really is a great, inexpensive choice!