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    • Office Chair Review: Petite ergoCentric Saffron Office Chair!

      Three Sweet Features:

      1. Very customizable.

      2. Small seat to fit any petite user.

      3. High quality, very durable.

      The Thorough Review:

      Ergocentric Saffron I Dt- Petite Ergonomic Task Chair EGC-Saffron-I-DT is an absolute value when you combine it's ergonomics, customization, and price. First off, the manufacturer produces a high quality product, so aside from everything, the chair is a great product. On all their chairs, the quality is evident - the parts are strong, the chairs recline smoothly, and adjust easily. This chair is no exception to that, despite its petite size.

      A great feature about this chair is the customization of the seat. Many petite users have a hard time finding a small chair that fits them the right way - thus they are uncomfortable and experience pain while sitting. With the Petite Saffron Chair, the options nullify that. There are 3 different seat sizes available that can fit any user, and varying cylinder heights so that a petite user's feet can actually touch the ground - a critical ergonomic principle. The chair is also available with or without arms, to suit the needs of any user.

      All in all, this chair really measures up to the standards of any petite office chair needs. Finding the right chair for smaller people no longer has to be an arduous task!

      The Ratings:

      Ergocentric warrants their chairs for 10 years. And, each chair has a serial number tag on them, ensuring that you can get the right parts for your chair if there ever is any issue. Not that many arise with them...

      For a petite office chair, the ergonomic components on this chair are outstanding. This particular model has a smaller backrest, but others in this line offer a tad more ergonomics. Still, getting a petite office chair with ergonomics like this one is a rarity.

      Choose from 3 different seat sizes, a bunch of cylinder choices and multiple seat cushions. Not to mention over 40 fabrics. This is a VERY customizable petite office chair.

      Overall Rating (Not an average):
      Nothing more we can say other than this is a great petite office chair. The customization alone is worth the price - a price that is, at that, a very good value!

      Want to know more about how we rate chairs? Check out our Ratings Guide!

    • Going Green? Try this one out...

      Remember how we talked about the difficulties in trying to find a good ergonomic leather office chair?  Well, we just added the Ergocentric AirCentric to our catalog.  While it doesn't fit the traditional mold of a leather office chair, it is available in leather and ranks right up there with one of the most ergonomic chairs we have.  Not to mention it is a VERY green chair!  (not the color green, but green as in very environmentally sound!)

      BUT, if you are looking for green office chairs, or green furniture, be sure to check out the rest of our selection of green office chairs!

      (Green guard Certification, btw, certifies that products are green and meet LEED standards for enviromentally green products.  All of our products qualifying as green office chairs have passed this certification.)

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