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    • Humanscale Paramount ... Every Gamers Dream

      Ok here it is.... I am coming out of the closet... the geek-closet. This is not necessarily about games, though I love them too, but about the techie in me. That's right, here I am looking for a monitor arm. Wooo hey look there's a monitor arm, oh wait there is a dual monitor arm... Oh no there is one for four...OMG there is one for SIX. I mind you, I only have one monitor. I just like to plan for the future.

      And then frigg'n Humanscale will be coming out with this in fall 2009!!!! How could they do this to me!!  Deceivers! Look! Its a four screen monitor arm...nope nope nope. That's what they WANT you to think! How can they possibly add to this beautiful ingeniousness! How could they torment me even more! This is how they do it.

      It unfolds!  Thats right. It expands.

      The Paramount Parabolic Multi-Monitor Display by the Humanscale Design Studio offers a flexible and ergonomically sound solution for mounting two to eight monitors on a single support. Effortless adjustment mechanisms, tool-free reconfiguration options, and a curved parabolic shape are among the many details that make the Paramount a unique solution for multi-monitor environments. It doesn't get any better than this. If you are asking yourself "What do I need with 8 monitors?" This is not about NEED, this is about the future! You started out with one monitor, then two...and on and on, why not buy a monitor arm that can support all those monitors you have acquired over the years.  Besides until they come out with a  paper thin 6 foot by 3 foot monitor  that can be rolled out and taped to the wall (can't wait) , this is the next best thing.  Next thing you know Humanscale will come out with a uber chair... Oh wait they already did. This is all making me feel fuzzy inside...I have to go now..ENJOY

    • Office Chair Review: Aaria Office Dido Ergonomic Office Chair!

      Three Sweet Features:

      1. Pretty ergonomic. 3 or 4 paddle mechanism, 4 paddle includes forward tilt option.

      2. Plush, thick seat and back. Seat is contoured, as is backrest for a "hugging" feeling.

      3. 4 different designer mesh colors.

      The Thorough Review:

      Ok. It is what it is. The Dido Ergonomic Office Chair by Aaria Office is a very good value for an ergonomic office chair.

      What this chair is great for is for tasking at a cubicle or in front of your home computer for 6-8 hours a day. It will support you well, as the backrest and seat are both curve molded, and they are thick cushions. When you sit in it, you get a cushy feeling - not a marshmallow sinking feeling, but not a rock solid piano bench feeling either. It's comfortable as long as you aren't looking to sleep in the chair.

      It is very well priced and has a good amount of ergonomic features built into the chair to suit any level of ergonomic needs - unless you have supremely painful back pain. The 3 paddle mechanism includes height and back rest adjustment, as well seat tilt adjustment.  Add the fourth paddle which gives you the option of having forward tilt - this allows you to let the front of the seat dip down and relieve pressure on the thighs a bit. The chair also has an optional seat slider which has a range of 2.5".

      The ratchet back is not optional, as it comes standard on every Dido.  The back, by the way, feels nice with the curvature molded to your back shape and the built in lumbar support gives you, well, support.

      We think combining the cushy-ness of the seat, the ergonomic features, and the price makes this a very nice ergonomic office chair.  The Dido won't go extinct any time soon...or was that the Dodo? Hmmm...

      The Ratings:

      Durability: Limited Lifetime Warranty.  Sturdy parts, heavy components.  Well built.

      Adjust-ability: Everything you need, nothing you don't.

      Style: Not flashy, but the glossy base and designer fabric do look sleek.

      Overall Rating (Not an average): A solid ergonomic chair at a VERY good price. You can't find another chair with more features and a better warranty at this price.

      Want to know more about how we rate chairs? Check out our Ratings Guide!

    • The Form That Fits Right, Ergonomics and You

      There are so many different types of office chairs on the market and sometimes the choice can feel almost overwhelming. However, if you take your time, learn some facts, and talk to the right sales person, you can find that proverbial needle in the haystack.

      Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not really all that difficult. It can seem that way because of all the different angle adjustments, tension tilts, wheels, sliding seats, and levers. Even if you don’t spend a long time behind your desk and in front of your computer, the choice is important. With the right ergonomic chair, one that properly fits the contours to your body, you won’t feel the long hours if you have them.

      Ergonomics is mainly the concern of the fit of people to their work. It can be associated with other areas as well, but for the most part it is work. The capabilities of the worker are taken into consideration, as are the limitations. They are then matched with what the tasks, the equipment, and the environment for the worker. The proper ergonomic chair design will help in preventing repetitive strain injuries, which can ultimately, over time, lead to long-term disability.

      Sounds a bit daunting, but I did mention it was an important decision, didn’t I?

      A few items to consider when checking into ergonomic chairs are the viewing angle and distance, the ninety degree angle of the waist to the knee, the knee to the floor, and the elbow to the wrist, and an adjustable seat height to assure the angles are correct. It also helps to sort of know these items when you speak with someone. It will let the sales person know you’ve done some research. Of course not knowing any of this is fine because we at are well versed and know what to ask. If you don’t understand, we’ll do our best to make sure you do.

      So, be sure to sit up straight, keep your wrists flat on your computer keyboard, or laptop, and your feet should be flat on the floor, but for shorter folks like me we can use a foot rest if needed.

    • "The Surplus"

      We love the Office here, for a variety of reasons that if you've seen the show you're most likely familiar with.  Great writing, acting, and above all, ironically deadpan office comedy.  It's great.

      The last episode of the latest season, aired 12/4/08, hit close to home for us.  Titled "The Surplus"  it essentially focused around a budget surplus and what to do with it - 95% of the office battling to get new ergonomic office chairs, and 2 other people wanting a new copier. It seemed that the only person on the show who didn't know what the value in new chairs is was the boss. (He even pronounced "ergonomically" erglonomically, or some disasterous version of the word!)  It was funny, but true to the point that chairs are very much overlooked...

      Anyways, we have an "older" copier here at Sitbetter...And man, do those copies sometimes suck!  That said, at least it drives a complaint only when it is used, as opposed to a really uncomfortable, old office chair - they can be horrible and complaint worthy every minute spent on it.

      Do I recommend buying chairs over a copier?  Not if we sold copiers too!  On a serious note, though, all I am saying to take from the episode and this post is you cannot overlook the seating in the office.  You can always use carbon paper to make copies - can't exactly have employees be productive sitting on a crappy office chair.

    • Learning to "Sit Better" with My Ergonomic Office Chair

      About two months ago I woke up numerous times throughout the night. My left shoulder, the lower part of the deltoid to be more specific, was aching quite a bit; sharp shooting pains. Being an athlete, I thought I’d just strained it at the gym or the softball field. The next morning I had breakfast, popped a couple of ibuprofens and soon the pain dissipated to a slight ache. Over the course of the next couple weeks, I continued this routine nearly every day. Eventually, I began taking ibuprofen before going to sleep, but I was still waking up during the night with sharp cutting pains. Those weeks of pain multiplied into two months.

      The denial that I’d done some damage was reinforced frequently. The pain wasn’t constant and only occurred when my arm moved to a particular position. I could still throw a softball; actually my throw had become more accurate. I couldn’t lift as much weight on my right side at the gym though, and being that I’m not a person who enjoys sitting on a bike or running on a treadmill, my workouts became sporadic. My rationale? I probably just needed a break from the gym.

      The pain was still there though, and it was getting worse.

      I went to see a physical therapist. We talked about a number of different situations and it came down to the chair I was using. Yeah, I know, I work for Sitbetter, so you’d think I’d know better. And, no, it isn’t my chair at the office but my chair at home. The one in my home office, where I sit to pay my bills, respond to personal emails, to chat with family and friends, journal, and to do research.

      My favorite ergonomic chair is the Infinity Series Mesh Back Chair (EMC-11), so I ordered it. It comes with free shipping and should get here in two days. It has some great adjustments, like a two-way adjustable lumbar, adjustable arms, a 2:1 syncro knee tilt locking mechanism and a breathable black Mesh.

      On Wednesday of next week, I start doing exercises with some rubber bands; different colors with different tensions. I can’t even begin to tell you what exercising with rubber bands is going to do for my ego, but I have the right chair in my home office, and according to my physical therapist, “You just need to ‘sit better’ at home.” Her words, not mine.

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