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    • Spotlight Series: ErgoFast Milan Series Ergo Mesh Chair

      We all want our products yesterday. But, sometimes, we have to settle for in a few days - fortunately, there are manufacturers like Ergo Office Seating (aka ErgoFast) which take pride in shipping products ASAP (usually within 24 hours), because rea

      lly, they don't like seeing their chairs just sitting there (please excuse the very appropriate pun). However, with that speed of service comes the very real question: How are their chairs?

      Well, since they are selling on Sitbetter, its safe to assume we've tried them and find them to be to our caliber of quality. The spotlight series this week looks at the Milan Series from ErgoFast, a popular and versatile ergonomic task seating option available in 3 different versions to meet exact budget restrictions.

      Milan MM4333M Office ChairAll three of the Milan models come in the same designer back mesh (not a plain black, but has a little of a pattern to it, giving it a break from the dull standard mesh seen out there) and an elastic yet tough and easy to clean black seat fabric, upholstered over a unique seat foam that molds to the user not dissimilar to memory foam.

      Version 1: Value Milan Task Chair (MM4333M) by Ergo Office Seating

      Simple, not many bells and whistles, but functional. An ergonomically reclining mechanism with height adjustment, swivel and tilt lock give the basics in function, while allowing for a great value price. This version is ideal for someone looking for comfortable task seating for many employees and needs to stay within a budget, or just as well for someone looking for a simple task chair for home use.

      Version 2: Milan Ergonomic Task Chair (MM4433M) by Ergo Office SeatingMilan Office Chair MM4433M

      The second version of the Milan comes with a different mechanism and offers different (wider array) of functions than the value version. It is made for functions where more adjustments are required and more of an upright tasking position is needed. Basically, it allows you to adjust different areas of the chair independently, namely the back angle and seat angle. Also features back height adjustment and tilt lock. Whats the benefit of these, above and beyond paying more for them? Having the ability to adjust the chair to fit you, rather than forcing yourself into the chair.

      Milan Ergonomic MM4533MVersion 3: Milan Ergonomic Intensive Task Chair (MM4533M) by Ergo Office Seating

      The third version of the Milan is the same as version two, but includes a seat slider that allows you to adjust the seat depth for further adjust-ability.

      Which is the best? Comfort wise, they are all going to feel the same. The foam, mesh and overall frame of the chairs does not change from model to model. But the user or purchaser should ask themselves how much reclining do they do in their chair? If the answer is a lot, then version 1 is a great choice, as it is better for that. If have more of an upright working position and type a lot more than you'd like, then one of the other two is probably a better long term investment. (Version 1 is GREAT for call centers, versions 2/3 are great for data entry and overall tasking.)

      All in all, this weeks' spotlight was on the Milan series for their different and modern mesh back style combined with a great quality and price median. A unique series that is backed up by Ergo Office Seating's (ErgoFast) Lifetime Warranty.

    • Office Chair Review: Inertia Mesh High Back Chair

      Three Sweet Features:

      1. Stylish Mesh colors to go with Fabrics.

      2. Thick, plush padded seat.

      3. Many additional options available!

      The Thorough Review:

      The Inertia is a great line of chairs. Within the family of Inertia Mesh Office Chairs, you will find the reviewed high back, the mid back, the executive, and side chairs. Really, the Inertia has a mesh chair for any need, allowing to any user to completely customize their office space to look contemporary and matching with one product line. As a bonus, the Inertia can be upholstered in various different mesh finishes, which greatly enhances the options one can have with the chair, as opposed to the more conventional and not as fun black mesh.

      The Inertia Mesh High Back Chair looks simple. It is clean and elegant and modern, but that doesn't mean it limits itself in comfort or ergonomic capability. The chair features a built in passive lumbar support, meaning the back (which is highly durable polyester mesh wrapped around a steel tubular frame) is contoured at the lumbar region to provide a built in support structure for the lumbar.

      The chair also features various add-ons/upgrades that provide for a more ergonomic sit. The chair can be outfitted with a seat slider, and the seat can be created with Memory Foam for extra soft comfort. As well, with 3 different arm options, you can choose the arms that suit your needs best, whether it be standard arms, or fully rotating arms!

      Overall, this is a very modern and stylish chair that does not leave comfort behind. It combines all these features in a very nice package as a high quality, mid priced ergonomic office chair!

      The Ratings:

      A very durable chair from a very durable company. Rated for 325 lbs, and with a lifetime warranty.

      Nothing flashy. Up, down, seat slider, infinite tilt lock. Just enough for anyone to adjust and everyone to be comfortable.

      One of the nicest looking chairs we've seen...Very stylish and modern and the optional mesh colors make the chair customizable to any color scheme!

      Overall Rating (Not an average):
      Kinda wish it had an adjustable lumbar support, but as far as modern chairs go, it is one of a kind. Perfect for management applications where a common style is necessary - a chair that will have everyone sitting in comfort and style.

      Want to know more about how we rate chairs? Check out our Ratings Guide!

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