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    • Why Every Business Should Own Attractive Guest Furniture

      Have you ever walked into a doctor's office, already dreading the thought of having to see a doctor or the ridiculously high medical bill you will have to pay off, to sit in an uncomfortable unattractive guest chair? The wait to even get seen is lon

      g enough, let alone having to wait and sit in a firm, confining guest chair. The same scenario works in the aspect of visiting a business. When walking into any business whether for a meeting or an interview, you should feel immediately invited in and comfortable, which can be achieved with the addition of aesthetically pleasing guest furniture. Still not convinced that attractive guest furniture is good for your business? Read our list of reasons why every office should switch up their furniture from drab and dreary to fun and fabulous.


      Just as people judge others based on their appearance the same can be said for any business. Whether you work for a hotel, medical office, coffee shop, insurance company, advertising agency, or any business in general the first thing people notice when they walk into your company is your furniture. This sets the tone for their first initial impression and the overall aura of your business. As any business owner knows, the first impression a customer gets from your business is always the most important and also the hardest to disprove. Having attractive guest chairs enhances any work environment and creates a more welcoming environment that will leave a lasting impression with your clients/customers.


      Another reason to upgrade your guest furniture to having a more inviting appearance is the large variety of modern and chic options available for purchase. Chair design has come a long way since earlier times when black and navy were the norm fabric choice and additional fabric options were not readily available. Now manufacturers typically offer their guest chairs in a number of different fabric colors with varying patterns, shapes, and color hues incorporated into the design. Manufactures have also made a conscience effort to make these upgraded fabrics affordable in order to stay competitive and within most budget restraints.

      Not only are different fabric options available, but most chairs also come in differing styles. Depending on the model of the guest chair, most allow you to choose whether you would like arms and the frame color of the chair. With the ability to customize, companies are able to create a unique chair that matches their company colors or is a one-of-a-kind distinctive piece that can solely found at their place of business.

      Affordable Price Point

      Modern and contemporary furniture often comes with the expectation that it will be over-priced and out of the company's price range. While some pieces of modern furniture are indeed ridiculously expensive, there are plenty of affordable options out there as well. And because most guest chairs are not designed to be as adjustable as an ergonomic office chair, they are in turn much more affordable. Depending on the level of customization being sought, most modern guest chairs can run anywhere from $100 to upwards of $300 in price. The more customized a chair is, the more the chair will cost in price. For example, upgrades such as higher grade fabric or specialized frame finishes will increase the overall price of the chair.

      Whether you are looking for a whole new set of guest chairs for your office or just looking to update your current guest chairs, consider choosing attractive furniture for your next purchase. Not only will it enhance the overall appearance of your business but it will surely impress your visitors.

      To view SitBetter's large selection of modern and attractive guest furniture click here!


    • Guest Chairs - Which Are Suitable For Your Guests?

      You are looking to add new guest chairs for your office; sounds like an easy enough task right? That is until you actually begin your search and come to find that there are thousands of different guest chairs to choose from of all different makes and models. With the large abundance of choices, how will you determine which will work best for your guests? It is crucial to take several components into consideration when picking new guest chairs including your current office decor, the profile of an average guest, the overall atmosphere of your office, and the average time the chair will be sat in.


      The first step toward finding a new set of guest chairs for your office is to take a step back and look at the current decor of your office. If you are planning on remodeling your entire office along with getting new chairs, first determine the color palett that will be used for the remodel. To keep a clean consistent appearance in your office you will want to make sure that your guest chairs will fit in with the current or future color scheme of your office. Search for guest chairs that have several different fabric choices available and ask the seller of the product for a fabric card for all of the available fabric options for you to take back with you to your office to see which would fit best. If purchasing over the internet it can be difficult to tell the true colors of fabrics which is when a fabric card comes into use; most internet retailers will offer free fabric samples for your convenience. If your office has a more modern style, consider picking guest chairs that will stand out amongst your other furniture, a modern styled guest chair with a chrome frame always seems to provide a "wow" factor. You can also coordinate with your company colors, if applicable.


      After considering your office decor, the next step is to assess the profile of the average person that will be sitting in your guest chairs. If you are a doctor's office that caters to children you will want to make sure you have guest chairs that are small enough for a child combined with enough standard sized chairs to accommodate their parents as well. If you work at a hospital or environment where your guest chairs will be sat in continuously for multiple hours a day it would be worth your investment to find a heavy-duty guest chair that has a higher weight capacity for larger patients or customers. No matter what application your chairs are going to be used in it is important that they are built to last and will not break when a client or customer is sitting in it. It is best to avoid big box retailers that sell cheap guest chairs with flimsy construction and instead direct your search efforts to the internet where you can get an unbiased assessment of a guest chair complete with the product specifications and weight limit.


      Perhaps the most important thing to be mindful of when picking out a new set of guest chairs is the atmosphere of your office. If your office is professional and most of your current furniture has a traditional styling to it, it would be recommended to stick with this theme and not stray too far from it. Wooden guest chairs, such as captains chairs, are always a classic piece of traditional furniture that looks great in any traditionally styled office. If your work fosters a creative environment, an advertising agency would be a perfect example, search for unique modern furniture that will add a fun vibe to your office. There are many unique modern guest chairs that can be found online that come in a variety of colors and even different shapes that do not conform to the traditional guest chair mold. If your office is a typical business, you will have the freedom to choose between different upholsteries, styles, and frames depending on the aforementioned factors.


      As previously touched upon, you will need to evaluate how long on average your visitors will be seated while waiting to be seen. If your guests will need to sit awhile to be seen, you will want to ensure you make their wait as comfortable and pleasant as possible. In this case you will want to avoid guest chairs upholstered in firm materials such as vinyl that may cause a firm sit or leather which can be uncomfortable to sit in if your office is located in a hot climate. Vinyl and leather, however, are beneficial in environments where an easy to clean chair is needed such as around kids who are prone to causing spills and stains. Fabric and mesh materials are always a safe bet to ensure comfort and quality when extended sitting times are to be expected.

      For all your guest chair needs, please visit to view our large selection of office guest chairs. For help finding the perfect guest chair for your office give us a call at 1-866-311-9421 where one of our dedicated chair experts can help you find your ideal chair.

    • How to Design Your Office Reception Area

      When you step into an office you will immediately run into the reception room or waiting room. The reception room is the face of the office as well as the first and last point of contact. This is also where your customers/clients will establish their first impression of your business and the area where some people will be spending the majority of their time during their visit. Leaving a good impression is critical in any business and a great way to retain current customers as well as receive referrals for new customers. With a nicely decorated reception area, customers/clients will feel welcome and at ease while waiting to be seen. Unless you are an interior designer the task of remodeling the reception room may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but with a little knowledge of  what makes a reception room attractive this task can be easier than you think.

      The Chairs

      Perhaps the most essential component of having an attractive reception area is the furniture that will be consuming most of the space, particularly the reception chairs. It is important to keep in mind that people will be spending most of their time sitting down while waiting in the reception, therefor you will want to have furniture that is both comfortable and appealing. Durability is also of the utmost importance; many different people will be spending time sitting in your reception chairs and you will want to have something that is going to be able to last for years to come. It is recommended to consider purchasing larger and wider reception chairs in order to ensure that they will be able to accommodate users of all body types. If younger children are frequent visitors to your facility, consider purchasing vinyl or leather guest chairs as this upholstery will be easier to clean spills and are more resistant to tears in the material.

      The Furniture

      Once you determine which reception chairs you want, the next step is to determine how many you will need. The best way to figure out how many chairs you will need to outfit your reception area is to calculate how many chairs it takes to seat your clients and visitors on a busy day. If you are remodeling and looking for a new set of chairs to replace your old ones, stick with the number of chairs you currently have if you are satisfied with that amount. After you have the quantity determined, pick out a few small reception tables to break up the clutter of chairs and arrange them around the tables. This will provide a neater appearance and also give you space to store reading materials such as magazines to keep your guests entertained. Be sure to find out the measurements of each piece of furniture and check them against the blueprint of your reception space to ensure all the furniture will fit with ample room for traffic flow, especially in front of the reception desk.

      The Design

      Various design elements such as the colors used, furniture selected, branding, and layout can make a statement about how your company operates. You will need to determine the overall look you want to display in your reception area, what clientele frequents your office most often? Ideally, the space should cater to the type of visitor that comes most frequently while representing "the look" of your company at the same time. This might mean sleek, cozy, kid-friendly, fun, creative, and so forth. Your color scheme is also important to consider, and will vary between different businesses. If you wish to give off a more professional vibe light neutrals and earth tones will blend in well with most furniture and gives off a traditional aura. If you are in the creative industry bright and fun colors, without going too overboard, might be an option to convey you have an innovative yet professional company atmosphere.

      The Decorations

      After you have your office furniture and overall design in place, the last factor to consider is adding some decorations to your reception area to add to the overall ambiance. Greenery is a simple and inexpensive way to brighten any room. Stick a large plant tucked away in the corner of the room out of your visitors way or add a small plant to a side table where it will not get knocked over. Paintings or photographs are another simple but easy way to grab attention, as long as it has a sophisticated feel to it and reflects your company's style. Provide interesting reading content for your visitors to browse through while waiting to be seen. Magazines have always been a staple in many waiting rooms, however a travel book of interesting places to visit or other coffee-table books you would consider engaging might set you apart from other businesses. A TV is another great addition to add to office decorating; if visitors typically spend a lot of time waiting this will help quickly pass the time.

    • Top 10 Guest Chairs

      Guest chairs are perfect for waiting rooms or on the other side of a bow front desk. Guest and visitor chairs are a great way to make a good impression on your clients, customers, or even co-workers when they need a place to sit. A good first impression is crucial, but if the first thing your clients and customers see when they come to sit down in your office is a stylish guest chair to plop down, on your impression is guaranteed to be a good one! The hardest part is where to start? When there are so many guest chair options to choose between, it is difficult to gauge which will be best for you and your office.

      We took the difficulty out of looking for the best and most modern looking guest chairs by compiling a list of the most popular guest chairs that are sold on our website to help you simplify your search for the right guest chair for you. Remember, if you ever need assistance finding a guest chair or any kind of office chair to suit you and your office don't hesitate to call Sitbetter for assistance!

      1. Basyx - Leather Guest Chair with Wood Frame

      The VL852 comes with four leg base in either bourbon cherry or mahogany finish, enhanced black leather, and a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. With this guest chair's sleek and modern look, it is no wonder why this was the most popular guest chair available on our website last year! Many used this chair to outfit their reception areas and waiting rooms, but it is also perfect for use as a guest chair as well! Available at $189! Bulk discounts available.

      To learn more about the VL852 click here.

      2. Boss - Mid-back Guest Chair With Mahogany Finish

      BOSS' B619 is perfect for lobbies or reception areas with its classic retro styling that is sure to fit in with any pre-existing office color-scheme. Chair comes with soft and durable molded polyurethane armrests, upholstered with ultra soft and durable Black Caressoft vinyl, and rich mahogany wood finish legs.

      Available for only $109 with bulk discounts available! To learn more about the Boss - Mid-back guest chair click here!

      3. Boss - Black Leatherplus Guest Chair

      Boss' B7509 is a durable, modern 4 legged side, guest or reception chair that will withstand a lot of traffic or long sitting guests alike with its LeatherPlus (combination leather/vinyl) upholstery. Built in lumbar support, cushy seat and backrest with padded armrests and a soft waterfall front seat mean long lasting comfort. Also comes with a six year manufacturer's warranty. The third most popular chair sold on Sitbetter last year and one of the most popular chairs on site!

      A great value for only $95 in price this chair can't be beat!

      To find out more click here!

      4. Boss- Black Leather Guest Chair with Mahogany Frame

      BOSS' B8909 is beautifully upholstered in genuine black Italian leather with elegant mahogany finish on hardwood arms and legs.

      Features tailored leather padding on armrests for a truly distinguished look, passive ergonomic seating with built-in lumbar support, and a rich, modern mahogany frame.

      This chair gives off the aura of professionalism and class at a low price of only $169

      Click here to find out more about the B8909!

      5. Boss - Oak Framed Office Guest Chair

      BOSS' B9560 Sturdy reception/lobby chair is constructed with a molded wood frame with an Oak finish and a durable fabric. Features an extra thick seat and back cushions for comfort and an 18- Month Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.

      This chair has a modern look to it and is available in 4 different fabric colors, all of which look very stylish and sleek. To see the different fabric options click here.

      6. Office Star- Guest Chair with Medium Oak Finish

      A great price for a good looking oak finish reception and guest chair that is sturdy as well as comfortable. The thick padded seat and back also features a built in lumbar support and the solid wood frame ensures it will last for years. Available in oak finish with taupe and moss fabric.

      For $120 you can't beat the price or the style this chair has to offer!

      To learn more about the office star guest chair with medium oak finish click here!

      7. Boss - Captain's Vinyl Guest chair

      Boss' B9545 features a classic traditional style guest or office chair as well as a hand applied individual brass nail head trim. The B9545 is a versatile chair for guests, lounge, or conference rooms. A sturdy hardwood frame with a rich mahogany finish and covered in a soft durable easy care burgundy or black vinyl along with a no-sag spring seat keep the chair looking and working great for years after you purchase it!

      Available for $95. To find out more click here!

      8. Office Star - Leather Guest Chair in Mahogany Finish

      The matching guest chair to the WE5330 and 5331, this plush and comfortable side chair (WD5335) also has very modern and distinctive styling. Its thick padding on the seat and back with built in lumbar support, sturdy frame and construction make this a favorite chair to make guests feel at home. Available in black leather and mahogany finish.

      Available for $165.

      To Learn more about this leather guest chair click here!

      9. Boss- Leather Sled Guest Chair

      Boss' Leather Sled Office Guest Chair B9529 comes upholstered in black leather. it also comes complete with solid sled style steel frames with black scratch-resistant paint finish,and thick contoured seat and back cushions for added comfort and support. Moves smoothy over hard surface and plush carpeting. Curved arms easily clear front edges when pulled close to a table.

      One of our most popular guest chair sold last year available at just $87! Find out more about Boss's Leather Office Guest Chair here!

      10. Nightingale Smurk - Retro Waiting and Reception Chair

      Inspired by the Nightingale designs of the 70's, this modern retro waiting chair screams fun and cool.

      With an exaggerated wide seat pan supported with reinforced molded bent plywood and unique flared leg design, the Smurk adds life and zest to any "hip" waiting or lounge area! Popular for its unique design and wide range of color options!

      Note: There are many fabrics available for the Smurk. To ensure your complete satisfaction, call us to a full selection of fabrics for this seating series.

      Available for $390 with large discounts available for bulk purchases! To learn more click here!

    • What IS an ergonomic chair

      Verte Ergonomic Office Chair

      Now.... since I mentioned what ergonomic chairs are not, today I thought I'd try to say what they are!

      Firstly, they almost always have multiple adjustments, chair height, back height, seat depth, back to seat angle, arms adjustable, etc. etc. etc..... in other words, a good ergonomic chair is going to adjust to your body, not force the body to adjust to you!

      Take the chair I pictured above, not only does it do all the above, the individual sections of the back can adjust independently, making the Verte chair a unique and special (and VERY comfortable) ergonomic chair!

      So again, don't take a sales guy's word on what's an ergonomic chair, but look at the quality, the adjustability and other factors before choosing the chair that's right for you!

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