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    • Monitor Arm Review: Humanscale M2 Monitor Arm

      We recently got a good look at the Humanscale M2 monitor arm - it was debuted at NeoCon 2009, but you don't really know about a product until you see it live and doing its thing.  We installed it at our ergo test center and gave it a run - let me say, my first impressions were good ones.

      We all know it is a good looking monitor arm - the style is there with either the white accents or the gray accents.  And those same accents are what make it visually unique, as there are really few other monitor arms out there that styliscically cater to what's in as far as furniture/office designs go.

      Functionality is nothing short of Humanscale's other monitor arms - it works and works well.  Easy to adjust, easy to install, nothing that makes you scratch your head and get frustrated over.  The range of adjustment offered by the M2 is pretty standard fare, but the beauty is that it is not a complicated item to order or to learn to use. It extends 20" outward and has  a 10" height range of adjustment, while supporting monitors of up to 20 lbs (95% of monitors used now a days fall within this category).

      Overall, it is a great monitor arm - Humanscale has done a really good job in not only designing the style of the monitor arm, but designing an arm that doesn't cost an arm and a leg too.  The value provided by the M2 is great - the simplicity, ease of use at its offered price point make it a great new monitor arm for any office space.

      More Images of the Arm in action:

    • Office Chair Review: Humanscale Diffrient World Ergonomic Task Chair

      Humanscale Diffrient World Ergonomic Task Chair - Tested and Tried and Neocon 2009.

      Scheduled Release Date: August 2009.

      Estimated MSRP: Starting at $750.00

      What we thought:

      Elegant and simple.  Humanscale told us that was the goal with the chair, and it seems they have mostly achieved this.  Like true Humanscale fashion, the World Chair, designed by famous Humanscale designer Niels Diffrient, the chair is ridiciously simple to adjust - only height adjustment and a seat slider are available, but for most users, it's only what is needed.

      The Bad:

      Before I get into how great of a chair is was, let me go over what I felt was the not so lovely element of the chair - the lumbar.  As with the Liberty, the mesh is very nice, and very conforming, however, it does not provide adequate lumbar support for people with lumbar issues.  It certainly won't be causing any lumbar pain for non-sufferers, but it won't be solving any chronic back problems either.  But that is to be expected when a chair, especially a task chair, is designed to fit a large majority of the populace.

      The Good:

      Despite the lumbar issue for a lower back pain sufferer like myself, I did find the chair overwhelmingly comfortable.  It did fit me right, and I'd be able to sit in it comfortable for 8 hours a day (if I committed to interval periods of back stretches, which is not a bad thing).  The mesh, as previously mentioned, is the Libery mesh, which is comfortable, soft, and springy.  The front egde on the seat takes the waterfall front seat style to a new level - there is no frame on the front edge of the seat, meaning there is absolutely no pressure on the thighs - this is a great thing.  The seat can also be upholstered to match the look of the Liberty, as well.

      The backrest pivots, meaning that it has motion within the recline motion itself of the chair.  This essentially means your back will never be in a static position, a key factor in Humanscale's treatment of ergonomics, and a nice feature indeed.  The armrests are attached to said backrest, so they move with the chair's recline motion and match the overall style of the frame, which comes with fixed arms, adjustable arms or no arms options.

      Speaking of the frame, it comes in black or white, the latter which looks very contemporary yet art deco - stylish and sleek, to say the least.

      As an added bonus, the chair weighs a measly 25 punds, and that is a good thing.  It is easily movable and adjustable, and wieghs less using 97% recycable content, meaning it is very green.  Despite its slim profile, the chair can hold users up to 300 lbs - considering most task chairs only rate up to 250 lbs and weigh twice as much, that is also a very good thing!


      Overall, the chair is a winner.  When judging and reviewing any chair, we take into account the value of said chair, namely, what do you get for what you pay for? After all, that is the most important thing with a chair.  The Humanscale Diffrient World Chair, while not cheap, does represent a great value proposition in the high end seating market.  Compared with other ergonomic office chairs in its class range, the Diffrient world chair looks to be in a world of its own!

    • Humanscale Paramount ... Every Gamers Dream

      Ok here it is.... I am coming out of the closet... the geek-closet. This is not necessarily about games, though I love them too, but about the techie in me. That's right, here I am looking for a monitor arm. Wooo hey look there's a monitor arm, oh wait there is a dual monitor arm... Oh no there is one for four...OMG there is one for SIX. I mind you, I only have one monitor. I just like to plan for the future.

      And then frigg'n Humanscale will be coming out with this in fall 2009!!!! How could they do this to me!!  Deceivers! Look! Its a four screen monitor arm...nope nope nope. That's what they WANT you to think! How can they possibly add to this beautiful ingeniousness! How could they torment me even more! This is how they do it.

      It unfolds!  Thats right. It expands.

      The Paramount Parabolic Multi-Monitor Display by the Humanscale Design Studio offers a flexible and ergonomically sound solution for mounting two to eight monitors on a single support. Effortless adjustment mechanisms, tool-free reconfiguration options, and a curved parabolic shape are among the many details that make the Paramount a unique solution for multi-monitor environments. It doesn't get any better than this. If you are asking yourself "What do I need with 8 monitors?" This is not about NEED, this is about the future! You started out with one monitor, then two...and on and on, why not buy a monitor arm that can support all those monitors you have acquired over the years.  Besides until they come out with a  paper thin 6 foot by 3 foot monitor  that can be rolled out and taped to the wall (can't wait) , this is the next best thing.  Next thing you know Humanscale will come out with a uber chair... Oh wait they already did. This is all making me feel fuzzy inside...I have to go now..ENJOY

    • If Captain Kirk were lazy...

      ...He'd probably use this chair.  Its called the DayBed.  It looks sweet and comfortable, not to mention looks ergonomically sound on many levels.  Designed by Manuel Saez for Humanscale (the same ingenious design company that came up with the Switch Mouse), all I can say is that is looks really relaxing for the home laptop-er (a category in which I include myself). Is in the new Star Trek movie?  The info I got about this chair from a few other blogs seem to suggest that, I don't know myself though. We'll have to see the movie, I guess, but who's complaining about that?? Its a new Star Trek!

      My opinion on this chair is that its a nice really modern take on the leather office chair that we haven't seen before, and I probably wouldn't even call it a leather office chair, more like a leather lounge chair...unless, of course, you are a lazy version of Captain Kirk.

      Anyone else think Humanscale is saying, "Take that, Eames Lounge Chair!"?

      [Via (btw, G.A.S. team, the girl in your banner, really attractive, but that chair doesn't do her justice!) and  Thanks!]
    • Ergonomic Leather Office Chairs?

      How do you make a leather office chair ergonomic?  It's a tricky endeavor, and probably one you shouldn't worry too much about trying to accomplish. We have some nice options available here, if you want to take a gander...There are some leather office chairs that have actual adjustable lumbar supports, we have a few, and you can most likely find these with a knee tilt mechanism too.  If you can get a leather office chair with these components, that is probably the most ergonomic you are going to get with a leather chair.  It's not that they are mutually exclusive attributes, ergonomics and leather chairs, but its just that the design of them hasn't caught up to include the ergonomics craze that has been sweeping the furniture world for the past five years or so.

      Of course, you can also go for the ultra ergonomic Humanscale Freedom Chair, which is available in leather, and even though their ergonomic principles aren't the standard run of the mill, they are true and sound to proper ergonomic thought.  Or alternateively, you can opt for the the chair Sigourny Weaver would probably try to kill, the Verte chair (you know, because it looks like an alien...ha-ha very funny...).  But other than these, I wouldn't stress about making your conference room wholly ergonomic.  Just make it comfortable.  And the same goes if you are set on getting a good, plush leather chair for your can always get part of the ergonomics from a keybard tray and monitor arm.  Again, here are some ergonomic leather chair options, in case you want to look.

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