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La-Z-Boy leather office chairs…

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23_Sintas%20HighBack.jpg.scale.jpg” alt=”" width=”200″ height=”292″ />So what is this rumored La-Z-boy leather office chair you hear of? Is is a recliner just as comfortable as the one you know and love so well at home, but disguised with a suit and tie for the office? Not really…(Although, on second thought, that would be an awesome design…)

A La-Z-Boy office chairs come in a variety of shapes and fashions, from leather office chairs, to task chairs, to mesh chairs and modern chairs. But ultimately, the one that is most similar to its home brethren is the leather office chair collection of La-Z-Boy office chairs.

One look at them and you can tell they we cut from the same cloth – or in their case, the same foam! (And the chair cheesiness has begun…) But seriously, they are extremely comfortable. Very plush, thick and cushy, and the look commanding…an ironic description for a La-Z-Boy chair, I know, but it’s true. Their leather office chairs exude a very executive presence.

They aren’t the most inexpensive chairs in the lot, but they will treat you nice…very nice, for a very long time to come…Then, the most uncomfortable part of your day will be the car ride to and from your office….if only la-z-boy made car seats…hmmm…

What’s the most popular color of leather chair?

La-Z-Boy Altitude Leather Chair

So you want to bandwagon your color choice of leather office chairs, huh?  It’s ok.  We understand.  There are three most popular, readily available colors of leather office chairs:  Black, Brown and Burgundy.

Lately, we’ve noticed a lot of people looking for burgundy leather office chairs, as opposed to black leather office chairs or a leather office chair in brown. Granted, black leather office chairs are the most popular, but in case you are looking for a quality burgundy leather office chair, here is a nice one: Office Star EX5161.

However, if you want a high back burgundy leather office chair, try this executive leather office chair.

But what’s the most popular color of leather office chair?  Black leather office chairs are top sellers, simply because black goes with everything.  It’s not prone to fashion swings (which there are in the furniture industry…for example, oak has not been ‘in’ for the past 10 years.  It went out of style faster than the pet rock)…Brown is more popular within home offices, as is burgundy…but for your office or conference room chairs, we usually recommend black leather office chairs.  They don’t cause any drama and they don’t look like they belong in the 1970′ – simply said, they keep it classy. Just like San Diego.