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The $2000.00 Leather Office Chair

This leather office chair cost $2000.00 once. Yes, it is leather. AND, the warranty is expired. Shouldn’t a $2000.00 chair have a lifetime warranty?  (In its defense, its around 8 years old…)

You have to wonder though, and hope, that there were plenty of good decisions made on this chair…Or a lot of fun times …I can’t say with certainty which!

Leather Office Chair Review- BOS-B686 Mid-Back Leather Conference Chair

When looking for leather office chairs for a single office or especially for the conference room, these days it’s usually about value- getting the best chair for the money!

The BOS-B686 is certainly a great value for the money!

Not only does this chair have great looks, with its sleek styling, but it also sits very well.  It has nice padding on the seat and back, the leather is soft and comfortable and the lumbar support on it feels really good!  The construction of this chair is pretty good too!  I figure the only issue I really have with this chair is that the arms are just a bit short, but that’s really not an issue.  Otherwise, especially for the price, this chair is a really good value, and it’s certainly not going to break the bank if you want to get 8 of them for the conference room!

Great price, good looks, good construction.  This chair really is a great choice if you’re looking for a leather office chair!

Leather Office Chair Review- BOS-B8906 Leather Conference Chair

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>If you’re looking for visually pleasing, yet reasonably comfortable leather office chairs for your conference room, the BOS-B8906 could really fill the bill.

Very reasonably priced, this chair has soft leather, thick padding for durability, it does sit firmly, but comfortably, the leather is soft, arms are padded, and it’s sturdy. It has a very nice mahogany finish on the arms and base, and with the nice transitional design, it’s going to fit in well just about everywhere.

There are many leather office chairs out there, and when everything is balanced out- price, appearance, comfort, feel and durability- this is certainly a good choice!

Leather Office Chair Review- B915 Traditional Leather Office Chair

Mostly, traditional leather office chairs can be quite expensive.  Not so the BOS-B915.

This is a button-tufted back chair which has a great price, and is very comfortable as well.

The leather is soft and supple, the seat padding is thick and sits very well, the back is nicely contoured with a good lumbar support, the tufting works very well, I don’t feel the buttons as I’m sitting in it, the padded armrests feel good and the cherry finish is even and gives the chair a great look. 

One very nice thing is that when I lean my head back (I’m 5’8″) my head is hitting the top of the headrest so my eyes are looking up at about a 30-35 degree angle.  In other words, when I’m resting my head back (not sleeping, thinking!), it’s at a very comfortable angle.

The chair is available in either a black or Burgundy finish.

This is a good quality leather office chair at a very good price!

Leather Office Chair Review- OST-DHL3220 Executive Leather Office Chair

So… you’re looking for one of those plush leather office chairs that you can basically sink into and be comfortable for hours at a time?  The OST-DHL3220 is one of those chairs!

Plush padding on both the seat and back, soft top-grain leather, and padded arms make this a very comfortable chair.  One more feature which makes this chair stand out is the knee tilt control.  Knee tilt is where the pivot point of the chair recline is closer to the knees instead of right above the cylinder.  This makes the recline much more comfortable and keeps the knees on the ground.  You’ll find it’s far better than traditional swivel tilt chairs!

This particular version only comes in the wine or saddle, but other chairs in the DHL series come in black.

For soft and comfortable, this particular leather office chair does very well, and it’s well-built so you’ll be enjoying it for years!