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If Captain Kirk were lazy…

…He’d probably use this chair.  Its called the DayBed.  It looks sweet and comfortable, not to mention looks ergonomically sound on many levels.  Designed by Manuel Saez for Humanscale (the same ingenious design company that came up with the Switch Mouse), all I can say is that is looks really relaxing for the home laptop-er (a category in which I include myself). Is in the new Star Trek movie?  The info I got about this chair from a few other blogs seem to suggest that, I don’t know myself though. We’ll have to see the movie, I guess, but who’s complaining about that?? Its a new Star Trek!

My opinion on this chair is that its a nice really modern take on the leather office chair that we haven’t seen before, and I probably wouldn’t even call it a leather office chair, more like a leather lounge chair…unless, of course, you are a lazy version of Captain Kirk.

Anyone else think Humanscale is saying, “Take that, Eames Lounge Chair!”?

[Via (btw, G.A.S. team, the girl in your banner, really attractive, but that chair doesn't do her justice!) and  Thanks!]