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    • Inexpensive Lumbar Support

      Check out these couple of external lumbar supports. You can put them on your chair and have good back support without having to shell out hundreds for a brand new chair. Granted, some people might need a new chair, but if you are a user with a budget, you might want to try one of these out first.

      ObusForme® Lumbar Supports

    • Stocks suck, my savings are gone, but my back pain from my chair isn't...

      So you don't have much money to buy a Aeron, or Leap chair, or some other "name" chair...50% of the cost of those chairs is the brand.  You're paying for the brand - not to say that these chairs aren't all they're cracked up to be, but simply saying that if you cannot afford them, there ARE options out there to get yourself a comfortable chair at a comfortable price.

      Now before you think this is a rag on high priced chairs, let me say this:  The majority are actually very comfortable, and do justify their price tag.  The majority.  But let's face it, this isn't exactly the best time to part with $1000.000 for a chair.  (Idea:  You know all those banks that went broke, well, I know for a fact they spent lots o' cash on pricey chairs...maybe you can pick one up on Craigslist for free...)

      Anyways, here few resources we put together on the site here to answer your call -See our recommended chairs for back pain here; also see our entire selection of ergonomic chairs here (you can use the advanced browse to narrow your options...)-.  Most chairs from Office Star, Matrex series, are also relatively comfortable.  If you are looking for a good leather chair that is relatively ergonomic, look at the Mayline 9414.  It's got some nice ergo features, including an inflatable lumbar, and the leather is nice.  Mayline is a very reputable company too, albeit shipping it takes longer than we like.

      Other, less expensive options to give you back pain relief can come in the form of some accessories.  Asprin, for one. We like Aleve (registered trademark of a large, wealthy company).  Bayer is good too, though cause it gives you heart health as well.  The ticker is important.  But take a look at products from companies like ObusForme, which are independent back support cushions.  Companies like these manufacturer products focused on providing support for the back.  They do the research.  We try the stuff out, which is why we endorse it.  These cushions are made to fit the backrest of any chair, and could be the solution your lumbar needs.

      So these are less expensive options for your current chair, which could end up being the solution you need.  Also remember to stretch often and move around often.  Cool? Cool.

    • Chairs, Chairs, Chairs and More Chairs....

      First off, just a bit of humor...
      Came across this at World's Largest Roadside Attractions, and thought it just too much fun!
      Now, the really interesting thing is that while that chair is going to be simply too big for most people, it's the perfect chair for the Jolly Green Giant or Paul Bunyon!
      Which is to say, there's a chair out there for everyone.
      Now, let me ask you a question- At the end of the day, are you going home with a sore back, shoulders, tired legs (even though you sat all day), tingling fingers, numbness.... or any combination of the above?
      Consider how you're sitting then!
      Is your chair right for how you're working? Are you sitting in front of a computer all day, typing away and sitting in a chair that's not meant for the task?
      Perhaps you're sitting in a chair which is meant for conference rooms. Fixed arms, can only go up and down with a simple tilt mechanism and the back is fixed in relation to the seat.
      Consider, then, a chair which has adjustable lumbar support, a back which can freely move, arms you can adjust, a seat-slider mechanism and comfortable padding.

      There are other issues, of course, but I'll leave that for another day, I just wanted to put the thought into the mind that your chair, which you spend more time in than anywhere else, is very important to your overall health!

      Visit me at and spend some time, heck, I'll even chat with you!

    • Chair Users with Lumbar Issues

      This is my painful area when sitting down.  Doesn't flare up all the time, but sometimes.  So I have to be real careful as to what chairs I choose.  I normally need an adjustable lumbar support, that pushes into my lumbar region, into the concave of my lower back.

      What do I do to prevent recurring back pain?  I get up and stretch a little bit more than normal.  People may think I'm strange, but I'd rather be strange than hurting.  Also, I have a keyboard tray and monitor arm, as well as the aforementioned chair with adjustable active lumbar support.  (It is actually mesh back, but that is really a personal preference.)  For me, the deal breaker is lumbar support.  If you have upper back issues, that's a different story.  For some chairs that I have tried out and do recommend, check out our back pain page...Tried and true.

      FYI, I have not tried the inflatable lumbar supports, such as in the MAY9414AG, however, we have had clients that do love it. (We are getting a sample in this week, so I will be trying it soon.)  Check out our editors review on it next week.

      Rock on, sit right.

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