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    • Medical Stools - 5 Important Features to Look For

      Medical stools are widely used in just about every medical setting by both physicians and assistants. In fact, it is perhaps the single most utilized piece of office furniture in hospitals, clinics, operating rooms, emergency rooms, and waiting rooms. These stools allow for quick and easy movement from one point to another which is often needed when seeing patients or during procedures. They are designed to be durable, mobile, easy to use, and perhaps most importantly, simple. Medical stools differ from traditional office chairs or drafting chairs and are constructed specifically for the medical professionals as they are less confining and allow for a large range of motion. Before purchasing one of these stools there are a few features to look for in order to make sure that the stool will fit in to your office environment including adjustability, upholstery, wheels, height, and design.

      The level of adjustability needed will vary based on the individual and how often the stool will be used. Most medical stools come with simple seat height adjustment allowing users of varying heights to utilize the same stool. The seat height adjustment is usually a lever located directly underneath the seat that allow for the stool to be adjusted up and down with a hydraulic lift. Every stool will also come with the ability to rotate 360°, making it easy to grab tools and supplies needed to work on patients. For professions such as dentistry that require longer amounts of time spent seated, it is best to find a stool that has more adjustments such as seat angle adjustment to stay comfortable throughout the work day.

      Most medical stools will be upholstered in anti-microbial/anti-bacterial vinyl upholstery as this is the easiest to clean and protect against spills and stains. Vinyl is also more durable than its fabric counterpart, allowing for more wear and tear and abuse that can occur in the medical field.

      While the type of wheels that come with stools is an often overlooked detail, it is certainly an important component that should be taken into consideration. Most medical stools come with hard casters designed for use on carpets, however in most cases these stools are used on linoleum or tile floors. If this is the case, it is recommended to have soft casters designed for hard floors in order to preserve the life of your floor and avoid scratches or streaks. For those that do not want to move around and would prefer to stay in place, glides or locking casters are the best solution. Glides are rubber pegs that are inserted into the stool's base in place of wheels that keeps your stool in place unless picked up and moved. Locking casters allow the user to lock the casters/wheels in place when they prefer to remain stationary yet also allow the user to unlock them when movement is needed.

      Having a stool that has the proper range of height adjustability is essential to both your work and the usability of the chair. A stool that is too low will ultimately lead to aches and pains experienced from working in an unnatural position and a stool that is too high will make it difficult to work and sit comfortably throughout the day. It is crucial to know the height of the seat on a stool prior to making a purchase to ensure that it will meet your height requirements. If purchasing through an online office furniture retailer, this information is readily available under product specifications or dimensions. If purchasing through a retail store, be certain to measure the stool at both the highest and lowest point.

      The design of the stool is also an important component of any purchase as having aesthetically pleasing furniture in your office will create a more inviting environment and will enhance the appearance of your office. Typically, medical offices are associated with the feeling of fear and anxiety, so any simple modification that can deter this is advisable. A chrome base is always an attention grabber and makes it appear to be more expensive. If your office allows for it, a unique colored vinyl is always an easy way to turn heads. If your office is more traditional, a plain black vinyl always presents a professional appearance. Patterned fabrics are also appealing, however, they are not as easy to clean as vinyl.

      To view Sitbetter's full line of medical stools please click here.

    • Office Stools - The Different Types and Uses

      A well designed office stool is one of the most critical elements of an ergonomic workstation, after all it will be the piece of furniture you use most throughout the day. Whether sitting in an office stool or office chair, prolonged sitting or standing in the same position throughout the day can cause discomfort and can even lead to unnecessary aches and pains. An ergonomically outfitted workstation coupled with an appropriate office stool to sit in and proper sitting posture can lead to increases in productivity and efficiency. With the vast amount of unique job professions and tasks out there, there are a myriad of office stool solutions designed to fit specific jobs. When deciding between all the different variations of office stools on the market, it is important to figure out what your individual office needs will be and how much time you will be spending sitting in your stool.

      Saddle stools are among the most diverse stools out there, and break away from the traditional office stool mold with its distinct seat shape. A saddle stool features a different way of sitting with its seat shaped in the form of a saddle similar to one that you would see on a horse's back. This seating option works best for dentist or medical offices where the ability to sit in one sturdy position is helpful. For example, when a dentist is cleaning a patient's teeth and wants to stay in one place without having to slide around to get comfortable, a saddle stool would definitely be of use. With seat height adjustment and seat angle adjustment, saddle stools are also an ergonomic option as they have quite a few adjustments and aid the user in sitting with proper posture.

      If you spend little time sitting down throughout the day and only require a stool for a few hours of usage, then a medical stool would be an adequate seating option. Medical stools are basic stools that come with a fabric, leather, or vinyl seat covering on top of a base with rolling casters. They are budget friendly, simple, easy to get around on, and a great choice if your job does not require much sitting. Medical stools are also compact allowing them to fit in just about anywhere without taking up too much space. As their name implies, these stools are mostly used in medical settings but are often found in schools, file rooms, home offices, and anywhere that an inexpensive seating choice is needed.

      Many jobs require the need for seating that will permit the ease of transfer from a sitting position to a standing position in a quick fashion. A sit stand stool allows for quick adjustment from sitting down to standing up due to its extended seat height, and occasionally seat angle adjustment. The seat angle adjustment allows for a more ergonomic way of sitting and lets the user adjust from sitting to standing briskly. Sit stand stools are best for use in environments where workers stand for most of the day at higher workstations such as labs, pharmacies, or in production lines where little time is spent sitting.

      Some job professions call for heavy-duty seating where a typical office chair or stool would not withstand, and damage resistant furniture is required. Industrial stools provide a high quality seating solution for factory, clean-room, laboratory, and other harsh environments where durability, damage resistance, and ergonomic seating support is needed. Most industrial seating stools come with a tough polyurethane material on the seat and back of the chair. Polyurethane withstands stains, spills, rips, and tears; ideal for even the toughest work environments.

      Along with the aforementioned stools, there are many other office stools out there that serve a wide variety of purposes. When searching for an office stool, it is essential to know what kind of environment the stool will be used in as well as how ergonomic you need it to be. Also take into account how long you will be spending sitting on the stool everyday to determine ergonomic necessities and how adjustable you will need to the chair to be. For a complete catalog of high quality office stools please visit

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