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    • Benefits of Owning a Mesh Office Chair

      A new trend is taking over the office furniture industry when it comes to seating, and more often mesh office chairs are making their way into offices all around the world. While executive leather chairs used to be the norm when it came to high end seating this simply isn't the case anymore, with different kinds of upholstery becoming available that still provides comfort while having a modern styling at the same time. Not to mention a more affordable price tag. Mesh office chairs may appear to be relatively different than a traditional office chair, however, as far as functionality is concerned they are  just like any other office chair on the market. While the idea of mesh seating may come as a surprise, this concept has actually been around for quite awhile and has a lot of advantages over other types of upholstery options.

      A key benefit that mesh chairs possess over any other office chair upholstered in fabric or leather is the breathability the mesh material has to offer. The ability for an office chair to breathe, can essentially be compared to a pair of shoes. If you are wearing leather boots, your feet will not have a lot of room to breathe. On the contrary, if you are wearing a pair of flip flops your feet have easy breathability. Think of a mesh chair as a pair of flip flops in this situation. Now imagine wearing a pair of boots in the hot summer season in a humid state such as Florida. Breathability would be severely limited, however if you had flip flops on (or a mesh office chair to sit in) you would be much more comfortable.

      In a traditional office chair, the fabric or leather tends to absorb heat causing the chair's seat and back to get hot. This can lead to a feeling of discomfort and loss of productivity during the work day. This is primarily due to lack of ventilation which does not allow for air to flow through the chair but rather gets entrapped in it instead. In a chair upholstered in mesh, the seat and back are perforated allowing for easy air flow and ventilation. This also allows for a regulated temperature, never getting too hot or too cold. This can especially be of advantage to those that live in regions that experience a rise in temperature during the summer months, as a mesh chair will keep you sitting comfortably all throughout the year no matter the season.

      Along with breathability and ventilation, mesh office chairs also allow for freshness even after years of use. More often than not leather chairs tend to hold onto odor as do some fabric chairs. Due to the perforated surfaces on mesh chairs, air is consistently passing through the chair making it impossible for odor to cling to the material.

      Mesh office chairs also offer the utmost durability, a key feature sought after by many perspective chair buyers. Although fabric is used to make the mesh material, the fabric is very tightly woven making it less likely to rip or tear as it might on a traditional office chair. Although mesh is woven tight, comfort is not compromised and most find mesh to be a more comfortable option over any other type of upholstery. If you are looking for a durable, reliable chair option that is a little more modern in style it might not hurt to try a mesh office chair.

      To view Sitbetter's extensive selection of top quality mesh office chairs please click here!

    • Mesh Office Chairs are the Right Decision

      If you find yourself spending more and more time in your office chair, do you feel yourself growing warmer as the day moves forward? Are you wishing you hadn’t worn that sweater to the office? Well, turn around and look at the chair. If you haven’t done so already, it might be easier to stand to do this. Is it a fabric other than mesh? If so, you should seriously consider making a change. There are all types of mesh chairs now-a-days. From an executive mesh chair to mesh office chairs for the receptionist, assistant, staff, or whoever sits for long periods of time, can certainly benefit from these cooler ‘fabrics.’

      Cutting back on a piece of equipment you or your employees spend so much time with, is not forward thinking. A serious lack of focus can occur when someone is uncomfortable, and the staff member is up all the time stretching, or possibly even dealing with physical ailments directly resulting from having to sit in an uncomfortable chair. Injuries like this can occur more often than not now-a-days. If you are not placing the right amount of finances to your seating, you’re probably making a mistake.

      If you’re thinking the price of mesh office chairs are expensive then you should consider that mesh chairs don’t remind you how long your day is and they also last for many years. If you spread the cost, or amortize the cost, of the chair out over a ten or more year period, you’d see the cost actually associated with a mesh chair is not so expensive after all. Mesh office chairs, depending on factors like model, size and advanced features will influence the cost, but they can range roughly between $200-$500.

      Mesh chairs meet a variety of tastes with countless models and colors. With the assortment from leather grid, deluxe, matrix, and an array of colors, the right mesh chair can provide the utmost comfort during the long work day.

    • What IS an ergonomic chair

      Verte Ergonomic Office Chair

      Now.... since I mentioned what ergonomic chairs are not, today I thought I'd try to say what they are!

      Firstly, they almost always have multiple adjustments, chair height, back height, seat depth, back to seat angle, arms adjustable, etc. etc. etc..... in other words, a good ergonomic chair is going to adjust to your body, not force the body to adjust to you!

      Take the chair I pictured above, not only does it do all the above, the individual sections of the back can adjust independently, making the Verte chair a unique and special (and VERY comfortable) ergonomic chair!

      So again, don't take a sales guy's word on what's an ergonomic chair, but look at the quality, the adjustability and other factors before choosing the chair that's right for you!

    • What's NOT an ergonomic chair....

      Leather Conference Office Chair

      I reviewed this chair yesterday.... funny thing is, I was looking around the web and actually discovered there were sites offering this chair as an 'ergonomic chair'! How absolutely ridiculous!

      Now, granted, there are a ton of definitions of 'ergonomics' out there, ask 10 people what the term represents and you'll get 15 definitions! My own personal definition is: adapting your space to your body, not adapting your body to your space.

      I'm going to venture, this particular chair above, while being very comfortable for shorter periods of time, is NOT an ergonomic chair! Look, the best this chair does is rotate, go up and down and lean back. Very nice for a conference chair, but not very good for working long hours in front of the computer!

      An ergonomic chair, just briefly (I'll get into the whole aspect of what you want out of one soon enough), is going to have things like adjustable arms, the back will adjust in multiple ways, in other words, that chair is going to adjust to your body, not force you into an awkward, uncomfortable and unhealthy situation.

      My whole point here is that you shouldn't automatically believe a chair is ergonomic simply because someone selling it says it is. Check out the chair, heck, check out the business selling it- do they really know what they're talking about or just trying to sell you something, anything.

      If you want an ergonomic chair you might try going here!

    • Buying a new office chair

      When buying a new office chair online, you can get overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of office chairs out there. Different sites categorize them in different ways, so how can you find the chair which is right for you? I am going to restrict this to chairs which are certified as business qualified by BIFMA (Business and Industrial Furniture Manufacturer’s Association).

      First you have to define what chair you ‘need’ and ‘want’. Those two terms are separate, of course, what you want might be a big plush, poofy, leather office chair, while what you really need is a smaller task chair or an ergonomic chair. Do you spend a lot of time in the chair doing computer tasks or paperwork? If so, you might want to get a decent computer chair, which might be a task chair or ergonomic chair. If you’re the boss, and don’t really spend a lot of time on the computer, and prefer a comfortable chair that makes a statement, a leather office chair might be the choice for you. There are many different sorts of chairs- modern chairs with lots of chrome, rigid chairs, swivel chairs, big and tall (for those a bit more ample than the average), and the list can go on and on.

      One very important point- many of those terms above are interchangable and have no real specific meaning.  Let's face it... a swivel chair goes 'round and round and round (how many of those are out there!).  So one chair can be a lot different to a lot of different people!
      In other words, you need to define what you need in an office chair long before you decide to purchase it.

      That being said, how do you choose a chair from all the different internet companies out there offering office chairs?

      I really recommend looking at their sites. Do they give you information you need to make an informed decision, or do they simply throw a chair at you and tell you everyone else is buying it? Do they give you a good variety of chairs, or just a handful done over and over again in different colors? Are they authoritative, knowing their product and caring what they give you or just out to make a sale.

      You see, there are many different considerations to buying office chairs online, far more than could possibly fit here, so I will try to make sense of the process in future blogs.

      Or visit me at and I'll help you out!

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