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    • Mesh Conference Chairs - The Coolest Thing You've Yet to Buy

      Think for a moment of a typical conference room, what do you picture? A long rich mahogany wood conference table surrounded by a set of 6-8 leather conference chairs? While this may be the traditional conference room set up that you have grown accustomed to seeing, there is a new piece of furniture that is making conference rooms cool again, literally, and that is mesh conference chairs. Haven't heard of a mesh chair before? Mesh office chairs offer a cooler, ventilated way of sitting with the same comfort and level of support you receive from leather or fabric chairs. They are lightweight, durable, and an attention grabber with their modern design. Businesses are making the switch to these types of conference chairs for a number of reasons including their design, comfort, appearance, and durability.

      Mesh conference chairs are available in a number of different designs to appeal to just about everyone. The most unconventional is the all mesh models that are available with both fixed conference arms and height adjustable arms. If you are apprehensive about making the switch to an all mesh chair, fear not as there are plenty of options available for you as well. For those that are uncertain about how it feels to sit in an all mesh chair, it is advisable to find a model with a fabric, leather, or vinyl seat. These are perhaps the most common type of mesh conference chairs available and are made by a number of different manufacturers at varying price points. There are also more options available in this style, allowing for more choices and lower price points if you are on a budget.

      Comfort is a key component when determine the type of office seating desired for your business space. Comfortable seating is essential for keeping your employees productive throughout the work day and avoiding any work-related injuries from occurring due to a poorly designed office chair. Not only should your employees feel comfortable while sitting in your conference chairs but your guests should also be taken into consideration. It is always advisable to leave a positive impression on clients and guests no matter what your business entails which can be easily achieved with the correct conference chairs.

      The furniture in your office can speak volumes about your company, which is why it is crucial to choose wisely. If your company has a modern and contemporary feel to it and you would like to portray this to others, mesh conference chairs are the best way to go. Their unique design will surely leave a favorable impression on all your guests and will make you stand out amongst other companies with traditional office furniture. Mesh chairs are available in a variety of colors that even allow for you to customize your chairs to match your company's colors, if you choose to be so bold.

      Perhaps the most common concern for those who have never purchased mesh seating before is how durable the mesh truly is. Most assume that it can be easily stretched out and ripped over time. Office furniture manufacturers take this into consideration when developing new mesh chair models and thoroughly test their mesh to ensure that it is of the utmost quality and tightly woven.

      The next time your office is looking to upgrade your conference room furniture, consider the addition of the coolest type of seating around, mesh conference chairs. Your guests, employees, and clients will surely be impressed!

      To view SitBetter's full line of affordable and durable conference chairs, please click here!

    • Benefits of Owning a Mesh Office Chair

      A new trend is taking over the office furniture industry when it comes to seating, and more often mesh office chairs are making their way into offices all around the world. While executive leather chairs used to be the norm when it came to high end seating this simply isn't the case anymore, with different kinds of upholstery becoming available that still provides comfort while having a modern styling at the same time. Not to mention a more affordable price tag. Mesh office chairs may appear to be relatively different than a traditional office chair, however, as far as functionality is concerned they are  just like any other office chair on the market. While the idea of mesh seating may come as a surprise, this concept has actually been around for quite awhile and has a lot of advantages over other types of upholstery options.

      A key benefit that mesh chairs possess over any other office chair upholstered in fabric or leather is the breathability the mesh material has to offer. The ability for an office chair to breathe, can essentially be compared to a pair of shoes. If you are wearing leather boots, your feet will not have a lot of room to breathe. On the contrary, if you are wearing a pair of flip flops your feet have easy breathability. Think of a mesh chair as a pair of flip flops in this situation. Now imagine wearing a pair of boots in the hot summer season in a humid state such as Florida. Breathability would be severely limited, however if you had flip flops on (or a mesh office chair to sit in) you would be much more comfortable.

      In a traditional office chair, the fabric or leather tends to absorb heat causing the chair's seat and back to get hot. This can lead to a feeling of discomfort and loss of productivity during the work day. This is primarily due to lack of ventilation which does not allow for air to flow through the chair but rather gets entrapped in it instead. In a chair upholstered in mesh, the seat and back are perforated allowing for easy air flow and ventilation. This also allows for a regulated temperature, never getting too hot or too cold. This can especially be of advantage to those that live in regions that experience a rise in temperature during the summer months, as a mesh chair will keep you sitting comfortably all throughout the year no matter the season.

      Along with breathability and ventilation, mesh office chairs also allow for freshness even after years of use. More often than not leather chairs tend to hold onto odor as do some fabric chairs. Due to the perforated surfaces on mesh chairs, air is consistently passing through the chair making it impossible for odor to cling to the material.

      Mesh office chairs also offer the utmost durability, a key feature sought after by many perspective chair buyers. Although fabric is used to make the mesh material, the fabric is very tightly woven making it less likely to rip or tear as it might on a traditional office chair. Although mesh is woven tight, comfort is not compromised and most find mesh to be a more comfortable option over any other type of upholstery. If you are looking for a durable, reliable chair option that is a little more modern in style it might not hurt to try a mesh office chair.

      To view Sitbetter's extensive selection of top quality mesh office chairs please click here!

    • Top 10 Home Office Chairs

      Whether you are sitting in an office chair while you are at work or you are sitting in an office chair when you are in your home office, you will want a different office chair for both different settings. When you are at work, typically you will be

      sitting down for a longer period of time, which means your chair must be ergonomically correct. You want to make sure you going to be able to work for long durations of time without feeling any pain or discomfort. You also want to be comfortable while getting the support you need at the same time.

      If you are looking for an office chair for your home office, you still want your chair to be ergonomically correct but you also are probably going to search for a chair that is going to be really comfortable to sit on after coming home from a long day of work or when you are surfing the web over the weekend. For all those that are looking for a good quality chair for their home office, you have come to the right spot. We will be going over the Top 10 Chairs for your home office, whether you are the stay at home mom or a working executive, we have chairs to suit everyone!

      10. Boss Mid Back Office Desk Chair with Spring Tilt

      BOSS' (B8386-KS) is beautifully upholstered with microfiber, passive ergonomic seating with built in lumbar support, hardwood arms accented with upholstered pads, hardwood caps, on 27-inch steel leg base, for greater stability, hooded double wheel casters, large 27-inch nylon base for greater stability, upright locking position, pneumatic gas lift seat height adjustment, and adjustable tilt tension control. Available in two elegant wood finishes: Medium Oak and Dark Oak. 18-Month Limited Manufacturer's Warranty. Weight Capacity: 250lbs.

      This chair is perfect to come home to after a long days work and relax in while surfing the web. And for only $106 the price can't be beat!

      9. Eurotech Ergohuman - Ergonomic Mesh Back Chair

      The future is Ergohuman- designed and made with the total comfort of human-kind in mind. Aesthetics, form and function allow this series to utilize a synchro tilt mechanism with infinite lock, sliding seat, pneumatic height adjustment, headrest option all in one very unique chair.

      This personally is one of my favorite chairs we sell on our website and comes in a nice leather material as well if you wanted to opt for that rather than the mesh material. A little more expensive in price at $579 but this chair will give you complete comfort and satisfaction, I guarantee it! This chair is really comfortable and having sat in both this chair and the Herman Miller Aeron, I can honestly say that I like the Ergohuman better and it is less expensive in price!

      8. Boss Diamond Office Task Chair

      BOSS' B9091 Diamond Office Task Chair's contoured back and seat provides support and helps relieve back strain. Comes complete with extra large seat and back cushions, pneumatic gas lift seat height adjustment, a no arms option is available. Also comes with a Six-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty. Weight Capacity: 250 lbs., Available in 4 standard fabric colors: Black, Blue, Burgundy, and Grey. Ships ready to assemble.

      This Chair is perfect for those who want a good functional chair to sit in for 4-5 hours a day that is going to give you back support at an unbelievable price! You can own this chair for just $90 which includes free shipping and no tax(unless you live in the state of California).

      7. Allseating Inertia- High-back Mesh Chair

      Allseating's Inertia (78140) is a stylish chair that is both comfortable and affordable. Part of the Inertia family of seating, Inertia Mesh High Back Executive Task Chair fits in with practically any office environment - not to mention any budget.

      Available in Executive, Conference, Task, Side and a Stool option, with a lightweight and breathable woven mesh, Inertia Mesh provides support and comfort whether you're sitting straight or leaning back.

      I've sat in this chair before and I love it! It is definitely well worth the price and it looks really stylish in any setting. You can also customize Allseating Inertia chairs to correspond to your existing color scheme you have going on at your house already. Only $289!

      6. Posture Perfect Evolution Exercise Ball Chair

      The original revolutionary, Evolution Exercise Ball Chair by Posture Perfect promotes a balanced posture - a vital role in your overall health!

      Good posture and core strength are the best insurance against back injury - the Evolution Exercise Ball Chair embodies those principles. While use of the Evolution Ball Chair began with dentists, the benefits are obvious for anyone looking for core improvement. Either by simply sitting correctly, or by taking time to do simple exercises throughout the day, the Evolution Ball Chair has helped lower pain sufferers in all offices!

      If you sit in a regular office chair all day, the Evolution Ball Chair is a great alternative to an office chair to sit on when you come home to work in your home office. And make your core stronger at the same time! Low in price at only $139!

      5. Ergocentric Saffron Petite Office Chair

      The Saffron I Dedicated Task Chair is a great chair for a petite or smaller user that needs ergonomic comfort and support. The chair is high quality, has a small curved backrest with built in lumbar support, an a comfortable padded seat available in 3 sizes. Perfect for the smaller users out there! Starts at only $229

      Included Features:

      Fully Upholstered Dual Curve Backrest
      Dual Density Molded Polyurethane Foam
      Small Seat Pan: 18.5"W x 17"D
      Back height Adjustment
      Seat Angle Adjustment
      Back Angle Adjustment & much more!

      4. Boss- Big and Tall Bariatric Executive Office Chair

      BOSS' B990 - Big and Tall executive office chair has a 2 paddle spring tilt mechanism which can be locked in any position, 5-inch thick padded seat for comfort. Great chair for bigger or taller users who need a unique chair to fit them. Weight rated up to 300 lbs. And offered at a great price as far as big and tall chairs are concerned at only $219!

      Contoured cushions to improve posture with built-in lumbar support, Pneumatic seat height adjustment with adjustable tilt tension and tilt-lock. Sturdy steel frame with padded armrests, 27-inch brushed metal five star base.

      Available in commercial grade black microfabric with silver frame, 3-inch heavy duty dual wheel casters. Six-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.

      3. Eurostyle Otto- Low back Modern Chair

      Combining value with the stylish iconic look made popular by Eames - the Otto by Eurostyle represents a return of the modern retro. People absolutely love this chair because of its modern style and it looks great virtually anywhere you put it!

      Chromed steel frame with leatheratte seat and back available in 4 modern colors: Black, White, Dark Brown, or the earthy Terracotta. Combining these with the chromed aluminum armrests and polished aluminum base, along with staple features such as a knee tilt mechanism with swivel, locking and height adjustment, make the Otto Low Back a great modern seating choice!

      For $219 you can't go wrong with this chair!

      2. Wooden Bankers Chair

      The OST-108 by Office Star is is a solid and sturdy traditional wooden banker's chair that will look great in a number of different settings. Modeled after the traditional wooden banker's chairs of the 1930s, this chair is one of the most popular chairs on site. It has a wooden seat padded with 1" vinyl covering for added comfort.

      This chair is smaller, so you'll like it in areas where you don't want a big chair or you're not really going to be sitting for longer periods of times.

      This chair will add a touch of style and class to your home and look great! Available for only $145 today!

      1. Emc2 Advantage

      The Advantage Series Ergonomic Mesh Chair provides complete ergonomics with 4 way adjustable lumbar and padded, 4 way adjustable adjustable arms, breathable Mesh; 2:1 syncro tilt knee tilt infinite locking mechanism, satin nickel base with footguards and smooth roll casters. Available in blue violet and gray, the Advantage Series is great all around home office chair.

      Comfortable enough to sit in for up to 8 hours a day at a low price of just $189! The A11 was one of most popular chairs sold in the last year and it is no wonder why!

    • Mesh Office Chairs are the Right Decision

      If you find yourself spending more and more time in your office chair, do you feel yourself growing warmer as the day moves forward? Are you wishing you hadn’t worn that sweater to the office? Well, turn around and look at the chair. If you haven’t done so already, it might be easier to stand to do this. Is it a fabric other than mesh? If so, you should seriously consider making a change. There are all types of mesh chairs now-a-days. From an executive mesh chair to mesh office chairs for the receptionist, assistant, staff, or whoever sits for long periods of time, can certainly benefit from these cooler ‘fabrics.’

      Cutting back on a piece of equipment you or your employees spend so much time with, is not forward thinking. A serious lack of focus can occur when someone is uncomfortable, and the staff member is up all the time stretching, or possibly even dealing with physical ailments directly resulting from having to sit in an uncomfortable chair. Injuries like this can occur more often than not now-a-days. If you are not placing the right amount of finances to your seating, you’re probably making a mistake.

      If you’re thinking the price of mesh office chairs are expensive then you should consider that mesh chairs don’t remind you how long your day is and they also last for many years. If you spread the cost, or amortize the cost, of the chair out over a ten or more year period, you’d see the cost actually associated with a mesh chair is not so expensive after all. Mesh office chairs, depending on factors like model, size and advanced features will influence the cost, but they can range roughly between $200-$500.

      Mesh chairs meet a variety of tastes with countless models and colors. With the assortment from leather grid, deluxe, matrix, and an array of colors, the right mesh chair can provide the utmost comfort during the long work day.

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