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    • Why Every Business Should Own Attractive Guest Furniture

      Have you ever walked into a doctor's office, already dreading the thought of having to see a doctor or the ridiculously high medical bill you will have to pay off, to sit in an uncomfortable unattractive guest chair? The wait to even get seen is lon

      g enough, let alone having to wait and sit in a firm, confining guest chair. The same scenario works in the aspect of visiting a business. When walking into any business whether for a meeting or an interview, you should feel immediately invited in and comfortable, which can be achieved with the addition of aesthetically pleasing guest furniture. Still not convinced that attractive guest furniture is good for your business? Read our list of reasons why every office should switch up their furniture from drab and dreary to fun and fabulous.


      Just as people judge others based on their appearance the same can be said for any business. Whether you work for a hotel, medical office, coffee shop, insurance company, advertising agency, or any business in general the first thing people notice when they walk into your company is your furniture. This sets the tone for their first initial impression and the overall aura of your business. As any business owner knows, the first impression a customer gets from your business is always the most important and also the hardest to disprove. Having attractive guest chairs enhances any work environment and creates a more welcoming environment that will leave a lasting impression with your clients/customers.


      Another reason to upgrade your guest furniture to having a more inviting appearance is the large variety of modern and chic options available for purchase. Chair design has come a long way since earlier times when black and navy were the norm fabric choice and additional fabric options were not readily available. Now manufacturers typically offer their guest chairs in a number of different fabric colors with varying patterns, shapes, and color hues incorporated into the design. Manufactures have also made a conscience effort to make these upgraded fabrics affordable in order to stay competitive and within most budget restraints.

      Not only are different fabric options available, but most chairs also come in differing styles. Depending on the model of the guest chair, most allow you to choose whether you would like arms and the frame color of the chair. With the ability to customize, companies are able to create a unique chair that matches their company colors or is a one-of-a-kind distinctive piece that can solely found at their place of business.

      Affordable Price Point

      Modern and contemporary furniture often comes with the expectation that it will be over-priced and out of the company's price range. While some pieces of modern furniture are indeed ridiculously expensive, there are plenty of affordable options out there as well. And because most guest chairs are not designed to be as adjustable as an ergonomic office chair, they are in turn much more affordable. Depending on the level of customization being sought, most modern guest chairs can run anywhere from $100 to upwards of $300 in price. The more customized a chair is, the more the chair will cost in price. For example, upgrades such as higher grade fabric or specialized frame finishes will increase the overall price of the chair.

      Whether you are looking for a whole new set of guest chairs for your office or just looking to update your current guest chairs, consider choosing attractive furniture for your next purchase. Not only will it enhance the overall appearance of your business but it will surely impress your visitors.

      To view SitBetter's large selection of modern and attractive guest furniture click here!


    • Modern Furniture For Your Home or Office

      Whether you are looking to furnish your home or office, furniture design is important in any capacity. Your home and business furnishings make a statement about your space and are generally the first thing people see when they first enter. Furniture shapes the way people feel when they step into your space and can create a welcoming feeling if properly decorated. It is easy to forget the importance of decorating our homes and offices and leaving a positive impression on those who come to visit us. Modern furniture is quickly becoming the go to design for living spaces all across the world, with its sophisticated look and high-class feel. There are many types of modern furniture available to completely furnish your home or office including modern office chairs, modern guest chairs, modern tables, and modern lounge furniture.


      Modern Office Chairs
      Modern office chairs are a statement piece in any environment, and can turn any space from bland to beautiful with their contemporary styling. They come in many different styles and colors, giving you the freedom to decide exactly what will fit in with your pre-existing furniture. Modern chairs are also becoming more ergonomically correct over the years with many models offer numerous adjustable features allowing the user to properly fit the chair to themselves. The classic chrome frame finish can be found on most modern chairs along with a variety of upholstery materials to choose from, with the most popular and most common being leather or vinyl. While the overall style of the chair is important, modern office chairs are designed more for the user of the chair than the guest and it is ultimately most important to focus on the comfort of the chair rather than the appearance. If you will be spending multiple hours a day sitting in your chair, whether it be at home or the office, you want to be sure that you will be able to sit comfortably in order to be productive and more importantly happy.


      Modern Guest Chairs
      Guest furniture is arguably one of the most important pieces of furniture in any home or office as this is where your visitors will be seated while waiting to be seen or while they are spending time with you. Whether you are in charge of a restaurant where your guests will spend time sitting down to eat or you run a corporation where your guests will sit while waiting to be seen, it is crucial to have both appealing and stylish chairs to leave a favorable impression on your visitors. Modern guest chairs are available in many different styles, shapes, and designs that can range from a classic look to very distinct pieces. Many are similar to modern office chairs in that they have a chrome frame, however most modern guest chairs come with a plastic seat and back. They are typically inexpensive, allowing for multiples to be purchased at a budget friendly price. Guest chairs can also be found in homes as well, offering your company a place to sit when visiting or eating.


      Modern Tables
      Tables are the centerpiece to any home or office, and can really accentuate your space when purchasing a modern design. There are many different types of modern tables available including coffee tables, side tables, conference tables, reception tables, and numerous other choices. Once you have determined exactly which type of table you are looking for, you will then want to figure out the construction you will want. Plastic construction is the easiest to clean while glass always looks elegant in any setting. Wood is also a popular choice and comes in different finishes to match exactly to your other wood furnishings. The exact table dimensions are also an important factor to consider. The size of the room and the furniture that will surround the table will play an important role in determining exactly what size you will need your table to be.


      Modern Lounge Furniture
      Lounge furniture is a necessary component in any home and can also be found in business environments as well as a place to take some time to relax while on a break. Modern lounge furniture is the perfect addition for your home or business and can even be used as a standalone piece to accentuate the overall design. Modern lounge furniture is less geometric, has more curves and elegant lines that draws attention to the piece. While style is significant, just like your office chair you want to also ensure that it is also going to be comfortable to sit in or lie on as well. After all, the main purpose of lounge furniture is to provide a place to relax, be comfortable, and escape from the common pressures of everyday life. There are many different types of upholstery materials to choose from including leather and fabric being the most popular choices, along with a variety of colors available to choose from.

      Modern furniture is truly an artistic and innovative choice that is consistently being evolved. The beauty of having a modernly designed home or office is that you have the freedom to experiment and choose pieces that may not necessarily fit right in with your other furniture, yet this is seen as completely acceptable. Your furniture choices are also a reflection of you and say a lot about your personality, or in the case of a business, can say a lot about your company's culture. We create in our surroundings what we want to express and to do so we resort to furniture and this is what modern furniture selection can provide.

      To view's wide selection of modern furniture designs please click here!

    • Guest Chairs - Which Are Suitable For Your Guests?

      You are looking to add new guest chairs for your office; sounds like an easy enough task right? That is until you actually begin your search and come to find that there are thousands of different guest chairs to choose from of all different makes and models. With the large abundance of choices, how will you determine which will work best for your guests? It is crucial to take several components into consideration when picking new guest chairs including your current office decor, the profile of an average guest, the overall atmosphere of your office, and the average time the chair will be sat in.


      The first step toward finding a new set of guest chairs for your office is to take a step back and look at the current decor of your office. If you are planning on remodeling your entire office along with getting new chairs, first determine the color palett that will be used for the remodel. To keep a clean consistent appearance in your office you will want to make sure that your guest chairs will fit in with the current or future color scheme of your office. Search for guest chairs that have several different fabric choices available and ask the seller of the product for a fabric card for all of the available fabric options for you to take back with you to your office to see which would fit best. If purchasing over the internet it can be difficult to tell the true colors of fabrics which is when a fabric card comes into use; most internet retailers will offer free fabric samples for your convenience. If your office has a more modern style, consider picking guest chairs that will stand out amongst your other furniture, a modern styled guest chair with a chrome frame always seems to provide a "wow" factor. You can also coordinate with your company colors, if applicable.


      After considering your office decor, the next step is to assess the profile of the average person that will be sitting in your guest chairs. If you are a doctor's office that caters to children you will want to make sure you have guest chairs that are small enough for a child combined with enough standard sized chairs to accommodate their parents as well. If you work at a hospital or environment where your guest chairs will be sat in continuously for multiple hours a day it would be worth your investment to find a heavy-duty guest chair that has a higher weight capacity for larger patients or customers. No matter what application your chairs are going to be used in it is important that they are built to last and will not break when a client or customer is sitting in it. It is best to avoid big box retailers that sell cheap guest chairs with flimsy construction and instead direct your search efforts to the internet where you can get an unbiased assessment of a guest chair complete with the product specifications and weight limit.


      Perhaps the most important thing to be mindful of when picking out a new set of guest chairs is the atmosphere of your office. If your office is professional and most of your current furniture has a traditional styling to it, it would be recommended to stick with this theme and not stray too far from it. Wooden guest chairs, such as captains chairs, are always a classic piece of traditional furniture that looks great in any traditionally styled office. If your work fosters a creative environment, an advertising agency would be a perfect example, search for unique modern furniture that will add a fun vibe to your office. There are many unique modern guest chairs that can be found online that come in a variety of colors and even different shapes that do not conform to the traditional guest chair mold. If your office is a typical business, you will have the freedom to choose between different upholsteries, styles, and frames depending on the aforementioned factors.


      As previously touched upon, you will need to evaluate how long on average your visitors will be seated while waiting to be seen. If your guests will need to sit awhile to be seen, you will want to ensure you make their wait as comfortable and pleasant as possible. In this case you will want to avoid guest chairs upholstered in firm materials such as vinyl that may cause a firm sit or leather which can be uncomfortable to sit in if your office is located in a hot climate. Vinyl and leather, however, are beneficial in environments where an easy to clean chair is needed such as around kids who are prone to causing spills and stains. Fabric and mesh materials are always a safe bet to ensure comfort and quality when extended sitting times are to be expected.

      For all your guest chair needs, please visit to view our large selection of office guest chairs. For help finding the perfect guest chair for your office give us a call at 1-866-311-9421 where one of our dedicated chair experts can help you find your ideal chair.

    • Benefits of Owning Modern Office Chairs

      Office seating is the most important piece of furniture in any business. This is where our guests sit while waiting to be seen, where our employees sit while working throughout the day, where our clients sit for a crucial meeting, and where we sit for hours on end. For most of us, our office is our second home and the place where we spend the majority of our day. Just as people go to great lengths to make their houses presentable with visually pleasing furniture, the office should not be any different and perhaps even more important as you most likely receive more guests to your business than your home. A quick and easy remedy to ensure your office is just as presentable as your house is to purchase modern office chairs, making your office a contemporary and memorable place to visit.

      While making the switch to modern furniture may seem questionable for your business, consider that with time comes change and modern furniture is paving the way for the future of interior design in businesses all across the world. Not only is modern furniture trendy it is also sleek, clean, and simple, a far stretch from old traditional office furniture. Traditional furniture also tends to make offices look older, less inviting, and dull whereas modern furniture can make an office seem more fun, lively, and welcoming.

      Modern chair design has evolved to consume less space, making your office appear much simpler while allowing for more free space. Quality chair construction is a primary concern for purchasers but should not be a worry when considering modern furniture. The materials used to manufacture modern office chairs are durable consisting of mostly steel, glass, and wood components and have a lightweight design compared to traditional office chairs. Along with superior construction you are also given the freedom of creativity with most modern office chairs having the ability to mix and match colors/fabrics and choose from an eclectic mix of chair designs.

      Most purchasing managers want consistency in their office furniture which is actually a benefit to choosing modern furniture. With traditional furniture, this can sometimes become a problem when you purchase a mahogany wood desk yet can not seem to find a mahogany wood chair to match the exact hue. With modern office chairs, most manufacturers take uniformity into consideration and produce matching sets of furniture to meet all seating needs. Modern conference chairs, guest/reception chairs, and office task chairs are all built with the same chair design only difference being the chair's base and functionality depending on which seating application the chair will be used in. This takes a lot of time and pressure off the individual in charge of purchasing as they can essentially outfit their whole office with matching chairs suitable for all seating applications.

      When bringing in clients, interviewing prospective employees, entertaining customers, and  housing your own employees it is of the utmost importance to project a positive impression of your business. Creative office decor can not only leave a favorable but lasting impression on all who enter your workspace and can even be encouraging and uplifting for your current employees that spend much of their time in the office. For clients and customers that have the option to choose between different competitors, having a sleek and clean workplace may be the one extra competitive advantage that wins over their business.

      If you are ready to take transform your office into a more stylish and welcoming environment, start by taking a look at our line of modern office chairs. Click here to find a huge selection of modern task chairs, conference chairs, guest chairs, and reception chairs.

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