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    Tag Archives: Neck Pain

    • Benefits of Neck Support Pillows

      Neck pain is becoming a more prominent medical problem with recent studies claiming that up to two-thirds of the population will experience it at some point in their lives. The causes for neck pain vary, with the most common being attributed to muscular tightness in both the neck and upper back. The good news? In most cases, neck pain can be alleviated without surgery and can be treated conservatively. If you experience minimal neck pain, it may be recommended to apply heat or coldness to the affected areas. For more serious conditions, other treatments may include medication, ergonomic reform, spinal adjustments, physical therapy, or it may even be as simple as purchasing a high quality ergonomic office chair.

      Specialty high back ergonomic office chairs have often proven to significantly help reduce the level of pain felt in the upper back and neck with their body forming design. Some even come with unique features not often found in other chair designs such as a removable neck roll, a built-in headrest, an adjustable headrest, or neck cushions. If a new ergonomic office chair does not fit into your budget, consider another cost-effective method utilized by millions across the world, a neck support pillow.


      Neck support pillows are an inexpensive, unique way to cradle the neck and provide support when sitting or lying down. They restore the natural curve of the neck which can be affected by routine activities such as sleeping in an odd position, typing on a keyboard, staring at a computer screen, or not sitting with proper posture. They also provide the support needed to keep the spine in line. Neck support pillows are most commonly used when lying down at night, allowing the user to get a better night's rest and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. They are also often used in conjunction with an office chair, to provide the support necessary for sitting multiple hours a day. Another common place you will find people using a neck support pillow is when traveling, a great idea for those that will be spending hours on a plane and would like something comfortable to lean back on. They are also used to help treat people with sleep apnea, insomnia, and migraines.


      One of the main benefits of owning a neck support pillow is their light-weight design. They are essentially weightless, making it convenient and easy for just about anyone to transport them wherever they are needed such as when going on a trip, going to work, or taking a trip in a car. They can be folded up and stored away in luggage when traveling, maintaining their same shape once you arrive at your destination.

      Neck pillows come in a variety of different materials and some even have additional advantages.

      • Inflatable Neck Pillows - Inflatable pillows allow the user to determine the amount of air and stiffness needed to support their neck. They are also the best for traveling as they can fit in tiny spaces when deflated and not needed.
      • Neck Roll Pillows - Neck roll pillows can be easily positioned to fit the curve of your neck when seated or when lying down. They can also be used as a lower back support if you experience lumbar pain as well.
      • Travel Pillows - Travel pillows help keep the neck supported during travel by plane, train, or car. They prevent your head from rolling to an unnatural position and keep your head upright.
      • Sherpa Pillows - Sherpa pillows are machine washable, allowing you to keep your pillow clean and fresh, beneficial for those who travel. They are soft to touch and allow for air to flow to cool a bare neck.


      Whether you experience neck pain while sitting, working, sleeping, or perhaps all three, a neck support pillow will help alleviate your pain at a low-cost!

      To view SitBetter's selection of inexpensive neck support pillows, please click here!

    • BackSac Molded Back Support Review

      The Back Sac molded back support system is the first of its kind, with an original design unlike any o

      ther lumbar support product on the market. A highly affordable back pain solution that is adaptable for both home or office usage.

      The Back Sac is designed to fill the gap between your low back and a chair, or surface you are sitting on. It also fills the curve in your neck while lying down or reclining. The design is absolutely unique compared to other back support cushions. Most support cushions are made to fill the spinal curves by molding to the average person's neck or low back curve. The Back Sac is one of the first products to acknowledge that your spinal curves are probably not average.

      The Back Sac uses an air bladder that intentionally contains a larger potential volume than the area it needs to support. A small amount of air, relative to the potential volume is blown into the air bladder. The air can then travel into whatever space needs to be filled or supported.

      What we thought:

      Easy to use and effective. When I received my Back Sac in the mail I was anxious to test it out as I am with most back support products because I suffer from upper back pain from sitting for multiple hours on a daily basis. I have come to find that a lot of back support products do not provide me with the amount of support I need, or they simply do not fit in the curvature of my neck. After using the Back Sac for just one day I could already feel the difference it made on my body and I was already experiencing minimal upper back pain. I now have to have my Back Sac with me whenever I am sitting down and working because if I do not have it the same pain returns. I'm happy to report it has been two weeks since I first started using the Back Sac at work and I have not experienced any back pain since.

      The Bad:

      Usually for most of my reviews I can find a way to conjure up a few negative qualities of the product, however with the Back Sac I can only think of one minor setback that keeps me from saying its design is flawless. The only problem I can find with the Back Sac is that it does not allow for much movement; if you get up to move around, lean forward to type, or take a quick break to stretch you will need to reposition it again.

      The Good:

      The Back Sac is very affordable and conveniently priced at $19.95 to fit into everyone's budget. The Back Sac is also very reasonably priced compared to other back support products sold elsewhere which can cost up to $100 for full back support. Not only is the price point favorable, but the amount of back support you will receive is unbeatable. Its unique design will have your back feeling healthier and happier from the moment you begin using the Back Sac support. At its ultra light weight of less than a pound, the Back Sac is also easily transportable and can be taken wherever it is needed including for use at work, home, or while traveling. It can also be easily deflated(the Back Sac only takes 3 breaths to inflate!) making it even more compact than it already is.


      5/5 Chairs

      Overall, the Back Sac is a great investment, with the number of ways and the different capacities this support can be used in; it would be beneficial for anyone to own one or even multiples! The Back Sac is also great for people of any age from kids using it as a pillow for reading, to teens using it as a support while lying on the couch, to young adults using it as an exercise ball, and of course for adults as a back support for their office chair.

      To purchase your own Back Sac molded back support click here!

    • Neck Pain - It Could be the Result of Your Office Chair

      Experiencing neck pain is unpleasant, to say the least, to have to endure especially if experiencing it for long periods of time throughout the day. Your neck is one of the most sensitive areas of the body, responsible for holding up the bottom of y

      our skull and providing the brain with nutrients. Spending countless hours in front of a computer everyday is going to change your body and unfortunately there is not much you can do to avoid sitting for extended periods of time especially if it is part of your job description. Your front neck muscles are slowly growing shorter and tighter, while the muscles in the back of your neck are growing longer and weaker. Not to mention it must not be an easy task to hold up a ten pound head for hours at a time. From prior experience, I know what it feels like to have pain in your neck all throughout the day and how much harder it makes it to work under that kind of condition. But what I did not realize is that your office chair can actually be the reason why people experience neck pain.

      The spine requires essential movement throughout the day, unfortunately for most workers that are confined to sitting in an office chair all day this seems to be nearly impossible. This is even more the case when workers are using standard office chairs and office furniture which leaves the body confined during the day, and puts high pressure loadings on the spine. Chairs that have stiff backs meaning that they do not have back and height adjustments, restrict the body and do not conform to your body which can lead to back pain as well.

      It is estimated that each year, 11 million days of absence from work occur due to neck pain. This medical condition costs industries upwards of $5 billion per year. 800,000 hospital in-patients and 12 million consultations are needed for neck pain every year. In most of the cases, the main culprit was extensive sitting in a poorly designed chair. Research in cellular biology has shown that the cartilage cells of our intervertebral discs undergo intense pressure and are therefore unable to receive nourishment from normal blood supply due to immobility. The discs will gradually lose and may lead to acute neck pain, if this much needed movement ceases to happen. In worst cases scenarios, this turned out to be fatal or even caused temporary mobility.

      In a study published in the European Spine Journal and conducted by Dr. Julia Hush of the Back Pain Research Group at the University of Sydney, found that 15 to 44% of people suffer pain in any one year, but recent studies suggest that office-workers are at higher risk of neck pain than others. Another interesting finding was that female workers were 3 times more likely to develop neck pain than their male counterparts. Also people who suffered high levels of personal psychological stress were over one and a half more times likely to suffer neck pain than others.

      While the most extreme cases of neck pain may have to be seen by a chiropractor in order to help alleviate the pain, their is one solution that is much simpler and easier to do when you start experiencing neck pain so it does not get any worse. That solution is to purchase a new ergonomic office chair. An ergonomic office chair is a tool that, when used properly, can help one maximize back support and maintain good posture while sitting. However simply owning the ergonomic chair is not enough, it also needs to be adjusted to the proportions of the individual's body to improve comfort and reduce aggravation to the low back and neck while sitting. An ergonomic chair that has a headrest can also greatly improve your neck comfort. With proper posture and a better ergonomic chair that will be able to adjust to the user's body, your neck will certainly have reduced pain and work will be less painful all together.

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