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    • How to Disassemble an Office Chair

      Two questions we consistently receive related to online chair buying is how to replace a cylinder if it fails or how to disassemble a chair for return if a customer finds it does not suit them. Both require the same steps and processes to remove the cylinder, and with the proper tools, it doesn’t have to be a hassle. In fact, it can be completed in less than half an hour.  The following are detailed instructions on removing a cylinder. (We do not include full instructions on disassembling a chair as removing the back and arms varies per chair and is easier than removing a cylinder. This is the most difficult part.)


      Tools Needed

      Step 1:  Gathering the Necessary Tools

      Vise Grips or Pipe Wrench


      Rubber Mallet or Hammer


      Step 2:  Removing the Base

      Extend the chair to its maximum height, remove the arms and the back, then flip the chair upside down. Using a rubber mallet, hammer around the rim the cylinder that is protruding from the middle of the base.

      Take care not to hammer the middle of the cylinder or the tab. Hammer all sides various times; it is best if someone can hold up the chair by the legs of the base off the ground.  It should take around 5-10 hammer shots and the chair should fall from the base, leaving the cylinder attached to the control under the chair. Then, remove the wheels from the base. These can simply be pulled off.

      Step 3:  Removing the Cylinder

      Apply the lubricant to where the cylinder meets the control mechanism (image of cylinder).  Let it rest for 10-15 minutes.

      Using vise grips or pipe wrench (the latter pictured to the right), grip the cylinder as close as possible to the control mechanism. Then, either using your body weight or with assistance of someone, put weight on the seat to prevent it from moving. Then, push forward on the pipe wrench or vise grips.  Use force, but after 5-15 seconds of pushing, it should twist. Once you feel the twist, the cylinder should easily come off.

      Total time shouldn’t take more than 10-20 minutes, provided the appropriate tools are available.

      Replacing a Cylinder:

      After removing the original cylinder, replace with a new cylinder and assemble the rest of the chair as you put it together in the first place. It is straightforward and simple.

      Disassembling a Chair For Return:

      Package the chair as you received it.  Depending on where you purchased the office chair you may not need the original box however the vast majority of online chair retailers do stress that you have the original box and return it within 30 days. A select few have generous 90 day return policies but likewise require the original box. Include all the protective wrapping – if that is not available, stuff the box with bubble wrap to protect the chair.  Retailers will hold the manufacturer liable for return shipping damage.

      While the tasks of removing the cylinder may seem daunting, using the proper tools and exercising patience will ensure that you are able to capably and efficiently get past the most difficult step in disassembling a chair.

      For more helpful information and advice on office chairs please visit!



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