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Big and tall chairs at SitBetter

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    • Top Ten Desk Chairs for Petite People

      Are you shorter or more petite than most individuals? Have a difficult time finding a chair? Here at SitBetter, we talk to customers everyday who are frustrated because most office chairs are just not designed to fit their body type. Because they are sitting in a chair that is too big for their frame, they inevitably end up experiencing back pain from sitting too far forward on their chair's seat which then eliminates support on their back. Lucky for petite individuals, Sitbetter has a whole selection of petite office chairs, however with such a wide selection it can be hard to determine which will work best for their needs. Luckily, we have broken down our top ten list to help petite individuals select the right chair for them.

      1. ErgoCentric GeoCentric

      GeoCentric Petite Mid Back Chair

      The Geocentric Dedicated Task Chair is a great chair for petite users with its ability to customize the chair to precisely fit users of varying shapes and sizes. This chair also comes with a curved backrest with built in lumbar support, good for those that have lower back pain. It also comes with a comfortable padded seat available in three different sizes. Other features of this chair include back height adjustment, back angle adjustment. seat height adjustment, and seat angle adjustment. Available upgrades include a memory foam seat, adjustable headrest, air lumbar support, and a seat slider among others. Multiple arm options are also available.

      2. ErgoCentric Saffron

      ErgoCentric Saffron

      The Saffron I Dedicated Task Chair is similar to the GeoCentric mentioned above, both are made by the same manufacturer, ErgoCentric. The Saffron includes the same features as the GeoCentric including the available upgrades and standard features that already come with the chair. The main difference between the two chairs is the backrest, the Saffron's backrest is flat and does not provide as much lower back support. However, for those smaller individuals that do not suffer from back pain and do not need a specialized backrest, this is a more economical choice. The smaller back size is also ideal for shorter individuals 5' and under. Three seat sizes are available, including an extra small seat (generally good for people under 4'11"), a small seat (generally good for people 5'-5'4"), or a standard seat size (good for those over 5'4" tall).

      3. ErgoCentric Mycentric

      ErgoCentric MyCentric Dedicated Task ChairThe myCentric is a specialty petite task chair that features an ergonomically contoured backrest that has two pronounced side contours to envelope the user's back. This is particularly beneficial for those that suffer from lower back pain, as this chair was designed specifically for those that suffer from lower back problems while seated and working. The MyCentric features the same options and adjustments as the two aforementioned chairs, the GeoCentric and the Saffron. It has three different seat sizes and different cylinder sizes available as well. The multiple arm options available also allow the user to determine exactly how they need their armrests to perform, including lateral tube armrests which allow for the arm pads to telescope up to 3" inwards for those that experience back pain because their armrests are too far from their body when seated.

      Highmark Emme Petite Task Chair4. Highmark Emme

      The Emme Petite is part of Highmark's most popular line of task chairs, known most for their comfort and durability. The petite version is designed for smaller users with its small seat size and medium height backrest. The small seat measures 19" wide by 17"D with a cylinder that allows for the seat height to be adjusted from 15.75"-20.75" high. The swivel tilt mechanism that comes included with the chair includes seat height adjustment, seat and back tilt adjustment, and tension control. Upgraded mechanisms are available if more adjustments are desired. Additional options for this chair include armrests, a polished aluminum base, and soft wheel casters or glides. The foam on the Emme seat and back also differentiate this model between other similar chairs with its superior comfort. The fabric and foam mesh back also stand out amongst other chairs with its modernized styling.

      5. Humanscale Diffrient World Chair

      Humanscale Diffrient World ChairThe Diffrient World chair represents ultimate simplicity in a high perfomance task chair designed to fit 95% of the population. This chair has just two manual settings, one for the seat height and one for the seat depth. All other fittings and adjustments are automatic. With its weight-sensitive recline, the Diffrient World chair automatically supports every user at every recline position. It's form-sensing mesh provides tailor-made lumbar support without external devices or manual controls. Truly one of a kind, the Diffrient world chair is good for petite users but also fits other users as well; if you are petite and will be sharing your chair with someone taller and want something that will fit both of you, this is your chair! Smaller cylinder height is also available on this chair.

      6. Office Master Patriot

      Office Master PatriotThe Patriot is a full function, superior task chair designed specifically with medium to smaller individuals in mind. It features multiple adjustments allowing you to adjust the chair to properly meet your needs including adjustable seat height, a seat slider, back height adjustment, back angle adjustment, and seat tilt adjustment. The seat is smaller in size measuring 19" wide by 17.5"-19.5" deep(which can easily be adjusted with the use of the seat slider if a taller individual needs to use the chair) by 16.5"-21.5" high. The Patriot, like the Diffrient World chair above is a good option for those that may be sharing the chair with a roommate, friend, husband, wife, coworker, etc. that may be taller in height but will be wanting to use the same chair as they can adjust the seat depth to make the chair comfortable for their height. Multiple caster and arm options available.

      7. Office Master PT

      Office Master PTThe Office Master PT chair fits small to medium stature users with its taller back rest and features that allow the user to adjust the chair to meet their needs, whether shorter or regular height. This chair features all the adjustments you could need in an office chair including a multi-function control which includes pneumatic seat height adjustment, a tilting backrest, an easy to adjust back height adjustment system, rocking tilt, a seat slider, forward seat tilt, a tension knob, and adjustable lumbar support. This chair can also accommodate users up to 300 pounds with its sturdy structure. Multiple arm and caster options are available as an upgrade. Seat dimensions for this chair are 19" wide by 16.5"-19.5" deep by 17"-22" high. The high back is also good for those that suffer from upper back pain or shoulder pain.

      8. Office Master PC

      Office Master PC53The Office Master PC Series is designed with added adjustability with plenty of features to keep yourself or your employees sitting comfortably throughout the work day. This model is designed for both petite and medium users with its seat size of 19" wide by 17"-19.5" deep by 16"-21" high and its small backrest that is 15.5" high. It's many features include rocking tilt, an infinite forward tilt, seat slider, pneumatic seat height adjustment, back height adjustment, tilting seat, tilt tension knob, and forward tilting, this chair can be easily adjusted to meet just about any person's needs, or it is also suitable to be used by multiple individuals. Also available in different back heights including a mid and high back. To view this chair please click here.

      9. Humanscale Freedom

      The Freedom Task Chair by Humanscale is one of the first chairs that revolutionized the modern ergonomic thought Humanscale Freedomprocess for tasking. Its weight-sensitive recline set new standards for task chair performance and functionality to keep the sitter exceptionally comfortable while also lowering the risk of long-term injury. Comfortably made to fit 95% of the population, from a 5'0" woman to a 6'4" tall man weighing between 100-300 lbs. The contoured cushions are sculpted to closely follow body contours, which increases contact and decreases concentrated loads. The seat and backrest may be independently positioned to fit your exact body size. A shorter cylinder size is available for shorter individuals. Although this chair is a bit more of an investment, the 10 year warranty is further proof that this task chair is designed to last for years to come without defect or breaking.

      10. Allseating Presto
      Allseating Presto Petite

      The Allseating model 522 is a simple, small, stylish, and sleek petite task chair. If looking for a budget friendly petite chair that can be used for sitting in a few hours a day this is the chair for you. Depending on the control mechanism you select it features basic adjustments such as seat height adjustment, tilt control, tilt tension, and tilt lock, this chair can provide moderate adjustments when needed. It also features several arm options dependent on your needs. The petite seat is offered in one size which is 17" wide by 15.5" deep by 15.5"-18.5" high.

    • FAQs About Ergonomic Chairs

      Wikipedia defines ergonomics as the science of designing the job, equipment, and workplace to fit the worker. With that being said, proper ergonomic design is necessary to prevent repetitive strain injuries, which can develop over time and can lead to long-term disability. Ergonomic chairs are designed to complement the body's natural movements while reducing the detrimental effects of repetitive motions. Ergonomic chairs are built with the idea in mind that the chair should adjust to the user, not the user should adjust to their chair. While some of us have a plethora of knowledge in the study of ergonomics, most are not well versed in the subject. Many of our customers have questions regarding ergonomic office chairs, their many adjustments, and ultimately what is going to be the best choice for them. We have compiled some of our most frequently asked questions from our customers regarding the subject of ergonomic chairs to share with you our expert knowledge on the subject and hopefully aid you in your quest for the perfect ergonomic chair for you.

      1. What are the benefits of ergonomic Chairs? While sitting in a chair may seem to be a stress-free activity, it is actually quite the opposite. Sitting, especially for extended periods of time, places a lot of strain on the lumbar section of your back. This combined with not sitting in your chair properly can lead to major health issues including severe back pain which can lead to missed days of work or even worse health problems down the road. Ergonomic office chairs, when properly adjusted to tailor to your body, create a supportive seating environment. Along with proper positioning of your desk, computer, and other work related necessities, your ergonomic chair will prevent you from feeling tired throughout the day and less aches and pains in the long run. A high back ergonomic chair with extra lumbar support and a headrest will aid in providing full body support and reduce shoulder and neck pain.
      2. Big

        How do I select the right chair? The number one question we receive from customers is how to select the chair that is going to be right for them, and with good reason. Most ergonomic chairs will typically be more expensive in price as opposed to your typical office chair and customers want to make sure they are going to get what they pay for. It is essential to find an ergonomic chair that is fully adjustable. You should be able to modify both the seat height and seat depth. You also will want to be able to move the backrest up and down to suit your heigh and back or forward to meet your measurements. If you are a taller or heavier individual do some investigating for a big and tall chair which are designed specifically for such individuals. If you are shorter than 5'3" look for a petite office chair that will allow you to have a smaller seat size, a seat slider, and possibly even a shorter cylinder to ensure your comfort. Not all ergonomic chairs are created equal and will not work for every individuals height and size which is why it is important to explore multiple options to figure out what will work best for you.

      3. What workplace factors should I consider? Your chair will only be considered ergonomic if it is the right fit for you. Not every chair that has ergonomic in its title or description will suit everyone or every type of work. If you work in a laboratory with high tables, your needs will differ from someone who uses a computer all day. In this particular situation you would opt for an ergonomic stool or a chair that has an extended height drafting kit. If your work environment requires you to have stable seating and glides rather than casters on your chair, your needs will also be different from a fast paced environment where rolling around on casters would be much more efficient. Consider the motion required for your job and find a chair that allows you to extend your limbs to approximately one- half their full range. Another important factor to take into consideration is your desk height or if you have an ergonomic keyboard tray installed under your desk. If your desk is low to the ground or you have a keyboard tray installed beneath your desk, you may need an armless ergonomic chair to ensure that both you and your chair will fit comfortably underneath the desk.
      4. What if I do not know which adjustments I need? The more adjustable the chair is to your body the better, but with more adjustments their also comes an increase in price. Try to determine which adjustments are most important to you; do you want less pressure on your thighs when you lean back? In that case, opt for a knee tilt mechanism rather than spring tilt. If you experience a lot of lower back pain, try to look for a chair that has an inflatable lumbar support or built in lumbar support. Are you of taller or shorter stature? Add on a seat slider to ensure that your thighs are properly rested on your your seat and not hanging off. If you are like me and experience neck pain when sitting for extended periods of time, search for a chair that is high back and also comes with a headrest to help relieve your pain.

      If you are looking for an ergonomic chair and need advice on which ergonomic chair would work best for you, feel free to call or e-mail Sitbetter and a chair expert will be more than happy to give a free ergonomic consultation to determine which chair will best suit your needs.

    • Ergonomic Chairs For the Smaller Stature - Petite Office Chairs

      Ergonomic seating is becoming more prominent than ever before and more people are searching around forchairs that are going to contour to their body type. It is essential to find a chair that is going to fit you properly in order to sit ergonomically correct. Sitting in a chair which is too large for you can cause posture problems, pain, or discomfort, so choosing a chair with the right dimensions is important whether you are of average build or bigger and taller than the average.

      Most ergonomic chairs are built to adjust to a typical body height and weight, but what about those of us that are smaller than the average user? Some indications that a chair is too tall are that it prevents the user’s feet from resting flat on the ground, arms of the chair are too high, has a lumbar support or headrest that does not sit in the right position, or the seat is too deep. I myself, am 5’2” and always have a difficult time finding things that will fit me properly whether it be jeans or even office chairs. I’ve come to find the solution to this problem is simple- a petite office chair.

      A petite chair is an ergonomic chair that is specifically designed to meet the needs of people under 5’4” and weighing less than 300 pounds. Petite chairs come fully equipped with a seat depth up to 18”, a smaller back size, and have a good amount of ergonomic adjustments to ensure proper comfort, no matter your stature. Petite users will be able to sit ergonomically correct and have adjustments tailored to smaller users with an adequate seat depth.

      Unfortunately for those of us with smaller stature most petite office chairs are not readily available at a typical office furniture store or computer supply store. Most need to be specially ordered, and can easily be done so by ordering online through an office chair retailer.

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