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    • Different Is Good - Why Some of the Weirdest Shaped Chairs Are the Best

      When a person enters your place of business, one thing they likely notice is how you are sitting. If you are slumped over, you may give the impression of being tired or unapproachable. This can be offsetting to customers and fellow co-workers, and

      even worse, it can put a strain on your back that can cause you significant amounts of pain over the long-haul. Now, people are turning to modern chairs for the office to help sit in a more welcoming way while also delivering some much-needed relief to their spine and hips.

      Here are a few examples of odd-looking seating solutions that work to help people feel better when they sit.

      Adjustable Bar Stools

      For some businesses that have designated eating areas or those that serve food, bar stools provide a unique way to ease the strain during breakfast meetings or lunch hour. When a person is eating, they extend their arms and wrists in a way that can put pressure on the wrist and elbows. By adding adjustable bar stools, people are able to adjust their seating to be more ergonomically friendly and encourage them to sit better while they are eating. This also allows people to move more freely while they are eating, which is an important part of helping to reduce strain on the spine from sitting in the same posture for extended periods of time.

      Kneeling Down

      This can be one of the most interesting sights in a place of business, but kneeling-down seating options have some of the best effects when used for small periods of time. The simple and highly ergonomically friendly designed kneeling chair is perfect for people who want to change the way they sit. It works by opening up the thigh from the upper part of the body. This in turn helps the back hold onto its natural curvature reducing the temptation to slouch or hunch over. It also helps the person kneeling to sit more actively, which can boost the flow of energy.

      Sit in a Saddle

      Saddle type seating is similar to the kneeling solution. When you sit on this odd-looking saddle stool, your legs are encouraged to open just slightly and your thighs are naturally lowered. This helps your back by putting the spine in a curvature that will eliminate pain-causing pressure and allow you to maintain good posture. The height is adjustable, so it is easy to find the best fit for any body type. The saddle stool is perfect for people who move around frequently from room to room, such as in a doctor or dentist office.

      Executive Seating

      While high-backed leather chairs are not uncommon in a corporate building, ones that are designed ergonomically can turn heads at their unique but sleek shape. For people who suffer from chronic back pain, having a chair that can support the various parts of the back and the natural lumbar curve in the spine can be hugely beneficial—so much so that some insurance companies have actually paid for these types of seating solutions as medically certified necessities. The Verte, for example, works by supporting 11 different spots along the spine with its unique back adjusters that allow individuals to get the specific support they need. The arms and height are also adjustable, making this a fully customizable solution for anyone with chronic pain.

      If you are looking for a way to feel better at work, it may be a good idea to try one of these oddly shaped chairs. They not only work as a conversation starter, but they can also help promote better posture. Over time, they will deliver health benefits that will help reduce your pain and make you feel more energized.

      For more information on ergonomic chairs and to view SitBetter's extensive collection of ergonomic chairs, please click here!

    • Office Star Saddle Stool Review

      The Office Star Saddle Stool features a unique way of sitting unlike most traditional office chairs, with its distinct saddle seat that aids in improving muscle strength, back pain relief, improving posture, and musculoskeletal disorder prevention. This saddle stool in particular is a highly affordable back pain solution that is adaptable for both home or office usage.

      Many seek out to purchase a saddle stool to relieve their back pain that can often occur from sitting in a regular office chair for extended periods of time. Not only are saddle chairs helpful in relieving back pain they can also alleviate neck and shoulder pain along with related headaches. The larger angle between the hips and knees at 135° is a much more natural position to be in than the 90° angle, typically associated with sitting on a traditional chair. As a consequence, posture is improved and tension in the upper back and neck is reduced. The backless feature on saddle stools also eliminates pressure that is typically felt on users backs from leaning on a back rest, causing discomfort while sitting.

      This saddle stool features seat angle adjustment that can adjust the front and the back of the seat, pneumatic seat height adjustment, a thick padded vinyl seat, and tilt tension control (controls the rate and ease with which the chair reclines for different weights and strengths of users.

      What we thought:

      Quick synopsis - affordable and comfortable to sit in for short periods of time. As with anything that is different and not what you are accustomed to, the saddle chair does take a bit of getting used to. I sat on the chair for 2 consecutive weeks, working my way up in time intervals until I was able to comfortably sit for up to 5-6 hours at a time. This is both recommended and encouraged for users who have not sat on a saddle chair before. I found that the stool relieved a lot of tension and stress that had been accumulating in my back as well as some headaches I had been experiencing. I also noticed that my posture had greatly improved and that this came naturally with no effort or thought required. The saddle stool naturally places you in the correct seated position, forcing you to sit upright and with your spine in perfect alignment. It was also very easy to use with the limited number of adjustments needed to properly adjust the chair and also was a good fit for my frame. Another benefit of this stool is that it is designed to fit individuals of varying heights and weights with its wide range of height adjustment and appropriately sized seat.

      The Bad:

      After sitting on the saddle stool for more than 2 hours at a time without getting up to take a break, I found myself fidgeting and trying to find ways to get comfortable. That being said, it is important to always take breaks every hour no matter what chair you are sitting in for various health reasons. The stool also took awhile for me to get used to sitting on; the saddle position can at first be awkward and takes awhile for your body to adjust to the concept of sitting in this position, especially if you are accustomed to sitting in a traditional office chair. I also found the vinyl seat to be a bit thin, perhaps if the seat foam was a little bit thicker it would be easier to sit on for extended periods of time.

      The Good:

      This saddle chair is a great value for what you get, especially compared to similar items on the market that can sometimes cost two hundred dollars more in price. It is sturdily constructed and comes in a sleek black vinyl with a black plastic frame that will blend in to just about any office environment. It is almost certain that you will experience some level of back pain relief from sitting on the stool, with its backless design it does not put any pressure on the back that can often occur when leaning back in traditional office chairs. You will also find yourself sitting with improved posture that often carries on to overall better posture in your everyday life. If anything, it is a great complement to any office chair. If your back needs an hour or two of relief, you can quickly and easily switch between your traditional office chair and your saddle stool.


      4/5 Chairs

      Overall, the Office Star Saddle Stool is a great investment for those looking for an alternative seating solution or for those who have never had a saddle stool before. Between its health benefits it provides, ease of use, and affordable price point, this saddle stool is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to find a quick way to relieve back pain at an inexpensive price.

      To purchase your own Saddle Stool click here!

    • How to Find the Right Ergonomic Stool

      Finding the right ergonomic stool for your work environment may seem like an arduous and overwhelming task, especially if you do not know where to begin looking or even worse do not know what to look for. Unfortunately there is not one universal ergonomic stool that will work for everyone as each individual has their own unique work set up and each requires its own specialized seating solution. The first step towards finding the right ergonomic stool for your work station is to recognize need for one, whether you work at a higher work station and standard office chairs do not meet your height requirements, or you are simply looking for an alternative seating solution to relieve back pain. Anyone who works at a desk station should feel comfortable while they are sitting in order to stay focused and stay productive; when your chair starts making you feel uncomfortable, it is crucial to find an ergonomic solution that will ease your pain and more importantly keep you comfortable while working. Ergonomic stools are a good place to start looking, but first it is important to understand the different types of ergonomic stools available to determine which will work best for your work environment.


      Sit Stand Stools
      Ergonomic sit stand stools offer a flexible design that provides a surface to sit down when necessary or as a surface to lean against when standing. They permit the ease of transfer from a sitting to a standing position in a quick fashion. They come with an extended seat height that is higher than most standard office chairs and can be adjusted to meet your specific height requirements. Sit stand stools come standard with seat height adjustment while more ergonomic versions come with seat angle adjustment as well to allow for people to lean against while standing. Sit stand stools are most effectively used in environments and professions that require standing most of the day such as labs, pharmacies, production lines, for architects, for artists, for painters, for bank tellers, or for anyone that sits at a counter.


      Saddle Stools
      Saddle stools are a unique stool option that are designed to help alleviate lower back pain, reduce pain in the shoulders and neck, minimize headaches, prevent muscular tension fatigue, and help correct bad posture. Sitting in a similar position as one would while sitting on an equestrian saddle enables the user to sit in a widened stance that helps improve blood circulation and corrects you from sitting with bad posture. They are typically used in conjunction with your current office chair but can also be used as your primary seating solution once you get accustomed to the stool. These ergonomic stools are best used in a fast paced environment where there is a frequent need to move and stretch. Some professions that best benefit from saddle stools include dentists, nurses, lab assistants, vets, therapists, hair dressers, technicians, and musicians.


      Drafting Stools
      Drafting stools are the perfect addition to any work environment with a raised work station where a normal office chair would not be able to be raised high enough to meet the height requirements. There are many different drafting stools available to choose from, which is why you need to know exactly what you are looking for before making any purchasing decisions. If you suffer from back pain, you will want to find an ergonomic drafting stool that offers built-in lumbar support and preferably an adjustable back rest that will allow you to properly position the support to your lower back. It is also best to have more adjustability than less, so look for a drafting stool that offers multiple adjustments such as back angle adjustment, seat angle adjustment, and back height adjustment. Also keep in mind most drafting chairs will not allow you to lean back and recline like a typical office chair would for safety concerns.


      Motion Stools
      Motion stools are both rare and scarce in design option available, however the few that are available are becoming a popular choice for many offices and homes across the world. A motion stool does exactly what its name implies, provides continual motion while sitting. It allows the user to move from side to side or front to back with little effort keeping you moving all throughout the day without falling over or leaving your seat. They are an ideal choice for exercising your legs, back, and abdominal muscles while also relieving and preventing soreness or stiffness caused by sitting in the same position for extended periods of time. With their backless design, they are also remind the user to sit up straight with correct posture. Just like a saddle stool, they can also be used alongside your current office chair when you need a break from conventional seating or can be used independently for all day sitting.

      Ergonomic stools are beneficial for anyone looking to sit healthier and with better posture while relieving back pain at the same time. With the multiple stool options available, it is important to take the time to fully understand the benefits of each to figure out which will work best for your work environment. You will also want to take into consideration where the stool will be used, for example, will it be used at a raised work station? Are you looking for a stool to replace your current office chair? Do you need a stool that will allow you to move around quickly and efficiently?

      Because these are specialty items, they often can not be found at typical office furniture retail locations and can usually only be found online. Online retailers have many different ergonomic stool choices available and if you are still apprehensive about which stool to choose, their customer service can walk you through each of the options available to help you make sure it will work for your home or work environment. Any reputable website will take the time to ensure you are going to be happy with your purchase and fully understand what you are looking for.

      If you need help finding the right ergonomic stool for your office visit our website, or give us a call at our toll free number 1-866-311-9421 where any of our knowledgeable chair experts will be able to help you.

    • The Benefits of Owning A Saddle Stool

      Saddle stools are more popular now than ever before. They can typically be found in hospitals, clinics, hairdressing and beauty salons, veterinary offices, laboratories, architect firms, and in art industries. What once was a predominant form of seating solely in the medical industry is now quickly making its way into homes and businesses worldwide.  While most used and seen in medical offices, particularly in dentistry offices used by both dental hygienists and dentists themselves, more consumers are becoming familiarized with what a saddle stool is and how it can provide them with back support. The main health benefits received by sitting on a saddle stool are improved muscle strength, back pain relief, improved posture, and musculoskeletal disorder prevention.


      A saddle chair simply put is a stool with a saddle seat, very similar in look, design, and feel as an equestrian saddle. It does not have a back rest but does come with a five-star chair base with a pneumatic gas cylinder for adjusting the correct seat height. They have a small footprint conveniently fitting under just about any desk and into just about any work area of any size. One of the main benefits received from sitting in a saddle stool is improved muscle strength which is achieved by using both your abdominal and leg muscles to sit up straight. After using a saddle chair for just a few weeks you should be able to feel improved core strength and enhanced muscle tone, all from simply sitting correctly on your stool.


      Perhaps the greatest health benefit received from sitting in a saddle stool is back pain relief that can often occur from sitting in a regular office chair for extended periods of time. Not only are saddle chairs helpful in relieving back pain they can also alleviate neck and shoulder pain along with related headaches. The larger angle between the hips and the knees at a 135°  is a much more natural position to be in than the 90° angle, typically associated with sitting on a traditional chair. As a consequence posture is improved and tension in the upper back and neck is reduced. The backless feature on saddle stools also eliminates pressure that is typically felt on users back from leaning on a back rest, causing discomfort while sitting and especially when trying to focus while working.


      Sitting on a saddle chair essentially forces you to have to sit with correct posture with the chair's design. It also prevents you from slouching and hunching, a common occurrence when sitting in a traditional office chair that is often overlooked by not being brought to your attention. You are much more likely to notice yourself slouching over in a saddle chair with your back not being supported, providing a constant reminder to sit up straight. By promoting good posture the stool is also improving blood circulation, your spine by putting it into a healthy lordotic curve, and digestion. Leg circulation is improved by your legs being in a more open position with no edge pressing behind the back of your knees as with a normal chair seat.


      Musculoskeletal disorder is a condition where a part of the musculoskeletal system is injured over time typically occurring when the body part is called on to work harder, stretch farther, and impact more directly at a greater level than it is prepared for. Most commonly this is associated with repetitive stress injuries, one of the most common workplace injuries that can be attributed to sitting in a bad chair that causes strain over a long period of time. Saddle chairs reduce work related limb disorders such as pain and aching in the wrists, arms, and shoulders associated with regional musculoskeletal disorder, cumulative trauma disorder, and repetitive stress injury. They decrease pain and fatigue associated with muscular tension that often occurs from continuously sitting or typing in an unnatural position.

      Saddle chairs take time to adjust to the new unique sitting style and it is recommended to only sit in for an hour or two a day to start while progressively increasing your sitting duration over a period of a month. They can also be used in conjunction with your current office chair or as an alternative seating solution when your back needs relief. Whether you want a saddle stool for the health benefits or because you want to try something new, you will surely not be disappointed when you make the switch.

      To view our wide selection of saddle chairs please click here!

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