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    • The Benefits of Sit Stand Stools

      Have you been finding yourself feeling like your workstation and office chair are lower than your fellow coworkers as of late? There is quite possibly a reasonable explanation for this, as a new unique form of seating has quickly emerged into more workspaces with its growing popularity. This new wave of ergonomic seating is known as sit stand seating. What once began as a trend in industrial work places with assembly or production lines where workers are required to stand for multiple hours throughout the day has now been making its way into more traditional office settings where employees are required to sit for the majority of their work day. The negative health effects associated with sitting for extended periods of time quickly brought upon the need for a healthier work station set up and along came the sit stand stool.


      A sit stand stool enables the user to relieve stress when standing for long durations of time. With its small footprint, this stool takes up a limited amount of space making it a viable option for those that have a small office space to work with or spaces where employees work within close proximity of one another. These stools are designed to allow the user to lean back against while standing when they need a break or to sit on when their legs become fatigued. They are armless and comes with stationary rubber glides to keep the chair in place when the user leans back.

      With the dramatic growth in popularity over the recent years combined with the increase in demand, there are now many different sit stand models available for purchase. The most popular type is the industrial model, a solid choice for industrial environments where assembly lines are used. Industrial sit stand stools typically feature adjustable seat height, steel frame design, seat angle adjustment, and a puncture resistant seat. Another popular version is the upholstered ergonomic sit stand stool. These are more common in the office environments with their ability to blend in with pre-existing furniture designs and office decor. They also have the ability to adjust the seat height along with the seat angle. A newer model that has been released recently is the saddle sit stand stool allowing the user to lean against the stool or sit in a widened stance to fit the saddle curved seat.


      Sit stand stools are best used at extended height work stations or sit stand desks where workers have the option to sit or stand throughout the day. By making it possible to both sit and stand while working, you are then able to gain much more movement and variation throughout the day thereby creating a healthier work environment. This additional movement relieves aching muscles and changes the focus from feeling uncomfortable in an office chair to what should be your main focus, your work! Key benefits of using these specialized stools include better health by pressure relief on the spine and pelvic area, higher energy levels, improved work comfort, higher productivity, better blood circulation, and stronger muscles.

      Whether you are looking to find an alternative solution for your uncomfortable outdated office chair or simply want to take part in the ever-growing trend of working at a sit stand work station, a sit stand stool is both a healthy and ergonomic option.

    • The Benefits of Using An Alternative Seating Chair in Your Home Office

      What do a traditional office chair, computer, keyboard, and desk all have in common? These are all long-established, staple products found in almost every home office in the United States. A desk is a key component for any home office as a surface to work on as is a computer and keyboard for getting your work completed. This being said, one would assume the same should hold true in the case of having a traditional office chair to sit on while getting your work completed. While this might have been true in the past, there are now many alternative seating options available to choose from for your home office that offer many distinct benefits that regular office chairs do not offer including affordable pricing, improved posture, and a unique sitting experience.


      It is important to discuss what constitutes an alternative seating solution before discussing the benefits these chairs have to offer. An alternative seating solution is a unique piece of office furniture unlike any traditional office chair that you are accustomed to seeing in both design and functionality. There is not one standard alternative seating solution; there are many different makes, models, and designs available for purchase with each offering similar benefits. Most alternative seating chairs are quite different from your typical office chair with most having a backless design and require you to focus on how you are sitting throughout the day. They can be used as your primary seating solution or be used in conjunction with your current office chair. Some of the most common alternative seating solutions include kneeling chairs, saddle stools, ball chairs, rocking stools, sit stand stools, and balance knee chairs.


      Alternative seating chairs are generally much more affordable in price compared to an ergonomic office chair designed for sitting up to eight hours a day, typically on average costing between $75-$200. Higher end options that include memory foam or a specialized design might run a little more than the average price, however almost any alternative seating solution will be less than $400 in price. This is considerably less compared to a typical high quality ergonomic office chair that can cost upwards of $600. If you are wary about purchasing something other than a traditional office chair to sit in, consider trying a cheaper kneeling chair to test out. This leaves little risk and a lower return cost than if you were to splurge on a more expensive knee chair or active stool, and you can always upgrade in the future.

      Perhaps the greatest benefit that will be gained by sitting on an alternative seating chair is improved posture and core strength. The primary purpose of alternative seating chairs is to force the individual to sit in an upright position and also makes it more apparent when slouching or hunching over. This is mostly attributed to their unique backless designs that deliberately teach you how to maintain proper posture while sitting for extended periods of time. A health benefit that is gained by sitting with proper posture is reduced back pain which is a prominent reason why people make the switch from their standard office chairs or why they may take a break for a few hours at a time by switching to an alternative seating chair.


      Sitting in an alternative seating chair is a unique experience that will be unlike your previous experience sitting in any other office chair. You will have the freedom to move around and stretch throughout the day which is often forgotten when sitting in an office chair, and you will see improved posture over time. Your spine is also forced into proper alignment when sitting correctly leaving you with less aches and pains that are normally experienced when sitting for extended periods of time. While these chairs do take some getting used to, especially if you have been accustomed to sitting in an office chair for years, and require you to start sitting for only a few hours a day gradually making your way up to a full 8 hours as the weeks progress.

      Home office users usually spend only a few hours a day sitting while at home, which will be a nice break for your back if you are required to sit in an office chair all day at work and then will be coming home to work even longer. Home office users also have the freedom to choose the exact furniture they want in their house rather than having to adhere to corporate specifications in their work environment. Alternative seating chairs also have a smaller footprint over a regular office chair allowing for space-saving which can be useful especially in smaller home offices. No matter what reason you have for considering making the switch from an office chair, there is little risk and much to gain from trying an alternative seating solution.

    • Office Stools - The Different Types and Uses

      A well designed office stool is one of the most critical elements of an ergonomic workstation, after all it will be the piece of furniture you use most throughout the day. Whether sitting in an office stool or office chair, prolonged sitting or standing in the same position throughout the day can cause discomfort and can even lead to unnecessary aches and pains. An ergonomically outfitted workstation coupled with an appropriate office stool to sit in and proper sitting posture can lead to increases in productivity and efficiency. With the vast amount of unique job professions and tasks out there, there are a myriad of office stool solutions designed to fit specific jobs. When deciding between all the different variations of office stools on the market, it is important to figure out what your individual office needs will be and how much time you will be spending sitting in your stool.

      Saddle stools are among the most diverse stools out there, and break away from the traditional office stool mold with its distinct seat shape. A saddle stool features a different way of sitting with its seat shaped in the form of a saddle similar to one that you would see on a horse's back. This seating option works best for dentist or medical offices where the ability to sit in one sturdy position is helpful. For example, when a dentist is cleaning a patient's teeth and wants to stay in one place without having to slide around to get comfortable, a saddle stool would definitely be of use. With seat height adjustment and seat angle adjustment, saddle stools are also an ergonomic option as they have quite a few adjustments and aid the user in sitting with proper posture.

      If you spend little time sitting down throughout the day and only require a stool for a few hours of usage, then a medical stool would be an adequate seating option. Medical stools are basic stools that come with a fabric, leather, or vinyl seat covering on top of a base with rolling casters. They are budget friendly, simple, easy to get around on, and a great choice if your job does not require much sitting. Medical stools are also compact allowing them to fit in just about anywhere without taking up too much space. As their name implies, these stools are mostly used in medical settings but are often found in schools, file rooms, home offices, and anywhere that an inexpensive seating choice is needed.

      Many jobs require the need for seating that will permit the ease of transfer from a sitting position to a standing position in a quick fashion. A sit stand stool allows for quick adjustment from sitting down to standing up due to its extended seat height, and occasionally seat angle adjustment. The seat angle adjustment allows for a more ergonomic way of sitting and lets the user adjust from sitting to standing briskly. Sit stand stools are best for use in environments where workers stand for most of the day at higher workstations such as labs, pharmacies, or in production lines where little time is spent sitting.

      Some job professions call for heavy-duty seating where a typical office chair or stool would not withstand, and damage resistant furniture is required. Industrial stools provide a high quality seating solution for factory, clean-room, laboratory, and other harsh environments where durability, damage resistance, and ergonomic seating support is needed. Most industrial seating stools come with a tough polyurethane material on the seat and back of the chair. Polyurethane withstands stains, spills, rips, and tears; ideal for even the toughest work environments.

      Along with the aforementioned stools, there are many other office stools out there that serve a wide variety of purposes. When searching for an office stool, it is essential to know what kind of environment the stool will be used in as well as how ergonomic you need it to be. Also take into account how long you will be spending sitting on the stool everyday to determine ergonomic necessities and how adjustable you will need to the chair to be. For a complete catalog of high quality office stools please visit

    • Drafting Chairs - How Do You Know if You Need One?

      Let's face it, not every company and job profession fits into our vision of a traditional office set up of neat little cubicles sitting side by side with ergonomic task chairs tucked under standard height desks. There are certain businesses and lines of work that call for a different type of office set up outside the norm, where the desks or work stations are taller ,therefor calling for a different type of seating. This is where drafting chairs or drafting stools become the ideal choice for seating with their ability to extend higher than a typical office chair thanks to their long cylinders.

      While the name "drafting chairs" certainly implies that they must obviously be used for designing or drafting on a drafting board, drafting chairs are also used in many other circumstances. They are a comfortable choice for any work area that's desk, work bench, or counter height requires a higher seat height to reach. With their long cylinders and chrome foot rings for added comfort and style, drafting chairs can be found in many different lines of work. Labs, architects, retail applications, pharmacies, and jobs in the bio field typically require sitting at a counter height station and drafting chairs are a common choice for seating. Doctors also find drafting chairs to be a viable choice allowing for easier examination of their patients and having a chair that fits people of all different shapes and sizes.

      Most drafting chairs come with a few standard adjustments  and features included pneumatic seat height adjustment and a chrome foot ring to rest your feet on top of, however there are also more ergonomically correct drafting chairs available. Ergonomic drafting chairs come with more adjustments to fit the user such as the angle of the seat, the back angle, and the back height. This adjustability can become particularly useful when multiple people will be using the same chair as they will be able to adjust the chair to meet their specific needs. An ergonomic chair is also important to consider if the work application requires sitting for extended periods of time, when comfort becomes critical.

      The growing popularity of drafting chairs has lead to an increased interest in chairs that allow for sitting and standing at the same time. This type of seating application is commonly referred to as a sit stand stool or drafting stool that allows the user of the chair to alternate between sitting down and standing up with ease. Sit stand stools ease the stress off the back caused by sitting all day, and allows for an easy transition to a standing position for at least part of the work day. Alternating between sitting and standing has been proven to increase worker productivity and promote a healthier way of sitting. Taking breaks every hour and stretching is recommended  by ergonomists and sit stand stools are an easy reminder to do this throughout the day.

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