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Big and tall chairs at SitBetter

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    • Strange Chairs in a Strange Land

      Chairs..That's right chairs... it would be hard to believe, but that's what we talk about here. Chairs are one of the most basic concepts of man. Before we even knew what to call our ass, we were s

      itting on them. We have been taking our asses for granted way to long. The chair is up there with the concepts of the club and wheel. You can't really change these concept, you can just add to them. To give you an example, here are two cavemen.

      Caveman 1 - Chip... chip.. chip "MMM...Look. I made chair"

      Caveman 2 - "Wut iz chair?"

      Caveman 1 - "Chair. You sit on it." says proudly.

      Caveman 2 - "You mean like rock."


      What the caveman's chair may have looked like (above), but probably looked more like this (below)

      All in all chairs can come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. You name it, its been done and if it hasn't it will be. This article is about those chairs that make you question humanity.

      If I were to believe that someone thought seriously about these chairs. I would have to say that this little ball in the middle of nowhere is..

      doomed... DOOmed.... DOOOMED!!

      So for our first strange chair. A fusion of man and machine. Ok maybe not machine, it just sounds cooler than this.

      "Please stop moving or you will spilleth my crumpets and tea."

      I am sure this is not an original idea. Since people have been sitting on each other for thousands of years. Who doesn't love a bully who likes to play the game "Name Seven Candy Bars". But to strap a chair to yourself? Now you're just asking for it. On a positive note though. When our alien masters come at least we will have some use.

      For our next chair I think I am going to have to be a little mean, I don't want to, but I can't help myself. What I have to say about this chair is REALLY!?


      This is an actual chair. That means someone spent money on this. I don't know how much and honestly I don't want to know. But I am sure it will look lovely with your refrigerator sofa, love sink, and nesting toilet. I am all in favor of the creative process, but when you try to sell me something that I might find in a backyard.... Oh you might say "What about those fancy legs?" Nothing a few chrome mufflers and duct tape can't fix.

      On a lighter note. These chairs are the awesome.

      This is creativity after it hits about eight pints. But I don't know whats more disturbing. The place you sit (left picture) or that those nuns have really nice legs.

      As I looked at the next set of chairs I started to question my sanity. IS what I am seeing real?

      As the insanity sets in. This begins to unfold in my brain.

      Customer - "Hello. I would like to purchase a leather office chair."

      Customer Service - "That's great. What were you interested in? Executive, conference, task.."

      Customer - "Well. Actually I was thinking... Would it be possible, instead of just leather, you could use the whole cow?"

      Customer Service - "Uhhh...what?"

      Customer - "Use the whole cow. I would like the headrest to be... well.. you know..the head.."

      Customer Service - "I...ummmm"

      Customer - "And the five star base to be its legs."

      Customer Service - "Bbbut cows only have four legs."

      Customer - "Oh that's ok. I have a mutated cow I have been keeping around for just this occasion."

      And so I stop this insanity before its to late. On one hand a three headed sheep "The devil made me do it". I have no doubt. And on the other hand a six legged bear would be kinda cool as long as it wasn't mauling me to death. Either way I would feel a little uneasy sitting in these chairs.

      And for the final chairs

      And we are all thinking the same thing. Nothing hotter than a half naked chair, except maybe a fully naked chair. No? Then maybe its just me.

      Picture if you will. A guy and girl out on a date. Everything is going really well. He takes the girl back to his play. One of these chairs is in the corner. The girls says "What an interesting chair." The guy comes up to the girl and says "You should see my bed... its round and has leopard print... (whispering) and it rotates. Next thing you know the guy is standing there alone with his naked chair.

      But to be fair the image on the right is an artist analogy for the modern day house wife and is called "The Bored Housewife Throne"

    • The Ergonomics of Treating Yourself Right

      I love to eat out at restaurants, well, mostly at lunch time, but sometimes I’ve worked late and I need to just treat myself to something especially nice. I enjoy cooking a great deal actually, and I look at it as a sort of therapy. However, it isn’t any fun, nor is it therapy, when I forget to defrost a steak, chicken, or a nice piece of fish.

      Knowing full well that tonight was a ‘treat-myself-nice’ night; I called up my friend, Rick. He and I work in the same area of the city and he’s a great friend and networker. It seems he knows all the right people; a connector of sorts. When I moved here a year ago, the job market, similar as it is now, maybe a tad better, was tight, but he was instrumental in my meeting the right people for work in San Diego.

      As I was leaving my office, I called him, but he was running late. I suggested we car pool the restaurant to save on gas, not that it was all that far, but it was in the opposite direction of where we both lived, and besides, he works in a pretty cool office. They have a Foosball table, a pinball machine, and Wii. I guess you could say that Rick’s office is a throwback to the era, well, except the Wii. That’s new.
      I did the obligatory run to his physical office. I’d been in it before. He just always dropped me off in the game area and lets me have at it. Now mind you, I try not to judge, but when he sat down, he was stooped over his key board and his posture was about as wrong as it could be for someone who is at his desk all day.

      Keeping my mouth shut wasn’t an option, so I asked him if he’d ever heard of an ergonomic chair. He just smiled and looked at me, and I knew I’d be conned to come by and make a suggestion of what would work best for him. We clicked on to and moved quickly to the ergonomic chairs tab and immediately found exactly what he needed.

      I must say he has good taste. He picked our Ergocentic Aircetric Air Flow Ergonomic Chair with Synchro Glide. It’s not all that pricey but it’s sharp, and for his long term physical health it is certainly worth the price.

      After he placed the order, he shut off his computer and we got to leave. It was then that I realized it wasn’t he who was working late, it was me.Well, after everything he’s done for me, it was my pleasure.

    • Big and Tall Office Chairs

      In the past I’ve brought you through my struggles to find the right office chair for my home office, and I’ve taken the liberty to bring you through the pains that were associated with an office chair that wasn’t ergonomically correct for me. Well, with the average height range of men from five-feet, six-inches up to six-feet even, I rank near the bottom of that average scale at five-feet and seven-inches. So, that means finding items that fit, like an office chair, is going to be a bit easier than for someone a lot taller than me.

      It begs to question though, what about big and tall men? Where can they find big and tall office chairs?
      But wait, let’s get something out of the way first. I know there are big and tall women out there who work in offices, but I’m working with some statistics. On average though, women do tend to be a bit shorter than men. In the United States alone women are roughly six-inches shorter.

      Alright? Now, back to my blog.

      Out of nearly one-billion men in the world, almost sixteen-million are over six-feet tall. So, when it comes to finding big and tall office chairs what can they do?

      In the past, decades actually, this segment of the population has literally had to squeeze into office chairs which were uncomfortable and clearly not ergonomically correct for their larger stature. Are there even big and tall office chairs? Of course there are and has a ton of them.

      Big and tall office chairs are just as comfortable and stylish as any office chair for the average person. Depending on the model they can support up to five-hundred pounds, with wider seats and higher backs. The big and tall office chairs have the usual height adjustments, lumbar supports, and swiveling seats, and most of them have arm adjustments. For me?  The arm adjustment is the key to keeping my elbows at the ergonomically required ninety degrees.

      If you are in the upper echelon searching for the right big and tall office chair you should take some time and check out We have a huge selection of big and tall office chairs and you’ll surely find the right fit for your body and your wallet.

    • Office Chair,, and One of the Three Bears

      Well, I’ve got to tell you that I’ve made a full recovery from the shoulder problem I mentioned a while back. Man, that was a few months ago, but it definitely feels so much longer. I guess the pain started back six months ago and I didn’t do anything about it at first. Sometimes I’m like that. I’d felt the sharp shooting pains in my right deltoid but just thought I’d strained it, it took me nearly three months to see my doctor about it. She had me go to physical therapy. Yes, the ego-decimation of having to yank and stretch little colorful rubber bands was not something I looked forward to everyday, but I did it. I won’t say it was pleasurable when I advanced to the five pound weights and struggled, and yes, began to sweat.

      Finally recognizing what happened, I picked up a new home office chair. It was my favorite at and it still remains king in my book. The Infinity Series Mesh Back Chair (EMC-11), came with free shipping, and the black mesh is cool for those days I have to spend a lot of time in front of the ole laptop. The adjustments have been set just right, and not to sound like one of the three bears in Goldilocks, but I can always tell when someone’s been sitting in my home office chair.

      Years ago, when I was working for a big company in Boston, I had an office chair that was pretty expensive, but it took me a long time to figure out how it worked and what positions were the right ones for me. I think the word ‘ergonomic’ was just catching on back then. Anyway, inevitably, I’d take a vacation and come back to find someone had been sitting in my office chair. I’m not selfish so it had nothing to do with anyone playing with my ‘toy,’ but the person or persons would always mess around with adjustments and tilts. I’d sit down and my feet wouldn’t touch the floor, or I’d sit and my knees would come parallel to my shoulders. Alright, I exaggerated on the last one, but either way it would take me numerous attempts during the day, and sometimes the week, to get it back to how I liked it.

      One of the many cool things about my Infinity (EMC-11) is that within a minute I can adjust it right back to where wanted. It seems to know where my comfort levels are at.

      There’s only one question though. It this is my home office chair and, but for my Rottweiler, Casey, I live alone. So, then who’s been sitting in my office chair?

      Maybe I am one of the three bears.

    • The Form That Fits Right, Ergonomics and You

      There are so many different types of office chairs on the market and sometimes the choice can feel almost overwhelming. However, if you take your time, learn some facts, and talk to the right sales person, you can find that proverbial needle in the haystack.

      Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not really all that difficult. It can seem that way because of all the different angle adjustments, tension tilts, wheels, sliding seats, and levers. Even if you don’t spend a long time behind your desk and in front of your computer, the choice is important. With the right ergonomic chair, one that properly fits the contours to your body, you won’t feel the long hours if you have them.

      Ergonomics is mainly the concern of the fit of people to their work. It can be associated with other areas as well, but for the most part it is work. The capabilities of the worker are taken into consideration, as are the limitations. They are then matched with what the tasks, the equipment, and the environment for the worker. The proper ergonomic chair design will help in preventing repetitive strain injuries, which can ultimately, over time, lead to long-term disability.

      Sounds a bit daunting, but I did mention it was an important decision, didn’t I?

      A few items to consider when checking into ergonomic chairs are the viewing angle and distance, the ninety degree angle of the waist to the knee, the knee to the floor, and the elbow to the wrist, and an adjustable seat height to assure the angles are correct. It also helps to sort of know these items when you speak with someone. It will let the sales person know you’ve done some research. Of course not knowing any of this is fine because we at are well versed and know what to ask. If you don’t understand, we’ll do our best to make sure you do.

      So, be sure to sit up straight, keep your wrists flat on your computer keyboard, or laptop, and your feet should be flat on the floor, but for shorter folks like me we can use a foot rest if needed.

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