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Big and tall chairs at SitBetter

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    • The Benefit of Owning a Storage Dolly for Your Stacking Chairs

      Stacking chairs are one of the most versatile pieces of office furniture available. They can be used in a variety of settings including classroom seating, computer lab seating, seminars, conferences, sporting events, libraries, schools, conference rooms, gyms, parties, reception rooms, guest seating, lobbies, hotels, or any location that will be hosting a large group of people. They are widely popular because of their ability to be conveniently stored away when not in use and their small footprint also makes for great space-saving. Stacking chairs allow for the ability to seat a large group of people quickly and efficiently. Once the meeting/event has concluded, you are then able to stack and store them away with ease.


      Arguably the best feature of stack chairs is their ability to be stored away easily when not in use with their lightweight design and minimal amount of space they take up. Simply stack the chairs on top of one another (some can be stacked up to 40 high) and store them away in a storage closet or in the corner of the room. Stacking up to 40 chairs up at a time can become a chore when having to transport them to your storage unit which is why it is recommended to purchase a storage dolly for your stacking chairs.

      Storage dollies allow for an easy way to store and transport your stacking chairs. They are constructed with strong steel frames that are able to adequately hold the weight of the numerous chairs being stacked upon it. A key feature you will find on storage dollies is a set of casters/wheels that allow for effortless mobility of your chairs once they have been stacked up. Some even come with the more advanced feature of locking wheels to ensure your dolly stays in place and does not roll away when not in use.


      Most storage dollies are designed to hold between fifteen to thirty chairs at once. This makes moving stack chairs faster and more efficient by being to be able to carry multiple chairs at once rather than having to carry them by hand one or two at a time. This allows for you to quickly create a seating arrangement in less time with less effort. Everyone's least favorite part of an event is the aftermath, also known as the cleanup part, which is why it is more convenient to utilize a dolly to save time and energy that could be spent on other tasks and get you out of there quicker.

      Nesting chairs are similar in function to stacking chairswith the goal of being able to swiftly set up and store away when not in use, while also being able to seat multiple people at large events. The main differences between the two is in the design of the chairs. Nesting chairs have a seat that flips up when they need to be stored, very similar to a folding chair design. Storage dollies are also available for this type of chair; the chairs are able to fold up horizontally and stacked horizontally side by side. Due to their larger size, nesting chair dollies can carry less chairs than stacking chair dollies.Whether you already have a set of stacking chairs, are looking to replace your old chairs, or are purchasing a set of chairs it is recommended to also look into getting a corresponding storage dolly to go along with it. Not only will you save space, but you will also save time.

      To view Sitbetter's wide selection of stacking chairs, please click here!

    • Meeting Room Chairs - How Decide Which Chairs to Put in Your Meeting Room

      A meeting room in a business environment is a place where creativity is brewed, where ideas are bounced around, and where some of the greatest business decisions are made. Before any of this can be accomplished, there are certain elements which must

      be purchased to make this possible, namely office furniture. Your meeting room furniture will allow for a place to sit and collaborate or quite simply, meet with others when needed. If you have the role of designing and purchasing your meeting room space, it is important to determine which factors will influence your purchasing decision such as price, comfort, durability, and space.


      Price is perhaps the biggest determinant in any purchasing decision, with most business trying to save every penny they can in a tough economy. The price for meeting room furniture varies significantly depending on the type of furniture that is desired. Couches and lounge chairs will be more expensive in price than a set of swivel chairs. Swivel chairs will also be more expensive than stacking chairs. If you are looking to save money, it is recommended to purchase a set of stacking chairs as they are inexpensive in price and are also good for space saving and maintaining a clean office appearance. Lounge chairs and couches, while more expensive, typically tend to give off the appearance of prestige and will look nicer in your office space.

      Comfort is typically another key factor in any office furniture purchase as most employers want to make certain their employees are as comfortable as possible to create a positive work environment. The amount of comfort needed can be attributed to how much time will be spent sitting on the furniture. If meetings that are held in your office are typically short and simple, then having a really comfortable chair with multiple adjustments is not as necessary. If you have long meetings or interview potential candidates in your meeting room it is advisable to get furniture that will be comfortable and adjustable to meet the individual's needs who will be sitting in the chair.

      It is advisable to find meeting room furniture that is durable and designed to last for years to come. An easy and quick way to determine how durable furniture is is to look at the manufacturer's warranty they provide for the item. Price is relative, a good piece of furniture with a good warranty will be more expensive but may be worth considering rather than having to replace furniture every two to three years. It is also important to consider who will be using the furniture, as not all meeting room chairs are designed to fit every individual. Most furniture, chairs in particular, are meant to hold individuals up to 250 lbs. that are between the height of 5'3"-6'. Keep in mind your shorter or bigger and taller employees prior to making your purchase to ensure that their needs are also taken into consideration.

      When picking out new meeting room furniture, it is important to look at the space in which the furniture will be placed in. The room in which the furniture will be utilized must be able to accommodate your meeting room chairs or couches without it looking overcrowded or messy. For rooms with more space, lounge chairs and couches are a great addition and will nicely fill up the space while giving the room a sleek look. For smaller rooms, meeting room chairs or stacking chairs are good space saving options. Stacking chairs even allow for easy and quick storage when not in use.

      To view SitBetter's extensive collection of office furniture and meeting room chairs, please click here!

    • Stacking Chairs - Benefits

      When space-saving is necessary and when furniture needs to be easily stored when not in use, stacking chairs have proven to be an advantageous choice. With their small footprint and stackable design, these chairs are a popular choice for many businesses including hotels, schools, clubs, restaurants, universities, theaters, and auditoriums. They are a convenient choice with their main benefit being that the chairs can easily be put out with their lightweight design; when they are not needed anymore, they can then be stacked and put away in a small space. Many stacking chairs have corresponding dollies and carts that allow for a place to quickly and conveniently stack the chairs when not in use. With the ability to quickly store the chairs, it allows for the space to be used again for other purposes or when cleaning is needed. There are many benefits to owning stacking chairs including their low price, sturdy construction, versatility, and comfort.


      Low Price
      Stacking chairs are among the most affordable pieces of furniture available as they require minimal materials in their construction, are easy to make, and have a smaller size. They are also much simpler in design, not requiring advanced features that other pieces of furniture, such as multiple ergonomic adjustments that you'd find on an office chair or leather upholstery that may be desired on a couch. Because stacking chairs are typically a bulk purchase rather than just buying one or two pieces, they are usually eligible for volume discounts which can even further lower the cost of the chair. Depending on the design of the chair or the purpose for which the chair is going to be used are two factors that can also affect the price. Plastic stacking chairs are generally among the cheapest in price and are great for outdoor events or when visitors will be spending a limited amount of time seated in the chair. Fabric, vinyl, and heavy-duty stacking chairs can be a little more costly as they take more time to produce and require the use of more expensive materials.


      Sturdy Construction
      There are many different types of stacking chairs available each constructed with different materials, however they all have one thing in common, they have sturdy construction and most can even hold up to 250 lbs. They commonly come with steel or aluminum frames, further enhancing their quality construction and come in a variety of materials. Arguably, the most common stacking chair is constructed of plastic and can be found at many events including parties, weddings, orientations, and training seminars. Plastic stacking chairs are sturdy in construction and can hold up  to the wear and tear of consistently being moved and stacked. There are also fabric stacking chairs that come with either a fully upholstered seat and back or one or the other. They are more comfortable to sit on, however be wary when stacking because the pressure put on the fabric can leave a permanent mark over time and the fabric can be ripped if stacked in a hurry.


      Perhaps the greatest contribution stacking chairs have to offer is their versatility in both design and function. They have a lightweight design which allows them to be moved from one place to another with minimal effort and are small enough to fit in just about anywhere. Many stacking chairs are also designed for both indoor or outdoor usage, allowing the purchaser to get the most for their money whether they are needed for an indoor lunch one day or for an outdoor wedding the next. They are designed to be able to hold up to continuous moving and shifting with their rugged construction, although some materials are better than others for this. Not matter the size of the event, their small foot print allows for these chairs to accommodate more guests than other pieces of furniture would.


      Although most people typically associate cheaper prices with cheaper products, this does not hold true in the case of stacking chairs. While they are less in price than most other pieces of furniture, the need for a comfortable surface to sit on is not comprised in the design. Many come with a curved back rest with built-in lumbar support and a waterfall seat edge. For most guests that will be sitting in your chairs, this will be sufficient enough to provide them with enough support and a comfortable sitting experience for a few hours at a time. If your guests will be spending multiple hours at a time seated in your stacking chairs, it may be worth the investment to purchase stacking chairs with a padded seat(fabric, vinyl, or leather). Some more expensive stacking chairs even come with an adjustable lumbar support to properly position where the support will be needed specific to the individual's back and armrests.

      When purchasing stacking chairs it is important to first take into consideration your guests and their comfort before anything else. Be sure to acknowledge how long they will typically spend sitting at one time and how often the chairs are going to be used. After thinking about your guests, be sure to consider how durable you will need the chairs to be. Will some of your guests need heavy-duty stacking chairs that can hold more weight? If this is the case, then it may be wise to consider investing in a few big and tall stacking chairs that can accommodate guests that may exceed the maximum weight capacity. The last thing to contemplate is the style of the chair. While comfort should outweigh style, it is still an important factor in any piece of furniture you purchase. Most likely, you will have these chairs for years to come and you will want to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

      To view our large selection of affordable stacking chairs, please click here!

    • Chairs That Ship the Same Day

      Ever find yourself realizing you need something at the last minute? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us including myself but sometimes if you realize it too late it is no longer possible to get. If this doesn't apply to you, surely you've been

      asked to meet an important deadline that seems almost impossible to meet. In the world of office chairs if you are given a strict deadline or need chairs delivered right away, it is almost impossible to make that happen. Some chairs are created from scratch and require long lead times to put together, while other manufacturers are just faced with too many orders to get them out in the same day let alone the same week.

      Fear not though, because has recently added a whole category of diverse chairs (from big and tall chairs to reception chairs) that will ship the same day if ordered before 1 p.m. PST (that gives you East Coasters almost until the end of the work day to get your order in!). If you are faced with a big deadline or need your chairs right away, then look no further than Sitbetter for your same day shipping needs (while supplies last). The best part of all is these chairs are cheaper than normal because they are stocked in our warehouse in sunny San Diego, California so you are getting the best deal out there! Click here to check out our chairs that ship today!

      Ships Today Ergonomic Chairs

      Ergonomic Multi Function Mid Back Computer Chair

      The Boss 2007 is a great value oriented mid back task chair with a variety of adjustments and an optional seat slider for maximum user comfort and fit!

      Featuring a unique wing back design for shoulder comfort as well as a built in lumbar support, the backrest allows for comfortable computing at a great price. The B2007 also features a free float seat tilt with locking, allowing for the seat to lock throughout the tilt range. Additionally, the back angle adjustment allows the back to lock throughout the tilt range, and also is height adjustable. A lot of ergonomic adjustments for one low price of $139

      Evolution Exercise Ball Chair

      The original revolutionary, Evolution Exercise Ball Chair by Posture Perfect promotes a balanced posture - a vital role in your overall health!

      Good posture and core strength are the best insurance against back injury - he Evolution Exercise Ball Chair embodies those principles. Either by simply sitting correctly, or by taking time to do simple exercises throughout the day, the Evolution Ball Chair has helped lower pain sufferers in all offices!

      This ball chair really exercises your core while sitting at the same time! And it is on sale for $126 but for a limited time only!

      Ships Today Executive Chairs

      Quick Assembly High Back Leather Executive Chair

      BOSS' B8601 is beautifully upholstered with LeatherPlus. It features a Pneumatic gas lift seat height adjustment with tilt lock and tilt tension control. LeatherPlus is leather that is polyurethane infused for added softness and durability. Waterfall seat design eliminates leg fatigue, and the ergonomic back design with lumbar support provides continued daily comfort.

      Assembly of this chair is quick, easy and takes no more than 3 minutes. The top simply snaps upright and the base is inserted in the cylinder then the chair! This is the easiest chair to assemble on the market - $159.

      High Back Leatherplus Value Office Chair

      BOSS' (B8106) is beautifully upholstered in black LeatherPlus. Comes included with passive ergonomic seating with built in lumber support. Features upright locking position, pneumatic seat height adjustment, adjustable tilt tension control, large 27-inch nylon base for greater stability, and hooded double wheel casters.

      Comes with a Six-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty. Weight Capacity for this chair is 250 pounds.

      As far as value is concerned, this chair is about as discounted as LeatherPlus chairs come at only $85! You will probably have to look far and wide to find a deal as good as this!

      Ships Today Task Chairs

      Mesh Office Chair with Adjustable Arms and Metal Frame

      BOSS' B6206 features a breathable mesh back and a black fabric seat with ample padding. The open mesh mid-back is designed to offer additional lumbar support.

      Height adjustable arms accent the chair, while the locking tilt mechanism with tension control offer easy adjust-ability for the user. Pneumatic seat height adjustment, nylon reinforced 27-inch base and dual wheel casters round out this chair's features.

      For $89 this is a great little task chair to have around and the foam seat is really soft. The adjustable arms are great too if you need to fit the chair under a desk. Overall it is a great deal!

      Deluxe Posture Petite Armless Task Chair

      BOSS' B315 is a site-wide best seller and for great reason! It has a comfortable thick padded seat and back with built-in lumbar support.

      It also comes standard with a waterfall shaped seat that reduces stress to your legs. Back height and depth are fully adjustable. Features of the chair include a pneumatic seat height adjustment and 5 star nylon base which allows smooth movement and stability.

      The ships today version is available in Black tweed fabric.

      A good basic task chair that is definitely worth the price of only $55!

      Ships Today Reception Chairs

      Mid-Back Guest Chair with Mahogany Finish

      BOSS' B619 is perfect for lobbies or reception areas. This classic retro styling mid-back box arm chair has soft and durable molded polyurethane armrests and is upholstered with ultra soft and durable black caressoft leather. Rich mahogany wood finish legs complete the chair's modern look.

      The B619 is one of our most popular reception/guest chairs sold for its sturdy and classically styled design. The black caressoft and mahogany leather also complement almost all pre-existing office color schemes. For $99 a chair you can easily redecorate any reception mood for less!

      Sled Frame Leather Office Guest Chair

      BOSS' B9529 is upholstered in black leather and comes standard with a thick steel frame with black scratch-resistant paint finish. Features thick, contoured seat and back cushions for added comfort and support. Moves smoothly over hard surface and plush carpeting alike. Curved arms easily clears front edges when pulled close to table.

      Its style and true leather upholstery add comfort, class and a high end touch to any reception area, and fit well with any pre-existing furniture. At only $79 a chair, it is now easier than ever to make over your current reception room or lobby.

      Ships Today Big and Tall Chair

      Big and Tall Bariatric Chair with Caressoft Leather

      BOSS' (B990-CP) is a great value Big and Tall Office Chair upholstered in easy to clean, comfortable Caressoft Vinyl.

      The B990-CP features a spring tilt mechanism that allows for recline, height adjustment and tilt lock as well as tilt tension adjustment. The arms are fixed with padded arm-caps for comfort. The chair also features a 5 inch thick seat cushion for long lasting support - the seat and back cushions are also contoured to improve posture. The back also features built in lumbar support.

      Only $219, a great price for a well constructed chair!

      Ships Today Conference Chair

      Mid-Back Conference Chair in LeatherPlus

      The B7306 mid-back conference chair is the perfect choice for any meeting or conference room. Beautifully upholstered with black leather plus material, the B7306 provides comfort at a great value.

      Features executive mid-back styling with extra lumbar support and headrest pillow, an extra thick seat and back cushion, a pneumatic gas lift system that provides instant seat height adjustment, adjustable tilt tension to assure the right reclining tension, upright locking control, durable polypropylene armrests, and a large 27-inch nylon base for greater stability. For only $119, it is now easier than ever to get a new set of affordable conference chairs.

      Ships Today Stacking Chairs

      Diamond Square Back Stacking Chair with Arms

      BOSS' B9503 has a contemporary style upholstered with commercial grade black fabric. Features a waterfall seat to reduce stress on legs, painted tubular steel frames with tapered legs and molded arm caps. Stackable (up to 4 high) for space saving storage. The small footprint of this chair and stacking capability allow for maximum storage. A dolly is not available for this particular chair at this time.

      Weight capacity is 250 lbs. As opposed to other stacking chairs, this one is sold in individual packs. At $59 per stacking chair, it is now more affordable than ever to get multiples.

      Mesh Back Guest Stacking Chair

      Boss' B6906 contemporary style is ideal for reception rooms, visitor seating areas, or in an executive suite. The black mesh back and black fabric seat easily fit into any office environment.

      The B6906 features a fluted steel frame in a black finish. The breathable mesh back and firm padded fabric seat provides a comfortable seating experience.

      Stackable up to four units high for compact storage when necessary. Included waterfall seat to reduce stress on legs. Available at an affordable price of $59 which allows smaller budgets the opportunity to purchase multiples!

      Ships Today Drafting Chairs

      Armless Task Stool With Drafting Kit

      B315-TU009A is an armless affordable drafting chair that can be raised up to 30" high. The contoured back and seat are designed to help relieve back aches and pains. Just as comfortable and appealing as the shorter version equivalent of this chair the B315.

      Features of this drafting stool include a pneumatic gas lift seat height adjustment, euro-style nylon base with heavy duty dual wheel casters, a strong 20-inch diameter chrome foot, and a six-year limited Manufacturer's warranty. Please note: Chair and footring come in two separate boxes. On sale for the price of $99.

      Mesh Task Stool With Drafting Kit and Adjustable Arms

      BOSS' B6206-TU009 features breathable mesh black fabric seat with ample padding. The open mesh mid-back is designed to offer lumbar support.

      Height adjustable arms accent the chair, while the locking tilt mechanism with tension control offer easy adjust-ability for the user. Pneumatic seat height adjustment, nylon reinforced 27-inch base and dual wheel casters round out this chair's features. Comes standard with a six-year limited Manufacturer's Warranty. Weight capacity is 250lbs. Ships ready to assemble.

      Note: Chair and Drafting Kit come in separate boxes. Only $109!

      To see all the chairs that ship today click here!

    • What IS an ergonomic chair

      Verte Ergonomic Office Chair

      Now.... since I mentioned what ergonomic chairs are not, today I thought I'd try to say what they are!

      Firstly, they almost always have multiple adjustments, chair height, back height, seat depth, back to seat angle, arms adjustable, etc. etc. etc..... in other words, a good ergonomic chair is going to adjust to your body, not force the body to adjust to you!

      Take the chair I pictured above, not only does it do all the above, the individual sections of the back can adjust independently, making the Verte chair a unique and special (and VERY comfortable) ergonomic chair!

      So again, don't take a sales guy's word on what's an ergonomic chair, but look at the quality, the adjustability and other factors before choosing the chair that's right for you!

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