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Big and tall chairs at SitBetter

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    • Top 10 Chairs for Big and Tall Men

      Finding an office chair can be a difficult task, but is even more difficult when your stature is different than the norm. Most office chairs are designed to accommodate users up to 250 lbs. that are between the height of 5'4-5'11". So what about those that are bigger or taller? In recent years manufacturers have taken these individuals into account when determining which chairs they would like to add to their product lines and have begun adding chairs that can accommodate heavier weight capacities. At SitBetter, we understand finding an office chair can be an arduous task if you are a bigger or taller user which is why we are making it easier by breaking down the top ten desk chairs for big and tall men.

      ErgoCentric eCentric Plus1. eCentric Plus

      The eCentric Plus Size Big and Tall Chair is a customer favorite for its premium level of ergonomic comfort and quality for plus size users. It features heavy duty components including a larger base and stronger mechanism/cylinder; durable enough to withstand users up to 400 lbs. Features of this chair include back height adjustment, a memory foam seat, infinite free float, adjustable spring tension. seat height adjustment, and a 2" depth adjustable seat slider. Another notable feature is the option for a larger seat size including an extra large seat or extra long seat. It also has a number of upgradable options available including a headrest and air lumbar support.

      Allseating Chiroform Big and Tall2. Chiroform Big and Tall

      Weight rated for users up to 500 lbs., the Chiroform is an ideal tasking solution for larger individuals that spend multiple hours a day sitting with its extra wide seat and backrest. It features memory foam on the seat and the option for memory foam on the back for extra comfort. It features a solid metal mechanism and heavy duty construction which includes back height adjustment, seat height adjustment, tilt lock and tilt tension control, and forward seat tilt lock. The seat is extra wide at 24" and is 20" deep.

      ERA Premier Big & Tall Chair3. ERA Premier

      The Premier Big and Tall Chair by ERA products represents the top of the line in heavy duty seating for big and tall users. Built with a one-of-a-kind steel frame, ERA chairs are crafted to ensure each component lasts a lifetime of use for users up to 500 lbs. Featuring stylish flip up arms, thick contoured seat cushions, 4 way adjustable lumbar support, a seat slider, and an extra wide 28" aluminum base. The mechanism is heavy duty and solid steel, featuring ergonomic recline and tension adjustment. The seat is 22"W and has the ability to be adjusted up to 21.5"D. The back is also tall at 28" high perfect for taller users as well.

      OFM Avenger Series4. Avenger Series

      The Avenger series is a newer big and tall edition to OFM's line of ergonomic office chairs and has instantly become a smash hit for its comfort and classic styling that is suitable to fit into any office environment. Weight rated at 500 lbs., this chair can comfortably accommodate users of differing weights and sizes. It features soft supple leather stitched and tufted for plush comfort along with a 5" thick padded seat. Other notable features include seat height adjustment, 3" thick leatherette padded arms, tilt tension and tilt lock control. Available in your choice of cream or black vinyl.

      Boss Big and Tall Executive Office Chair5. BOSS Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

      The BOSS Big and Tall Office Chair in Caressoft Vinyl features a heavy duty spring tilt mechanism that allows for recline, height adjustment and tilt lock as well as tilt tension adjustment. The arms are fixed with padded arm caps for comfort. The chair also features double plush cushions upholstered in black caressoftplus for long lasting support. The back also features built in lumbar support. This chair also features a 27 inch heavy duty steel base with 3 inch over-sized carpet casters and a wrap around steel frame, finished in black. This chair is a customer favorite for its thick seat cushions, affordable pricing, and contemporary styling. Rated for up to 350 lbs.

      OFM High Back Big & Tall Office Chair6. OFM High Back Big and Tall Chair

      The OFM High Back Big and Tall Chair is designed to hold up to 400 lbs and is ultra comfortable with its 6" seat foam and high back design. It features a swivel tilt lock mechanism which includes a tension control and padded armrests for additional comfort. Available in four different fabric including blue, burgundy, green, and charcoal. If you don't believe us, believe our previous customers who have purchased this chair rant and rave about it with comments such as "I would buy more anytime" to "Finally a chair that is supportive, fits a 350 lbs. 6'3" individual comfortably, and is attractive. No longer the need to use an extra cushion for the seat...very comfortable". Suitable for taller users as well with its 30.5" high back backrest.

      OFM Avenger Executive Series7. Avenger Series Executive

      The OFM Big and Tall Executive Chair provides lasting comfort for individuals that require heavy duty seating. Weight rated at 500 lbs., this chair can comfortably accommodate users of varying sizes. A new addition to OFM's line of big and tall chairs, this chair is already receiving rave reviews for its classic executive styling that can fit into virtually any office space and its comfortable 5" thick padded seat. Other features include seat height adjustment, 3" thick fixed leatherette padded arms, a chrome plated aluminum frame, tilt tension, and tilt lock control. Available in classic black only. The tall 28.5" backrest is also suitable for taller users that are looking for full back support.

      Office Star Space AirGrid8. Office Star Space AirGrid

      The Office Star Space AirGrid was introduced earlier in the year and has gained popularity throughout the year as more people become familiar of its comfort and features. This chair holds up to 400 lbs and comes with many adjustments including pneumatic seat height adjustment, tilt tension control, tilt lock control, an adjustable headrest, and an ergonomic mid-pivot knee tilt control. Other notable features include a supportive mesh back with built in lumbar support, perfect for those that suffer from lower back pain and height adjustable armrests. The seat is larger than normal at 22"W x 21"D, perfect for heavier individuals.

      ERA Big Sur9. ERA Big Sur

      The Big Sur by ERA products is another top of the line heavy duty chair for big and tall users and even dispatch industries. This chair is hand crafted in the United States to ensure each component will last a lifetime of use at almost any weight capacity (designed to hold up to 500 lbs.). Features an extra large 26" seat width, a 4 way adjustable lumbar support, seat slider, 28" aluminum base, 4 way adjustable headrest, and a seat slider. The mechanism is heavy duty and solid steel, featuring ergonomic recline features as well as height and tension adjustment. Our customer's couldn't have stated it more perfectly, "The Big Sur is the Rolls Royce of Big and Tall Chairs and is worth every penny".

      Boss' Big & Tall Bariatric Chair10. Boss Big and Tall Bariatric Chair

      Boss Office Product's big and tall executive bariatric chair has long been a popular choice among customers for its level of adjustability and affordable pricing. Compared to many other similar models, this chair is a budget friendly choice for those looking to save money. This chair features a 2 paddle spring tilt mechanism which can be locked in any position, pneumatic seat height adjustment with adjustable tilt tension and tilt lock, a sturdy steel frame with padded armrests, and 27-inch brushed metal five star base. Available in a commercial grade black micro fabric upholstery.

    • Office Chairs For Tall People


      When it comes to office chairs, there is no one size fits all solution. The right chair choice for an individual depends on a variety of factors such as height, weight, pre-existing pains or ailments, level of support needed, the height of the desk the chair will be fitting under, and more. As made evident, it can get somewhat difficult figuring out which chair will be the right fit for you, especially if you are on the taller side. If an individual is over six feet tall, even executive high back chairs may not provide the necessary back support which may lead to upper back neck and neck pain. There is also the seat depth that is an area for concern for taller individuals. If the seat is not long enough to fit the users thighs, this will not allow for correct sitting posture and will put more pressure on the knees and thighs. In order to avoid unnecessary pain and better yet, an unnecessary purchase, it is important if you are taller to determine which kind of office chair is going to work best for you. The term used to describe chairs for taller individuals is simply known in the office furniture industry as "tall office chairs", and it is a good place to start especially if your search will be taking place online.


      When you first embark on your search for a tall office chair, the first thing you will want to look for is the chair's back dimensions. If you are looking for a tall office chair online, this can typically be found in the product information section or product specs area. All chair manufacturers take the time to take specific measurements of their chairs before they are released to the public in order to avoid returns being made because a chair did not fit a person properly. If the information is not readily available on the website you are looking at, call to inquire and the sales representative should be able to look up the information. Start by looking at high back or executive office chairs because typically these chairs' back heights are higher than managers chairs or task chairs. You will want a chair that will provide complete upper back support in order to avoid shoulder or neck pain. Have a friend use a tape measurer to measure your back from the top of your shoulders down to where you would be seated on the office chair. After you have that measurement, look for the back height on the chair of your choice and see if it goes a few inches above your back height. If the back of the chair is shorter than your back height, the chair may not provide the support you will need.


      After you determine the ideal height for the backrest of your chair, your next concern is making sure your thighs will fit properly on the seat. The average seat depth on any given office chair is typically about 19 inches deep, however, if you are taller most likely this means you have longer legs. Longer legs requires a longer seat to ensure that your thighs will fit properly across the entire length of the seat without a lot of extra room between the back of your knees and the edge of the seat. Some high end chair manufacturers such as ErgoCentric Seating have a special upgrade option that allows the user to choose a longer seat of 21 inches deep. Another great way to solve the problem of having a seat that is too short is to look for chairs that have a seat slider option. A seat slider allows the user to adjust the depth of the chair by pulling up on a lever generally located underneath the front of the seat. When this lever is pulled up, you can then bring the chair forward or back to make the seat either longer or shorter depending on your needs.


      The last step to ensure that your tall office chair will be the right choice for you is to determine the height of the cylinder on the chair. The cylinder is simply the device that allows your seat to move up and down. If a cylinder does not allow your seat height to go up high enough you may find yourself sitting at an awkward and uncomfortable angle. Ideally, you would want to sit with your feet firmly planted on the floor with your knees bent at a ninety degree angle. If your current chair you sit in now is at the proper height, measure the length of your leg from your knees to the floor. This will give you a good indication of how high your chairs' seat should go up to. If you simply can not find a chair with a seat range that does not fall within your height requirements, try opting to look at drafting chair options, as their cylinders are taller for extended height seating. Be wary of the height of your desk if you go for this option, because some drafting chairs will not fit under standard height desks. You may also want to look for chairs that come with different cylinder height options, again, some higher end manufacturers will carry this an upgraded option.

      Although it may seem like there is no way that any chair could possibly fit all this criteria, fear not, because many manufacturers specifically design their chairs to meet the needs of taller individuals. Chairs designed for taller users will most likely have all three of the aforementioned features built into the design of the chair, rather than having to search for hours to find a chair that will possess all three. At, we are always ready to help our taller customers and have pre-selected chair options ready for you on hand. Just call our toll free number at 1-866-311-9421 or e-mail to have one of our helpful customer service representatives assist you.

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