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    • Leather Office Chair Review- B915 Traditional Leather Office Chair

      Mostly, traditional leather office chairs can be quite expensive.  Not so the BOS-B915.

      This is a button-tufted back chair which has a great price, and is very comfortable as well.

      The leather is soft and supple, the seat padding is thick and sits very well, the back is nicely contoured with a good lumbar support, the tufting works very well, I don't feel the buttons as I'm sitting in it, the padded armrests feel good and the cherry finish is even and gives the chair a great look. 

      One very nice thing is that when I lean my head back (I'm 5'8") my head is hitting the top of the headrest so my eyes are looking up at about a 30-35 degree angle.  In other words, when I'm resting my head back (not sleeping, thinking!), it's at a very comfortable angle.

      The chair is available in either a black or Burgundy finish.

      This is a good quality leather office chair at a very good price!

    • Leather Office Chair Review- BOS-B8376

      This is a chair that I decided to review simply because it's a popular leather office chair of which we sell many. 

      The BOS-B8376 comes in three finishes- Cherry, Mahogany and Oak.  For the price, this is really a nice chair.  While it won't win awards for plushness, it has decent padding and fair support for the back.  The finish on the wood is even and decently done and the construction is decent as well.  The number of wood finished leather office chairs out there is dwindling, as more modern finishes take over more and more of the market, but this is likely to be one that's going to be around for a while. 

      One nice thing about this chair is that it's upholstered in what's called LeatherPlus, which is leather infused with polyurethane to not only make it very durable, but very soft and comfortable to sit in!

      Since it's available in three finishes, this chair is likely to fit into most any environment, save perhaps the most modern, but it's well worth the price and will simply be great as conference room chairs.

      For the economically-minded, this leather office chair is certainly a very good value for the money and will last a good number of years!

    • Leather Office Chairs across the USA...

      Who would have thought that the style of leather office chairs sold to clients of ours throughout the United States would vary so much from region to region?  From California to Texas to New York, the style of leather office chairs is very different!


      California, the land of Hollywood, San Fransisco's famous rebellious attitude, and the surfer mentality, you would think furniture style would lean more towards the modern, off the wall.  In many offices, you will find such furniture - stylish, sleek and worthy of any design within reach catalog.  However, there is a predominant majority that sticks to black leather office chairs and mahogany desks - a conservatively modern look.  The black leather office chairs that tend to be the most popular are not flashy - from our experience with customers, they shy away from chrome accents and the like.  The chair shown to the right is a prime example of what our California (and majority of the West Coast) clientele aims to be sat in - simple, straightforward and comfortable, with a touch of a modern style that says, "I'm trying to be modern...Really, I'm trying."


      Having lived in Texas, I know what it feels like - as in the atmosphere, the people, and the ambiance. And just to clarify, for all the people who think Texas is what the movies portray it to be, it's actually a great state with even better people (for the most part - there are bad apples everywhere).  The barbecue is beyond amazing and the Texas two step is a whole lot of fun.

      But the the leather office chairs they love lean more on the side of what the rest of the United States labels as traditional furniture.  Chairs with button inlays, copper rivets and casters, usually with a mahogany frame, are office mainstays. The look is more reminiscent to what your lawyer's office would have, rather than the office you work in (unless, of course, you're a lawyer.)  The matching captain's chair is also very popular - one of our most popular.

      The traditional frame of mind is usually associated with Texas, and the leather office chairs we have sold most to that state appropriately reflect this.  Quite honestly, it is a good look for the state, as it fits well with the comforting feel of the state of Texas.

      New York:

      Ah the Big Apple!  A mecca of fashion, money, and power!  Shouldn't their leather office chairs reflect this perception?  Well, they do, to an extent.  The bulk of the leather office chairs we have sold to New York or the New England area are modern, but classy, as evidenced by the wood frame and accents on the executive leather office chair to the right.  Wood accents on chairs are always a good way to add more class and elegance to a chair, executive or otherwise.

      So, there are varying styles from coast to coast, but really, as long as we all realize that Sitbetter has the best leather office chairs, then it's all good. As good as biscuts and gravy.

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