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    • 8 Tips for a Happier Workplace

      8 Tips for a Happier Workplace


      Workplace happiness once seemed unimportant. Workers came in to do a job. Whether they were happy about it or not was irrelevant. However, it actually turns out that happiness in the workplace matters a great deal. Psychology Today indicates that it can have a direct impact on everything from productivity to worker retention and profitability. Smart employers need to ensure that their workers are as happy as they can be. While that doesn’t mean you need to “coddle” them, it does mean that smart businesses should take certain steps. Below, you’ll find eight important tips to improve workplace happiness.


      1. Focus on Family

      Your workers split their time between the job and their families. Of the two, their families are ultimately the most important. Show that you care and put the focus on your workers’ families first.


      2. Build a Community

      Your workplace should be more than just a collection of different people busily going about their duties. There should be a sense of camaraderie, a feeling of togetherness. Your workplace should be a community itself. Inspire a feeling of community by encouraging mutual goals, group events and fostering connections between your workers.


      3. Share the Spotlight

      Your employees work hard for you and you need to give credit where it’s due. If your firm experienced a jump in profitability, share the credit with the departments and employees responsible (after all, your company didn’t jump up in the ratings on its own; someone had to put in the effort).


      4. Lead by Example

      If you routinely take time off, or ask employees to do things that you wouldn’t do yourself, you’re creating a negative workplace. Lead by example. If you ask your employees to follow certain policies, do so yourself.


      5. Consider Alternative Office Layouts

      One of the factors affecting your workplace’s level of happiness might actually be the layout of desks, cubicles and equipment. Be open to change. Look into alternative layouts that foster better traffic flow, let in more natural light and open the space up.

      Treadmill and Manual Height Standing Desk for Light Usage Treadmill and Manual Height Standing Desk for Light Usage

      6. Encourage Hobbies

      Let’s be realistic. Your employees aren’t all work and no play. In fact, chances are their true personality shines through in their hobbies and extracurricular activities. Encourage your employees to explore other interests and don’t denigrate hobbies and other pastimes in the workplace.


      7. Stock Snack Machines Smart

      Most offices have some sort of vending machines on the premises. Chances are yours are full of soda, cookies, crackers, chips and other junk food. Make a shift and encourage healthier eating. Bring in vendors who can supply high quality snacks and healthy foods/drinks, and your employees’ morale will rise.


      8. Encourage Breaks

      Break time equals less productivity, right? Wrong. If you actually encourage your employees to take periodic breaks, stretch, exercise and unwind a bit, they’ll be much more productive when they return to the job.

      Following these simple tips will help you create a happier, healthier workplace and you might even be surprised at just how much that benefits your business.




    • Treadmill Work Desks

      If you have worked at any office job longer than six months you are most likely already familiar with the repercussions of sitting down for long periods of time everyday. You have most likely experienced the back pain that haunts you on a daily basis and the feeling of fatigue from remaining sedentary for long periods of time. In fact, a recent study posted in BMJ Open states that sitting for three hours a day cuts your life expectancy by two years. Other studies conducted by LifeSpan fitness found that 1 in 10 adults have trouble walking a distance equal to walking from the parking lot to the back of a large store or through a mall.

      TR1200-DT5Unfortunately for most of us, we are confined to our cubicles and desks for the majority of our work day and do not have the time to get up and walk around every hour as recommended by health and fitness experts. But what if you were able to get your work done while being able to walk and stretch your muscles simultaneously? While this may seem like an idea that is far off in the future, treadmill work stations are slowly making their way into more and more work spaces across the world as companies are becoming more familiarized with their positive benefits.

      What is a treadmill work desk?
      The treadmill work station was created as an alternative to the traditional sedentary work place. It allows you to walk and work simultaneously during the day on a treadmill with a connecting sit stand desk, allowing you to significantly increase your activity level without taking time away from your busy work schedule. Most of us come home from work too tired to get back on the road and hit the gym or wake up an extra hour or two early to get your daily exercise in. The treadmill desk is the perfect way to integrate exercise into your daily routine without the hassle of making it to the gym after work, although it is recommended not to replace the treadmill desk entirely with your pre-existing work out schedule.

      TR1200DTIf you already have a standing work station, simply purchase the treadmill separately as most work station treadmills are designed to work with a large variety of sit stand desk applications. If you do not have a standing desk, there is also the option to purchase both the treadmill and desk  in conjunction with each other as many companies offer packages for both items that are often less expensive in price than purchasing both products separately.

      What is the benefit of a treadmill work station?
      The American Heart Association warrants that walking 10,00 steps a day leads to a 90% reduction in heart attacks and 70% reduction in rate of having a stroke. The American Cancer society agrees that walking 10,000 steps is beneficial in that it leads to a 30-70% reduction in rates of cancer. Other benefits obtained from walking throughout the day on a treadmill include increased alertness, blood and oxygen flow to the muscles, increased energy, greater clarity, weight loss, improved productivity, feeling more positive, and a decrease in back and joint pain generally associated with sitting in an office chair.

      TR800-DT5Worried about being able to work and walk at the same time?
      While it may seem like it may be a difficult task to walk and work at the same time, many have successfully transitioned to the treadmill work station with minimal effort. It may take a day or two to get accustomed to walking at a slow speed while working which is why it is recommended to test the waters on simple tasks such as responding to e-mails or answering phone calls. A study conducted by at a UCLA health walk event tested over 50 employees of the university to see if they were able to work while walking and of those employees, 45 found that they could transition to this new form of working right away while 3 said they would be able to adjust over time.

      Whether you are looking to reduce back pain, incorporate more exercise into your routine, maintain a healthier lifestyle, or simply want to be more active throughout the day a treadmill work station is your perfect solution.

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