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    • The Benefits of Wooden Desk Chairs

      Whether you are looking for a way to spruce up your business furniture or simply looking to make your home office appear more elegant, the addition of wooden furniture always seems to be a great solution for both. Wood furniture has long been a staple of home decor for thousands of years, dating back to the beginning of human history and for good reason. Today's wood furniture can add class and sophistication to any home or office. From desks to cabinets to book cases, wooden furniture can be found just about anywhere in many different styles and finishes. Wooden desk chairs are among the countless choices available that you can get as an office furnishing. Wooden desk chairs have numerous benefits that make them a practical choice for any home or office environment including contemporary styling, adjustability, durability, low maintenance, and their ability to blend in.


      Contemporary Styling
      Arguably, what attracts people most to wooden chairs is their elegant and simplistic design. One of the most popular wooden chair styles available is the bankers chair, which offers a classic timeless design. Most come completely constructed of wood, with a few that offer a padded seat for added comfort, and have a slat back design with curved wooden armrests. Other popular versions of wood chairs come solely with a wood frame finish, meaning the seat and back are fully upholstered in leather, vinyl, or fabric while the arms and base come in a wood finish. Most wood chairs come in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing you to easily match your chair with your pre-existing furniture.


      While an attractive design is a sought after feature for any piece of furniture, functionality is another key component as well. Something can look great but if it does not function properly, it is ultimately a poor investment. Fortunately, over the years the design and adjustability of wooden chairs has improved significantly. While wood chairs once used to come with seat height adjustment, many now also come with the ability to decrease or increase the tension needed to lean back in the chair to your liking. Along with tension control, some other chairs come with an ergonomic knee tilt control which allows you to lean back in the chair while keeping your feet firmly planted on the floor which in turn leads to less pressure on the thighs. For a more comfortable sitting experience, other wooden chairs offer a foam padded seat which can be especially beneficial when sitting for multiple hours at a time.

      Another benefit wooden chairs have is their durability and ability to last for years to come with proper care and maintenance. Unlike traditional office chairs that come upholstered in fabric or leather, wood is not subjected to the usual wear and tear or padding compression that is often experienced. It will keep its same shape from day one until the end of its use.


      Low Maintenance
      Wood desk chairs require little maintenance and are much easier to maintain than traditional office chairs. While spills and stains are bound to happen on fabricated chairs, wooden chairs can be easily cleaned should an accident occur. In order to ensure a long lifetime for your wooden chair there are a few tips to keep in mind. Be sure to avoid placing your chair in places near heat sources as it will dry out the wood and cause it to be brittle. Also, do not leave your chair in direct sunlight for too long or the sun will damage the wood's finish. To preserve its finish, be sure to dust your chair with a soft cloth once in-awhile. Occasionally, wax or polish your chair. Before doing this, be certain to know the type of wood used to make your chair, because it is not advisable to polish wood with a urethane finish.


      Ability to Blend In
      Wood chairs have the innate ability to blend in nicely with many home and business interior designs. The natural color shades of wooden chairs can easily blend in with various settings such as the living room, the kitchen, the office, or even bedrooms. They also blend quite well with other pieces of furniture such as wooden desks or wooden tables making them a good add-on piece. In order to have a completely unified look in your home or office, be sure to first determine which room or setting you would like your wood chair to go in. Once this has been decided, the next step is to find a chair that will match your pre-existing furniture. If you currently have a desk with mahogany finish, be sure to look for a wooden chair that also has a mahogany finish or you may risk having a room that looks tacky and meretricious.

      Once you have determined that you are interested in purchasing a wooden chair for your home or work environment, it is important to do your research and understand the benefits of owning one of these chairs. Know what to look for and what is going to look best in your environment. Some questions to consider may be, how long will you spend sitting in this chair everyday? What furniture will you need to match this with? How adjustable would you like the chair to be? Once you answer these questions you will be on your way to finding the perfect wooden desk chair for your home or office.

      For more information on Sitbetter's high quality wood desk chairs, click here!

    • What IS an ergonomic chair

      Verte Ergonomic Office Chair

      Now.... since I mentioned what ergonomic chairs are not, today I thought I'd try to say what they are!

      Firstly, they almost always have multiple adjustments, chair height, back height, seat depth, back to seat angle, arms adjustable, etc. etc. etc..... in other words, a good ergonomic chair is going to adjust to your body, not force the body to adjust to you!

      Take the chair I pictured above, not only does it do all the above, the individual sections of the back can adjust independently, making the Verte chair a unique and special (and VERY comfortable) ergonomic chair!

      So again, don't take a sales guy's word on what's an ergonomic chair, but look at the quality, the adjustability and other factors before choosing the chair that's right for you!

    • What's NOT an ergonomic chair....

      Leather Conference Office Chair

      I reviewed this chair yesterday.... funny thing is, I was looking around the web and actually discovered there were sites offering this chair as an 'ergonomic chair'! How absolutely ridiculous!

      Now, granted, there are a ton of definitions of 'ergonomics' out there, ask 10 people what the term represents and you'll get 15 definitions! My own personal definition is: adapting your space to your body, not adapting your body to your space.

      I'm going to venture, this particular chair above, while being very comfortable for shorter periods of time, is NOT an ergonomic chair! Look, the best this chair does is rotate, go up and down and lean back. Very nice for a conference chair, but not very good for working long hours in front of the computer!

      An ergonomic chair, just briefly (I'll get into the whole aspect of what you want out of one soon enough), is going to have things like adjustable arms, the back will adjust in multiple ways, in other words, that chair is going to adjust to your body, not force you into an awkward, uncomfortable and unhealthy situation.

      My whole point here is that you shouldn't automatically believe a chair is ergonomic simply because someone selling it says it is. Check out the chair, heck, check out the business selling it- do they really know what they're talking about or just trying to sell you something, anything.

      If you want an ergonomic chair you might try going here!

    • Buying a new office chair

      When buying a new office chair online, you can get overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of office chairs out there. Different sites categorize them in different ways, so how can you find the chair which is right for you? I am going to restrict this to chairs which are certified as business qualified by BIFMA (Business and Industrial Furniture Manufacturer’s Association).

      First you have to define what chair you ‘need’ and ‘want’. Those two terms are separate, of course, what you want might be a big plush, poofy, leather office chair, while what you really need is a smaller task chair or an ergonomic chair. Do you spend a lot of time in the chair doing computer tasks or paperwork? If so, you might want to get a decent computer chair, which might be a task chair or ergonomic chair. If you’re the boss, and don’t really spend a lot of time on the computer, and prefer a comfortable chair that makes a statement, a leather office chair might be the choice for you. There are many different sorts of chairs- modern chairs with lots of chrome, rigid chairs, swivel chairs, big and tall (for those a bit more ample than the average), and the list can go on and on.

      One very important point- many of those terms above are interchangable and have no real specific meaning.  Let's face it... a swivel chair goes 'round and round and round (how many of those are out there!).  So one chair can be a lot different to a lot of different people!
      In other words, you need to define what you need in an office chair long before you decide to purchase it.

      That being said, how do you choose a chair from all the different internet companies out there offering office chairs?

      I really recommend looking at their sites. Do they give you information you need to make an informed decision, or do they simply throw a chair at you and tell you everyone else is buying it? Do they give you a good variety of chairs, or just a handful done over and over again in different colors? Are they authoritative, knowing their product and caring what they give you or just out to make a sale.

      You see, there are many different considerations to buying office chairs online, far more than could possibly fit here, so I will try to make sense of the process in future blogs.

      Or visit me at and I'll help you out!

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