Buying a new office chair

When buying a new office chair online, you can get overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of office chairs out there. Different sites categorize them in different ways, so how can you find the chair which is right for you? I am going to restrict this to chairs which are certified as business qualified by BIFMA (Business and Industrial Furniture Manufacturer’s Association).

First you have to define what chair you ‘need’ and ‘want’. Those two terms are separate, of course, what you want might be a big plush, poofy, leather office chair, while what you really need is a smaller task chair or an ergonomic chair. Do you spend a lot of time in the chair doing computer tasks or paperwork? If so, you might want to get a decent computer chair, which might be a task chair or ergonomic chair. If you’re the boss, and don’t really spend a lot of time on the computer, and prefer a comfortable chair that makes a statement, a leather office chair might be the choice for you. There are many different sorts of chairs- modern chairs with lots of chrome, rigid chairs, swivel chairs, big and tall (for those a bit more ample than the average), and the list can go on and on.

One very important point- many of those terms above are interchangable and have no real specific meaning.  Let’s face it… a swivel chair goes ’round and round and round (how many of those are out there!).  So one chair can be a lot different to a lot of different people!
In other words, you need to define what you need in an office chair long before you decide to purchase it.

That being said, how do you choose a chair from all the different internet companies out there offering office chairs?

I really recommend looking at their sites. Do they give you information you need to make an informed decision, or do they simply throw a chair at you and tell you everyone else is buying it? Do they give you a good variety of chairs, or just a handful done over and over again in different colors? Are they authoritative, knowing their product and caring what they give you or just out to make a sale.

You see, there are many different considerations to buying office chairs online, far more than could possibly fit here, so I will try to make sense of the process in future blogs.

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