Humanscale Paramount … Every Gamers Dream

Ok here it is…. I am coming out of the closet… the geek-closet. This is not necessarily about games, though I love them too, but about the techie in me. That’s right, here I am looking for a monitor arm. Wooo hey look there’s a monitor arm, oh wait there is a dual monitor arm… Oh no there is one for four…OMG there is one for SIX. I mind you, I only have one monitor. I just like to plan for the future.

And then frigg’n Humanscale will be coming out with this in fall 2009!!!! How could they do this to me!!  Deceivers! Look! Its a four screen monitor arm…nope nope nope. That’s what they WANT you to think! How can they possibly add to this beautiful ingeniousness! How could they torment me even more! This is how they do it.

It unfolds!  Thats right. It expands.

The Paramount Parabolic Multi-Monitor Display by the Humanscale Design Studio offers a flexible and ergonomically sound solution for mounting two to eight monitors on a single support. Effortless adjustment mechanisms, tool-free reconfiguration options, and a curved parabolic shape are among the many details that make the Paramount a unique solution for multi-monitor environments. It doesn’t get any better than this. If you are asking yourself “What do I need with 8 monitors?” This is not about NEED, this is about the future! You started out with one monitor, then two…and on and on, why not buy a monitor arm that can support all those monitors you have acquired over the years.  Besides until they come out with a  paper thin 6 foot by 3 foot monitor  that can be rolled out and taped to the wall (can’t wait) , this is the next best thing.  Next thing you know Humanscale will come out with a uber chair… Oh wait they already did. This is all making me feel fuzzy inside…I have to go now..ENJOY

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  1. Anthony says:

    That is so HARD!!!! I want one…but I’ll need to buy 3 more monitors first.

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