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Sitbetter's Back Pain Resources

Office Chairs for Back Pain

We've researched, sat in, and tested various chairs for back pain. Please visit the following two links for our selection of chairs that we feel encompass the needs of people with back pain issues.

If you have specific pain in specific areas, and aren't really sure what chair would be best for you, feel free to call us, and we can offer our recommendations for narrowing down your search on chairs for back pain and get you seated better, faster!

The Chairs:

Specifically Tested Chairs for Back pain, with reviews: This is a list of chairs we have identified to give you a specific range of products that could help alleviate back pain. We have sat in all of them.

General Back Pain Page: These chairs, based on client recommendations, vendor recommendations and the above list, is a larger, more varied list of chairs for back pain.

Remember, there are also less expensive alternatives to pain pain at work. One of them is to combine bi-weekly chiropractic visits with some form of back pain relief cushions, a combination that tends to work for mild to medium pain. Do not forgo ergonomics for chiropractic relief, nor visa versa. Use both methods hand in hand to get yourself the best possible relief. Another critical component to finding relatively inexpensive back pain relief can come in the form of simple basic exercise - not remaining sedentary for over an hour at a time, but rather getting up and walking around for 5 minutes, stretching a bit or purchasing a unique chair. The last suggestion refers to knee chairs, saddle stools, motion stools, and exercise ball chairs, which if used as recommended, can provide not only more immediate support, but build the muscles around the painful areas - that means there is more muscular support, thus less strain on the pained region.

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