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The Best Ergonomic Accessories


What encompasses the right ergonomic workspace? What items promote the correct ergonomics and the best support for you? What tools do I need to have in my workstation to have the best possible ergonomic set-up?


In this resource guide, we take a look at what we believe to be the best products for improving ergonomic conditions within the workplace. We take a look at products for all budgets and have tested all of them out.

First we look at our primary choice for the mousing solution. In all fairness, we all like the Humanscale Switch Mouse the best, thus our extensive time spent talking about it. We try to be unbiased in this review, but for your benefit, the Switch Mouse is the best. Our extensive guide will explain why.

Second, we look at the options for Keyboard trays. There are a few things keyboard trays need to have to make the ergonomically viable. We look at a few that fall in range for all budgets. For the most part, keyboard trays are interchangeable brand wise if the ergonomic capabilities are all similar.

Third, we look at Monitor Arms and Laptop Ergo Accessories. What are the sturdiest is the basic question, and which provide the best bang for your buck?

Another item we will look at are footrests. We'll discuss the benefits for everyone, not just those who are... height challenged!

If you have any suggestions of products you would like to see reviewed, or just disagree with us, send us an email. We love opinions.

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