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Humanscale Switch Mouse

The Switch Mouse by Humanscale is the latest in ergonomic accessories for the workstation. The design is revolutionary, modern and best of all, truly ergonomic. What is so special about it?

The Switching Feature

Switch Mouse For starters, the switch mouse can be used by both left and right handed users. This feature is applied through the switching of the slider plate below the mouse. Simply by removing the slider plate and flipping it to the other side, you are in effect "switching" the side the mouse operates on. Obviously, because it is corded to a USB input, you need to move the cord as well...

But the switching plate on the bottom of this ergonomic mouse is pretty easy to move to the other angle, and it does leave the ergonomic mouse at the right angle deemed by ergonomists to reduce strain on the carpal tunnel region and the blood vessels and nerve endings in that area as well.

How does putting your wrist at an angle achieve this? The irony is that by putting your wrist in an angular mousing position, you are actually putting it in a straight line, without bending the wrist.

What does a bended wrist mean? According to Dr. Alan Hedge, Professor of Ergonomics at Cornell University, "extremes of... radial/ulnar deviated wrist postures beyond 20 raise intracarpal pressure which increases the risk of wrist and hand injuries". The Ulnar region is depicted in the picture shown here from the classic medical book, Grays Anatomy. wrist pain

According to Dr. Hedge, the standard deviation for non-Switch Mouse models ranges from 15 degrees to 25 degrees, meaning you are more likely to feel pain because of the angle your wrist is at with your regular "ergonomic" (but not really) mouse.

You can see what we mean if you look at your hand on your mouse right now. Notice the bend at the wrist. That is the ulnar deviation. That is one of the most common causes of mousing pain. The higher the Ulnar deviation, the more pressure and strain is being placed on the nerves, carpal muscles, and blood vessels in the region, not to mention the bone.

The Humanscale Switch Mouse, on the other hand, was specifically created for ulnar deviation reduction. This is done by the aforementioned angle the switch plate puts your wrist at, which research by Dr. Hedge shows an average ulnar deviation of 1.5. We're no math whizzes, but the ergonomic benefits by the numbers are clear. switch mouse

Visually, it is easy to see the wrist relief. The Humanscale Switch Mouse puts your hand at an angle - more specifically, its around a 45 degree angle. The consequential result of this angle is that the bend at the wrist is gone, relieving all the sensitive muscles and joints of pressure.

Also, one of the more important ergonomic features of the mouse is the ability to expand or contract to your hand size, allowing for a very custom mousing experience. The Switch Mouse is emphasized on adjustments, and the expanding feature of this ergonomic mouse is just that. The Switch Mouse is adjustable to 6 different sizes.

Switch Mouse Expansion

The buttons on the Mouse are relatively standard to the ergonomic and regular mouse. Left and right, and the tracking pad in the middle. It also has programmable side buttons, and a driver is available to reporgram the mouse should you want to. As far as functionaliy is concerned, the Switch Mouse offers as much as any other ergonomic mouse can offer,

But the real value in the Humanscale Switch Mouse comes the entire package - putting together all the ergonomic mouse components and the the Switch Mouse's features to work.
The angle your hand is in, combined with the adjustable size of the mouse, as well as the overall width of the mouse, the Humanscale Switch Mouse really takes away the stress on your wrist by making you move it with your entire arm. The design components prevent you from mousing by flicking your wrist, which many people do, and force your to move your entire arm to mouse, because of the size and angle.

So if you use your mouse a lot, or if you have any sort of wrist pain, this mouse was designed specifically for you. You can buy it here, and as always, for the best price on the Internet.

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