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» Extreme Back Pain

Verte - Executive Office Chair with Headrest

What we say:

A completely unique and comfortable sitting experience which is far different that anything out there!

This is a revolutionary design which allows the chair to completely adjust to the user's needs as far as placement of individual points along the back. Need it pressed in harder at the lumbar region- press it in and lock in place!.

An amazing design and an amazing chair- for those with chronic back issues, this will help.

6200D CXO - Extreme Comfort Ergonomic Office Chair

What we say:

Very comfortable ergonomic chair with a lumbar support which allows user to place right where it's needed!

This really is a great chair! Soft memory foam in both the seat and lumbar support, Advanced armrests and a ratchet lumbar support that has about 6" of travel! Get the headrest version if you have upper back or neck pain issues.

If you're looking for back pain relief, this chair is a great start! Well worth the price tag!

Ergocentric - myCentric Ergonomic Office Chair

What we say:

The myCentric by ergoCentric is a great customizable ergonomic chair for lower lumbar pain.

The seat is very comfortable but the backrest, with its dual curve wings and built in lumbar support, is made for exceptional lumbar and back comfort. Add on inflatable lumbar support for maximum support too.

The myCentric also features a ton of options of customize the chair to your exacting needs! A great chair for long hours of pain relief.

Ergocentric iCentric - High Back Ergonomic Task Office Chair

What we say:

This chair is the pinnacle of ergonomic customization and comfort.

The iCentric by Ergocentric is just plain comfortable, and can be modified to fit any individual user. It is ideal for anyone with any back pain.

The iCentric is a highly recommended chair for anyone with chronic back issues. It is very adjustable, and above all, very comfortable!

Eurotech Ergohuman - Mesh Office Chair with Leather Seat and Headrest

What we say:

A very unique chair with a ton of features! Seat-slider, comfortable and good lumbar support

The new seat is something I can finally get behind this chair on! Comfortable seat, though firm, good lumbar support and the seat slider makes it a good chair for shorter folks!

Three options- mesh seat and back, leather seat and mesh back (recommended) or leather seat and back

Ergocentric geoCentric Extra High-Back Ergonomic Office Chair

What we say:

Premium ergonomic chair with an abundance of available options to go along with standard ergonomic features.

The Geocentric is equipped with many ergonomic features that help alleviate even the worst back pain. A unique feature on the geoCentric is the wing curvature of the back, which hugs the user's back for more ergonomic comfort.

If you suffer from extreme back pain and want a chair that will fully adjust to meet your specific needs, this is the chair for you. While a bit more in price, you will definitely get what you pay for and, in the end, save your back from prolonged suffering.

Allseating TheraPod Therapist - High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

What we say:

Recommended by chiropractors and physiotherapists, the Therapod combines a unique support system with molded foam on the seat and backrest.

The Therapod Therapist by Allseating is a unique and recommended solution to back pain issues. Featuring a unique strap adjustment system, the user can adjust the firmness of the backrest at individual locations using the 4 straps. This in turn provides specific area based relief through pressure based support.

These features combine to create unique chair that supports the user well under any circumstance. See the CPOD for a more modern version of the Therapod!

Ergocentric eCentric - High-Back 24/7 Ergonomic Chair

What we say:

Designed for all day, 24/7 usage by offering a premium level of ergonomic comfort and quality.

The eCentric is fully adjustable with a bevy of standard features allowing for precise customization for users of all sizes. Durable enough to hold up to 300 pounds, this chair also has numerous upgradable options including a smaller or larger seat size, air lumbar support, or an optional headrest.

If you are suffering from extreme back pain, no matter your shape or size this chair will meet and exceed your needs. Also perfect for multi-shift environments where multiple people take turns using the same chair.

» Medium Back Pain

Allseating Chiroform&trade Ultra 24:7 - High Back Task Chair

What we say:

Known for its extreme comfort and ability to provide back relief throughout even the longest of days, the Chiroform is an ideal task chair for back pain sufferers!

The Chiroform has added benefits of a reinforced ballistic nylon back, molded seat foam, and an optional seat slider for even more ergonomic support.

Works well in any environment and has even been praised by those with the most extreme sitting situations, namely call centers, for its outstanding back support.

Humanscale Freedom Task Chair with Head Rest - Quick Ship

What we say:

Simply terrific and unique ergonomic details make this possibly the best out there for back pain relief!

This chair invites movement! The pivoting back allows one to move while still upright, the counter-balanced recline eliminates spring tension. Get the high back version for upper back or neck pain issues.

One ignored detail of this chair is the spinal cutout, relieving pressure on the spinal column while still supporting it!

Ergocentric eCentric - High-Back Ergonomic Chair with Knee-Tilt

What we say:

The Ecentric offers a premium level of ergonomic comfort and quality for multi-shift use up to 300 lbs users..

This chair is one of our most popular chairs - clients love the way the chair sits as well as the ergonomic features.

Overall, a very popular choice for customers looking for a reliable, durable and comfortable choice for pain relief.

Allseating CPOD™ - Mesh Back Ergonomic Office Chair

What we say:

Specifically engineered for back support, with 16 points of adjustment for maximum ergonomic comfort!

The flexibility of a knitted, mesh back combined with a patented, fully adjustable lumbar support system makes the Cpod a trailblazer in ergonomic seating innovation. Five easily adjustable, independent zones, three semi-rigit pivot points, and various control and arm options for personalized comfort.

Truly engineered to support, the Cpod is a great chair for medium back pain sufferers. With a large amount of available adjustments, it will provide a customized fit for any user!

Allseating Fluid - Ergonomic Chair with Mesh Seat and Back

What we say:

Allseating's best selling chair and for good reason!

The Fluid is one chair that suits everyone in any work environment. The Fluid has a plethora of adjustable add on options available to fit the chair to the user including an optional seat slider, multi function arms, and lumbar plus support. The tight woven mesh back and mesh seat give a firmer sit than foam but the right amount of support at the same time.

Great mesh chair with a good amount of included lumbar support. Extra lumbar plus support available.

Ergocentric geoCentric - High-Back Multi-Tilt Task Chair

What we say:

Specifically designed for long term tasking and computing with many task focused adjustments built in.

The GeoCentric is a good choice for users that experience medium levels of back pain. With plenty of standard adjustments already built in, this chair will fit a wide range of users including petite users who often have a difficult time finding a chair that fit their physique.

The dual curved back rest and high level of adjustability is sure to provide every user who suffers from medium back pain with relief.

Humanscale Liberty - Conference Chair with Height Adjustable Duron Arms

What we say:

The next step up in ergonomics! A seat slider and chair height adjustment is all this one needs!

Set the seat height and depth on this chair and you're done! The mesh back automatically adjusts to your back and the recline is based on your weight, so there is no adjusting of spring tension!

Because of the unique recline design, this chair creaks a bit, but other than that- great chair!

Zoom Seating - Champion Mesh Back Ergonomic Chair

What we say:

The Zoom Champion is a customer favorite in terms of chairs for back pain.

The Champion's mesh high back provides considerable support for the upper back including the shoulders and neck, which is sure to ward off any feelings of pain from extended sitting. Also comes with a handful of ergonomic adjustments including a knee tilt mechanism, seat height adjustment, and a waterfall seat edge.

The Champion is a stylish ergonomic chair that gives great back support. However, this chair does not come with a large amount of adjustments.

Office Star - Matrix Back with Mesh Seat Executive Office Chair

What we say:

A new form of mesh seating featuring a soft, responsive mesh material that encompasses a passively contoured backrest!

This ergonomic mesh task chair from Office Star is highly adjustable with standard features including a seat slider to adjust the seat depth and 2-to-1 synchro tilt control allowing the user to keep their feet flat on the floor while reclining.

Good adjustable lumbar support to help you get lower back support where needed. Overall a great chair for users who experience lower back pain.

Eurotech Fuzion - High Back Office Task Chair with Black Frame

What we say:

Comfortable for hours of sitting while providing lumbar support at the time time.

The Fuzion comes highly recommended by previous customers for back pain sufferers. Built in lumbar support within soft and supportive mesh, a waterfall seat to reduce pressure on the thighs, and simplistic adjustments all contribute to a more ergonomic way of sitting.

If you are in need of upper body support as well as lumbar support at a somewhat lower price point, this chair would be suggested for you.

» Mild Back Pain

Eurotech 4X4XL - Multi-function Office Task Chair

What we say:

Well-built ergonomic task chair with well-defined lumbar support.

This is simply a very comfortable task chair. The ratchet back lets the user put the lumbar support right where it's needed! Very comfortable seat and back padding - a cushioned and supple feel.

Good value for a chair which places "soft" pressure on the lumbar and upper back!

Office Star - Mid Back Multi-function Ergonomic Office Chair

What we say:

A good, low-cost task chair with multiple ergonomic adjustments including a ratchet back!

This ergonomic task chair from Office Star has a distinct lumbar support which fills in the lumbar area well. There is no seat slider option, which is the only drawback to this chair.

Medium quality chair, but with good support and features for the price!

Posture Perfect - Evolution Exercise Ball Chair

What we say:

Great alternative seating solution that helps train your body to sit properly and keep your spine aligned in order to avoid lower back pain.

The Evolution Ball Chair is perfect to use in conjunction with your current office chair or if you are seeking an alternative seating solution. By virtually teaching you how to sit properly, the ball chair has been known to help many avoid back pain and get rid of current back pain relief. This chair also promotes proper posture.

Looking for a new option to try instead of your standard office chair? Then this ball chair will definitely suffice.

Office Star - Ergonomic Kneeling Chair with Wood Frame

What we say:

A Sitbetter top seller and the most purchased kneeling chair on site by customers, proves the ost-kcw77 is well worth the already low price!

The ost-kcw77 is an alternative sitting solution, that presents a different way to sit while working while promoting proper posture at the same time. The knee sit chair is designed for those that want a break from traditional sitting and want temporary relief on their back.

Comfortable memory foam on the seat and knee rest combined with elegant frame finishes make this chair a good choice for those seeking to relieve mild back pain.

Kore Stool - Ergonomic Rocking Stool

What we say:

Healthy sitting and mild back pain relief are at the core of the Kore Ergonomic Rocking Stool!

The Kore Stool embodies an ergonomic feature long touted by ergonomists as a bedrock of proper ergonomics: Continual motion of your body while at work. The Kore Stool allows the user to flex side to side and front to back - with its patented anti-tip system and gently rounded ergonomic base, the stool allows you to move and flex without falling or leaving your seat.

If you need a stool that really rocks (literally) then look no further than the Kore Stool!

Jobri - Jazzy Deluxe Ergonomic Kneeling Chair with Backrest

What we say:

As far as kneeling chairs are concerned, this chair is about as comfortable and ergonomic as they come!

The Jazzy is as comfortable as it looks with its visco-elastic memory foam. The included backrest adds an extra dimension to its ergonomic design and is ideal for tasking solutions. Encourages proper posture and ergonomic comfort in any position!

If you have been searching for a kneeling chair that is a step above the rest the Jazzy is the chair for you!

Sealy Posturepedic - Zeta High Back Leather Office Chair

What we say:

The Zeta Series by Sealy Posturepedic is unique to high back office chairs in that it combines a soft pillowy foam with an internal adjustable lumbar support.

The Zeta is a high back chair great for executives w/ mild back pain. The internal lumbar support is adjustable, and the chair features a knee tilt mechanism for an ergonomic recline. The cushions envelop & support the user well.

The Zeta, both mid & high back versions, qualify as good alternatives to the traditional ergonomic chair for executives and will provide supple support for mild back pain.

Sealy Asana - High Back Executive Leather Office Chair

What we say:

Much like the Zeta, the Asana High Back Executive Chair by Sealy Posturepedic is a departure from the traditional leather office chairs and offers more in the way of back support than your standard leather chair.

The Asana has a high back w/ headrest area, a molded seat, back foam, and an adjustable internal lumbar support. These, combined w/ the knee tilt mechanism, promote good posture & mild back pain relief.

The Asana combines an executive style with the comfort of Sealy into an executive chair that can work well to provide lasting back support.

BOSS - Mesh High-back Office Task Chair

What we say:

Great value for a comfortable mesh back ergonomic task chair with a headrest option available for those with upper back pain/neck pain.

The B6008 is a multifunctional task chair with a 3 paddle mechanism that allows for back angle adjustment, height angle adjustment, and tilt locking. Can also be upgraded to a seat slider to fit various size individuals. A mesh fabric back allows breathing while still providing ample padding.

A good, affordable ergonomic chair that will provide mild back pain sufferers with adequate back support.

Allseating Inertia - High-back Mesh Task Chair

What we say:

Comfortable mesh back and a vast amount of unique add on adjustments allow the user to customize this chair to meet their specific needs!

At an affordable price, the Inertia will give mild back pain sufferers the relief they are seeking. The unique feature of this chair is the ability to tailor the chair to the user's body and allows the option to add on specific adjustments. The Inertia also provides support whether sitting up straight or leaning back.

If you are looking for a good chair for mild back pain at an affordable price, this is the chair for you!

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