Manufacturer Warranty

Because of their thicker leather like vinyl, and their true flat-felled seams, multiple rows of stitching, and reinforced tops and bottoms, Bean Bag City® offers a 1 Year Warranty on their beanbags. For a period of one year they will guarantee all seams and workmanship from defect. If at any time within that year a seam gives out or causes a leak from your beanbag, simply return it to them freight prepaid in the original packaging or packaging that affords the same level of protection, and they will repair free. Of course, this guarantee does not cover abuse or neglect, or any sort of cut or puncture of the fabric or vinyl. The polystyrene filling material has a natural tendency to compress under pressure, in the same way that Styrofoam does. While they do offer replacement filling material at a nominal charge, the guarantee does not cover this sort of normal compressing. Other conditions and restrictions apply.

Beware of other's 10 year warrantees. Most of them have not been in business 10 years, so how do they know their chairs will last 10 years? In past years, they have seen many other websites disappear after Christmas, so then what happens with their warrantee?

Bean Bag City has been making bean bag chairs for 33 years and have seen first hand that their chairs are still going strong after as long as 10-15 years whether in residential homes or in public places.