Manufacturer Warranty

Concept Seating, Inc. warrants its 24/7 Intensive Use Chairs free of defects for six (6) years, from date of shipment. If a chair becomes defective due to faulty worksmanship, materials, or wear, Concept Seating Inc. will at its option, repair or furnish a new component, equal or better, to the original owner. This warranty does not cover abuse.

Concept Seating, Inc. guarantees the chair’s suspension (Dymetrol ®) against breakdown or failure for six (6) years. If the chair suspension should ever sag or creep greater than 5%, or tear from the mounting point, Concept Seating, Inc. will, at its option, repair or furnish a refurbished chair of the same type to the original owner.

1. Owner follows the manufacturer’s recommended weight limitations on the chair. Manufacturer’s allowance for weight occupying the chair under 24/7 use is 550 lbs.
2. Usual wear and tear, deemed so by sole discretion of Concept Seating, Inc., is covered under warranty.
3. Abuse, as deemed by sole discretion of Concept Seating, Inc., is NOT covered under warranty.
4. Notification of any defect or failure must be made in writing to Concept Seating, Inc. within the warranty period.
5. Structural or mechanical failure includes: metal frame fatigue, weld release, crack of base, tilt control failure, loss of lumbar bag function and/or controls, pressure loss of pneumatic cylinder, loss of armrest height setting or swing feature where applicable, split fabric at the seam due to faulty sewing.
6. Warranty is NOT transferable.
7. Due to chair’s modularity, warranty is limited to parts only. Warranty work can be completed as follows:
a. Parts can be sent to end user for replacement.
b. Chair can be sent back to factory at user’s expense for repair.
c. A dealer or third party may replace parts and end user may be subject to service charge.
d. A picture of damaged components will be necessary for all claims over $100 per end user or customer.