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Do you sit at your desk for 5-10 hours per day?
Are you being kind to your behind?
Your back?

You work hard. The chair you sit in for hours on end during the work day should be working hard for you!

So what are the most ergonomically correct, back saving chairs for your long work day?

Since this is a really important issue and the information is not always easy to find, we have decided to provide some clear cut answers to that question. The important thing to keep in mind as you browse the chairs below is that pricing will be somewhat different than your average big box retail "office chair". The chairs we sell are handpicked for their material and build quality, scientifically calibrated designs and fit/finish.

We sell quality, and want you to be satisfied with your purchase. You can expect a chair you buy from to last. If you have any questions, our customer service team can walk you through selecting the right chair and customizing it to your specifications. Please call us at 1-866-311-9421 or click this chat button.

If you are searching for a more budget friendly chair, please see our entire catalog of ergonomic office chairs, where we carry hundreds of ergonomic office chairs suitable for any budget.

MyCentric Ergonomic Chair by ergoCentric

Our Take: The simple fact is that this is a high quality chair. Starting with the design of the chair, the two pronounced side contours and lumbar support bubble envelope the user's back provide full mid and low back support that most other chairs miss out on.

The adjustability of this chair sets it apart from other chairs, as every point is adjustable. The ratchet back has a infinite locking spring loaded mechanism, meaning you can lock the back at any height within the overall range. This is unlike most ratchet backs that only allow 5 points of adjustment. The mechanism, Syncro Glide, features all the ergonomic adjustments you would need, and adds a smooth gliding action for easy and noise free recline. You can add on an Air Lumbar, which inflates with air for even more specific lumbar support. More so, with the triple density foam option, this chair becomes even more comfortable.

The Verte Chair by RFM Preferred Seating

Our Take: Verte Executive Ergonomic ChairThe Verte Executive Ergonomic Chair makes a visual statement, to be sure. It looks like something Sigourney Weaver in "Aliens" would try to put down with a big gun. On the other hand, this chair is highly regarded by the chiropractic community, and those who have acquired it to help with back problems. It has a "pseudo spine" which allows you to put pressure at any point of the backrest by unlocking the spine and pressing in any of the ribs.

Admittedly, the pricing is higher than that of a typical office chair, but for good reason. The chair surfaces are built with high quality top grain black leather, and has a supple but firm feel. The overall shape of the backrest contributes to ergonomics and comfort, and the lower portion of the backrest is wider for total back support. The upper portion of the chair back is a bit narrower to give support to the shoulders and specific ergonomic comfort to the neck. The headrest, also, is adjustable and thick - very supportive and comfortable for the head and neck. Add all this to the recline feature of the chair, and one could potentially sleep in the Verte!

Overall, the Verte is a winner and arguably the best chair available on the market for back pain sufferers. The ergonomic design does a wonderful job of providing precise, specific comfort. Best of all, the unique look of the chair will invite plenty of conversation. This chair represent the perfect hybrid of back pain alleviation and work of art.

Freedom Chair by Humanscale

Our Review: The Freedom Chair is famous for its unique approach to ergonomics. Love it or hate it, it revolutionized the industry when it first came out. This is because Humanscale adopted the thought process that basically said "Less is more". It all starts with their counter-weight mechanism. This mechanism provides ergonomic support in the simplest of ways: It puts as much pressure on your back as you need at that moment, balancing your weight vs. the recline tension. This means you never have unnecessary pressure pushing against your back and are likewise never falling back too far into the chair. It is really quite brilliant and comfortable. Another undervalued feature about the mechanism is the fact that it pushes the back of the seat up as you recline - this keeps your butt in a straight position and your feet flat on the ground. What does that do? Allows for more thorough blood flow and reduces those nasty pressure points!

It features only two manual adjustments, the seat slider, and seat height (3 if you count the ratchet back). The arms are available in a plethora of ways, Duron being the most popular (the quickship in black is the most popular version).

How does it sit? It isn't supposed to be soft. With the gel seat upgrade, the seat is firm (but firm isn't necessarily bad) but very molding - as in it molds to your body nicely. The foam is similar, but it is a bit softer, more like a traditional chair. The back is contoured to really mold against most user's back, with the ridges and design provide the right support for most people.

The Freedom Chair really is a very good ergonomic chair. It will take some time getting used to it and the simplicity it offers, but it can and does provide very good ergonomics for all day comfort.

Ergohuman by Eurotech

Our Review: The Ergohuman is a one-of-a-kind ergonomic mesh task chair. Not only does it look unlike any other office chair out there it is also designed unlike any chair out their with its unique self positioning lumbar support. The lumbar support on this chair essentially "moves" with you providing exact comfort whether you are leaning forward to type or reclining back in the chair. The mesh is a cool, springy mesh, not so firm that you feel uncomfortable after sitting for awhile but not so springy that it loses supportability. This chair also comes packed with adjustability featuring an ergonomic synchro tilt mechanism with infinite lock, a seat slider, headrest, back height, and back angle adjustment. The Ergohuman family also extends to include a mesh back and leather seat version(LEM6ERGLO), a mesh back and leather seat with headrest version(LEM4ERG), an all mesh with no headrest version(ME8ERGLO), an all leather version with no headrest(LE10ERGLO), or an all leather version with a headrest(LE9ERG); depending on your preference.

Overall, the Ergohuman has quickly become a customer favorite for a reason. It is a high quality, highly adjustable, sound ergonomic chair. It is easy to assemble and is a great option for anyone looking for an adjustable chair to sit in multiple hours a day with great lumbar support.

B2007 by Boss

Our Review: B2007 The B2007 is a comfortable and affordable high back task chair that features a wide variety of adjustments with the option to add on a seat slider for an ultra ergonomic sitting experience. At less than $200, this chair features all the bells and whistles that some chairs almost double the price might not even have. It's built in lumbar support and adjustable backrest allow the user to position the back to reach their right level of lower back support. This chair also features a free float seat tilt with tilt lock, back angle adjustment, tilt tension control, pneumatic seat height adjustment, and height adjustable armrests. The seat slider is a nice addition if you are taller or shorter and require a specific seat depth.

The seat foam is upholstered in a supportive, durable and stain resistant fabric, with your choice of 4 neutral colors including: burgundy, black, navy, and grey. The unique wing high back design offers extra shoulder support for those who suffer from upper back or neck pain. Overall this chair is the best option for people or companies on a budget that are looking for a highly adjustable ergonomic task chair at an amazingly affordable price. Perfect for businesses that are looking to expand or add new task chairs to their office and are looking for a reasonably priced ergonomic option for their employees.

GeoCentric by ErgoCentric

Our Review: GeoCentric The GeoCentric Multi-Tilt Task Chair is a top quality ergonomic chair designed specifically for long term tasking and computing with its multi-tilt mechanism. With an vast selection of upgrades available to compliment its many standard ergonomic features, The GeoCentric combines all these features in an attractive and fully adjustable chair to provide a premier ergonomic seating solution. The unique feature on the GeoCentric series is the wing curvature of the back, which hugs the user's back for more ergonomic comfort, particularly in the lumbar region.

The multi-tilt mechanism includes seat depth adjustment, a 2.5" depth adjustable seat slider, infinite free float(locks the chair in any recline position), adjustable spring tension, independent back angle adjustment, pneumatic seat height adjustment, and forward tilt lock out (assists on preventing the seat from tilting forward). There is also the choice to upgrade for an even more comfortable sitting experience including an option of a triple density or memory foam seat, a headrest, air lumbar support, and/or multiple armrest options.

Another great feature of the GeoCentric chair is that it can be customized to fit virtually anyone with its ability to come with different cylinder lift heights including smaller cylinder sizes for shorter users and longer cylinders for users that are taller. There is also the option for different seat sizes including a small seat or an extra long seat. Overall the GeoCentric is a great choice for any office that needs a top quality highly adjustable ergonomic chair, especially if you have people with specific needs that can not conform to a typical chair such as shorter or taller individuals.

Evolution Ball Chair by Posture Perfect Solutions

Our Review: Ball Chair The Evolution Ball Chair is perhaps one of our more unique ergonomic chairs on our website, however it is extremely popular and praised by our customers and for good reason. Promoting a balanced posture and improving core strength are the two main accolades of the ball chair, a great insurance against back injury. With the removal of a backrest and the need to stay balanced by sitting upright with proper posture, after a few weeks of use the ball chair can significantly decrease back pain caused from sitting in a poorly designed chair with bad posture. Some of our customers use the ball chair in conjunction with their current task chair, using it whenever their back needs a break for a few hours at a time. Other customers use the ball chair as their primary office chair and have reported great results after slowly transitioning from their old traditional office chair. While the ball chair may not work for some as the most ergonomically correct chair for sitting all day at a desk, it is the perfect addition to any office for anyone that experiences any form of back pain.

It features a 55mm inflatable rubber anti-burst ball weight rated for up to 300 lbs., a pump for inflation, a 4 wheel base, and height adjustable pegs. The ball can also be easily removed for use in a variety of exercises or for stretching, another way to stay healthy while working! Overall the ball chair is a cost effective ergonomic chair that is finding its way into more and more offices. With a low price point, far below a traditional ergonomic office chair, there is essentially no risk involved in trying a ball chair.

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