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Thanks to all those who participated in our Tell Us Why You'd Be Thankful For Winning a New Chair Contest!

CONGRATULATIONS to our Winner Shirley number 22! Our panel of judges decided on you for your creativity and compelling story. Congrats Shirley and we hope you enjoy your Posture Perfect Evolution Exercise Ball Chair!

1. Amanda: I would be thankful because we only have one in our office/music room right now. If more than one family member comes in we have to drag one in from the living room.

2. Linda: I need a new chair because everyone sits in my chair at the computer and the foam padding is getting really thin and makes my butt hurt! It creaks and groans too as you move in it! Definitely needs replaced!

3. Krystine: I would be thankful for a new chair, it's a new chair! We recently moved out to Seattle sans an office chair because we only wanted to move what we loved. We are waiting to fall in love with a chair. Plus, I would love to surprise my husband with something wonderful like a new chair. He loves design and I love him:) Thanks for taking the time to read this and have fun picking a winner!

4. Carol: I desperately need a new chair! I'm at this computer all day, and having had five babies, my back is a disaster area. Danger Danger Will Robinson! Please pick me, and if the chair has weels on the bottom, I'll push you around in it and give you a ride!

5. Christine: My mom had hip replacement at the tender age of 48. unfortunately, I'm on that same path. sitting in conventional chairs kills me, and my work consists of sitting most of the day. My hip has begun to "catch", and results in some hilarious if painful collapses at inappropriate times. A knee/butt backless chair would be a great benefit to me, and might just postpone the inevitable hip replacement a few years. PLEASE? Thanks!

6. Pat: I've been sitting at my computer desk on a kitchen table chair for 3 1/2 years. Since I sit all day at work and then come home and sit in front of my computer for another two or three hours, I need something that's ergonomic and give me some back support, but I can't afford one. I'd love to win this.

7. Cami: It would make my back, and more importantly, my butt a lot happier about being at work, and doing work.

8. Michelle: I have a 16 year old, 6 foot, 250 pound son who does not sit, he plops! Because of this all of my furnature is wrecked. The arms are fallen off where he crams himself into a too small love seat and pushes himself to fit. The frames are broke where the constant plop has given to his size. The long couch now sits on the floor! I need help! Just one place for me to sit and I will be happy for life!

9. Linda: I am the mother of seven children who are all home-schooled. Getting them to sit up properly at our dining room table to do their school-work is a challenge. They tend to lay on the table or slide off our bench rather than focus on the task at hand. This chair would allow them to learn to sit with good posture and strengthen their core muscles. I would love to use it at our computer desk while grading all their papers in the evening as well!

10. Sara: I've had back problems most of my life, and I have yet to find a chair that i am comfortable in, for any length of time.

11. Cynthia: I'd love to have a chair that supports my back at the computer.

12. Jayne: I'm not - and that is a BIG problem! My arms and legs are very long. I cannot find a chair with the right adjustments for my arms. (arm rests make my shoulders bunch up but are needed for extensive (10 hrs daily) of keyboarding. Long legs (mostly thighs) make most seats too short to support my legs. When a bigger size is ordered - the arm rests are too far away from my sides. Here's a challenge for you - can you fit me?

13. Brian: I have had my chair since I began college and it is falling apart. I am about to graduate and could really use a new chair!

14. Bradley: Having a chair with proper posture would be fantastic!

15. Elaina: I would be thankful for a new office chair because as a secretary, I sit for long hours every day. This often causes issues with my back, which I've had problems with since I was a teenager. I've often wondered how better chairs would affect my back. What a great opportunity!

16. Hanna: Man, i would be so thankful for a new chair. I'm a graphic designer/slave/worker bee. I sit in a stained green chair that was brought up when my company merged with another company and we acquired all their furniture. It's hard, and when i lean back it really only supports my very lower back, kinda hurts if i lean back too long, like its hitting my spin too much. It's so flat and hard i feel like my butt is slowly spreading out to better fit on top... and I'm not even thirty yet! I would love one of those balls, and I even had one for a minute, but someone from work stole it, never to be seen again. Help my butt. It needs help!

17. Abby: As a massage therapist I'm constantly telling clients to take better care of their bodies - reminding them that their posture when sitting at their desks has huge impact on their well being. My guilty secret? I don't practice what I preach! I'd love a fabulously healthy chair to help me gain/maintain the optimum wellness I encourage my clients to strive for.

18. Lem: I am not proud to say that I am one of the nearly 16 million people in America who are unemployed. I have spent several hours a day for 12 of the last 16 months, scouring the internet for jobs. The computer is in a room that is in desperate need of a remodel, but because of our family's decreased income situation, we are making due with what we have. In the case of seating for the computer desk, I am embarrassed to say or show you that I rotate between a severely broken, old desk chair and an outside plastic patio chair. It doesn't take much time on either of these chairs before my back is killing me! Please... Don't judge me! ... But Please Help Me!
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19. Tonya: I'm agoraphobic and I spend up to 18-20 hours a day in my chair. My back and neck do NOT thank me. I know that ergonomics work and if I had a more substantial income, I'd do something about it on my own. Instead, I'm becoming twisted and gnarled in pain. I fully anticipate growing a hump on the back of my shoulder blades at some point.

20. Hannah: I would love a new chair because the one in my dorm room, provided for us by the school, is hugely uncomfortable. It's like a rocking chair, only instead of a curve, the bottom "runners" each consist of two straight edges that meet each other at an angle. You can't sit all the way back in the chair without wobbling on the points where the runners change direction. So rather than wobbling, I always have to choose between sitting on the edge of the seat and leaning back with my legs on the desk. Neither of those is a comfortable way to spend hours writing a paper or reading Aristotle, but as a student, I have no choice.
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21. Denise: Well we need a new chair... obviously. I use my computer a lot and we bought an "okay comfortable" chair. I assumed "bah it says don't sit in it that long for back problems" and I didn't heed its warnings. After 3 years of sitting in it the padding is getting ... bare. The fabric on the arms is black from me moving my hands to type or move the mouse. Notice the green fabric covered bit of foam that should be sitting on a wooden rocking chair in the front room. Instead of my back hurting my Coccyx or tail bone start hurting and still does. It has been around six months since it started hurting and it is now very hard for me to sit in the school chairs being hard plastic. I need the green rocking chair padding to sit in my office chair at home because it hurts so bad to ever just sit and check my email.
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22. Shirley: After 74 years of wear and tear my old vertebra needs all the help and support it can get. Have lugged around 4 children, 4 grandbabies, worked as a nurse helping paitents do their things, and for the past ten years since going online, have used a variety of chairs none of which did my back much good so would love to try your ergonomic chair. My back would be eternally grateful I am sure.
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23. Joy: I've always been intrigued by the chairs that displace back pressure onto your knees. Unfortunately with five kids I've never had the funds to use on a funky chair. But when I work on the computer at home I find after an hour I stand up and can barely straighten my back.

24: Carrie: I think the biggest problem with my often aching lower back is that I'm currently NOT sitting better. I sit crosslegged at my desk, sometimes switching things up by double crossing my legs and fidgeting. I'd rather be comfortable all the time, than have temporary comfort and pay for it later.

25. Tamra: As a school counselor I meet with many students and spend a great deal of time sitting in my office and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to sit in a chair that offered "movement options". I often find myself encouraging both teachers and students to move for better focus and learning, and would love the opportunity to model what I preach.

26. Paula: My back hurts everyday and I believe your chair might bring some much needed and wanted relief.

27. Chelsey: Well I am just finishing up my second year of college and I am one semester away from getting my AA degree. The first college degree in my family, can you believe it? Needless to say I have spent countless hours in my not so lovely office chair- and I will spend many more in my pursuit of a bachelors degree. I would love to have a comfortable chair that will actually inspire me to write those long research papers.
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28. Stephanie: I have a bad back (nothing medical, just can't be in the same position for very long) and my couch is so big I always have my legs crossed or I'm sitting on the edge of it. I would love a new chair so my back will feel better and I can enter more sweepstakes!!

29. Jeff: I need a new chair because my back hurts ALL the time...

30. Daniela: I work at a law firm where the standard hours are 9-9. This, however, is usually not the case. I'm usually there longer. I have only been working for about a month, but already my tailbone is starting to hate me. I think it has something to do with my chair. When I first started a job, I got a disclaimer from one of the attorneys that the budget they have for office implements generally goes toward new technology, on which to say they don't skimp would be an understatement. My workstation has two top-of the line 24" monitors. Some of my superiors have up to 5 of these monitors. However, this means that things such as furniture get compromised. All of our office furniture is from Ikea. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but the chairs we have were clearly meant for a home office. They look nice but they are gloriously uncomfortable. They have no armrests and a low back. To top it all off, my coworkers who have tested out my chair tell me that my chair sucks because the cushion seems to have worn down. The seat on my chair is a lot stiffer than theirs even though they all have the same model. So that said, I would be very thankful for a new chair on which to sit for 12+ hours a day.

31. Mallory: My family and I have had some pretty hard luck with chairs. We moved into our house in 1995, just after I had started kindergarten. We started out with plenty of chairs. The house has a dining room, with 4 chairs, since there are 4 of us in the family, and a kitchen, which also has a table, started out with 4 chairs, and now has none. They've all broken, and been fixed numerous times, but in the end had to be thrown out. We've often used these chairs in the family computer room, but since so many of them have broken, we've had to resort to an old piano bench, pictured below. Also pictured below is the chair my brother uses on his computer, which we had taken out of my grandmother's house when she died. The chair is extremely old, and would probably do better in a museum than in a teenager's bedroom. Now we only have 4 of the 8 kitchen/dining room table chairs remaining, one of which, has already needed to be fixed. You can tell from the pictures that the legs on this chair are different from the others. Luckily, my father has been working in Alberta for the past 3 years, so for 7 months out of the year, so we have just enough chairs so nobody has to sit in that particular one at risk of falling through. Of course, this doesn't include holidays, such as thanksgiving, which here in Canada has already passed. My father of course, was in Alberta at the time, however there was still more people than chairs, including Myself, my brother, my mother, my aunt, as well as my boyfriend and his two young children. We had to use the 4 chairs, a piano bench, and my brother and aunt had to sit on our couch in the next room. Christmas is coming up next month, and we were really hoping not just to have all the family together, but to be together at the same table! An extra chair would be really great, especially since my father will be home. Thanks so much for reading and I really hope you'll consider us for this contest. Even though the Canadian thanksgiving has already passed, we'd still be very thankful for a new chair!
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32. Michael: I desperately need a new chair. I bought this one a few years ago, and as you can see, it's a bit broken down, I definitely regret the purchase, the quality just wasn't there. The cushions on the back and bottom are non-existent. Yes, that is a Cleveland Browns pillow strapped to the back with a giant rubber band to simulate some sort of lumbar support. And also, yes, that is a couch pillow all squished on the bottom to compensate for the loss of padding there. This chair is uncomfortable, horrible for my back, and I'd love a new one!
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33. Tracy: Back pain for millions of Americans is nothing new. For me, it began as an adolescent when my poor sitting habits resulted in my legs becoming excessively pigeon-toed and requiring bilateral leg rotation surgery--not a highlight in my life. I later needed knee surgery resulting from these earlier leg and hip adjustments. And yes, this led to a lifetime of chronic back pain. It's so important that I focus on my posture when sitting and standing because anything (including issues with lower-body limbs) can impact the upper body and cause chronic back pain. I found that out the hard way. I have partial scoliosis of the back and my legs are slightly uneven from my earlier surgeries. Sitting all day at my job, it's essential to have the right chair to promote the proper posture to minimize pressure on the lower back and create the correct alignment of the spine. It makes a world of difference to have the right ergonomic chair when spending hours sitting at the computer. I would love to win a Sitbetter chair to finally experience the ultimate in back pain relief. That would definitely be something to be thankful for.
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34. Anne: As I write this, my lower back resembles a side-ways hill, my legs barely touch the floor (I'm vertically challenged and the pillow on the chair is permanantly dented with my butt imprint), and when I get up, my knees creak from non-movement. When people pass my on the street, they look at me funny. Probably because I look like I'm always in a crouching position from sitting in front of a computer, looking like the above description, eight hours a day. I desperately need a new chair that would help me look better and feel better. I'm tired of looking like a capital "S."

35. Eric: I have a 1 year old who has worn out these knees!

36. Robyn: I would be thankful for a new chair because I have my husband's hand me down chair. What padding is left in it is shaped to his body and I have to sit in it all day to work, my back hurts my legs hurt everything hurts after 30 min.

37. Jenna: My desk chair is an old wooden monstrosity that definitely needs replaced!

38. Carolyn: I lost all the pictures due to computer failure. I have a favorite chair (rather had). My dog has decided that that is his chair. He gets into my lap and goes around behind me and starts digging. He has tore holes all in the chair. It is of no use to anyone except Poagie(our dog).

39. Michelle: I would be so thankful because the chair I have right now makes a meow noise as I sit in it and it scares me at night. It also is older then the hills and very uncomfortable on my back!
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40. Georgia: As I am bed-ridden, my husband and daughter come to eat dinner with me in the bedroom. but as we only have one chair, my husband will sit on the floor to eat. He is the kindest man I know and deserves to sit on a chair. Your three chairs all look so interesting and wonderful and while I am thankful for all of God's blessings, I would certainly be thankful to win a wonderful prize like this ball chair so he can exercise the same time he's with me. And I appreciate the opportunity you give everyone to win this great prize.

41. Shawna: I would be thankful for a new chair because my husband has destroyed mine. I plop down in it. Screws have fell out of it and I am scared that one day I will sit in it and it will fall to pieces.

42. Barbara: I'd be thankful for a new chair because I currently don't even have an office chair--I'm sitting on a folding chair with 2 pillows on it! I'll be starting an online graduate degree program in January and I anticipate having to sit for hours at a time in front of the computer. With my current chair, and because I have fibromyalgia, that's not something to look forward to.

43. Wendy: I am sitting on a traditional office chair that is supposed to be good for your back. Problem is, my back hurts! And this chair is old and the screw that is supposed to hold the back of the chair to the seat is stripped so that sometimes when I lean back on my chair the back just totally falls off! Not good. I haven't landed on the floor yet, but it's bound to happen if I forget to be careful. I have been wanting a new office chair that is kind to my back but haven't been able to afford one. I work at home, so my office is actually in my bedroom at the moment.

44. Reva: I don't sit better, that's why I am entering.

45. Brigette: I had a back surgery 4 years ago and I think if I had a better chair back then..may be my back would be better..any way now I strech and exercice but a better chair would make my days a lot better!

46. Katherine: I was hit by a car while crossing the street several years ago and dislocated my tailbone. I did get it back into place but now many years later I am noticing more and more pain. I would be thankful to try new seating to see if it would alleviate my pain.

47. Patricia: I am battling chronic illness and I hurt 24/7. I would love to win a chair that can help me not hurt as much throughout the day. I am not working but I do love being on the net. I have a desktop so that means sitting at a desk and on an office chair that maximizes the pain in my back. Winning something that would offset the pain would be a complete blessing.

48. Teresa: I would be extremely thankful for a new chair because the one I currently have is very old and has no back support at all.

49. Kelly: I've had 3 surgeries on my back and with the rotten chair I have now I can only sit in it for about 20 minutes at a time I would be very thankful for a new chair.

50. Anne: I stand most of the day. I'd like to sit comfortably.

51. Patty W.: My back hurts.

52. Cathy: I would love a new chair because I spend numerous hours in front of my computer working and my present chair is very old and uncomfortable. I am certain it is the main reason I experience back pain. I would love to be able to work pain free.

53. Sarah: My chair is breaking, my back is aching, I am not faking the toll it is taking. My fist is shaking because of the problems my old chair is making! There's no mistaking, with a sitbetter chair, all other seats I'd be forsaking. From this nightmare, I'd be waking. And my new chair, I would be thanking.

54. Richard: I would be thankful for a new chair because I am using one that is 7 years old and worn out. The fabric is frayed, the springs weakened, and it looks like it belongs in the dump.

55. Carol: I would be thankful for a new chair to give to my daughter. She has a very painful shoulder and works from home as a customer service agent. By the time her shift is over she is in terrible discomfort. I would love to give this to her.

56. Michelle: I got a fat belly and sit in a chair a lot. I've heard that the exercise chair might help me tone my abs.

57. Nina: I would love to have a new chair because the one I have now is old and the most uncomfortable chair I have ever sat in.

58. Louise: I would like to have a new chair because right now I am having to just pull up any kind of chair now that is not being used.

59. Salina: Good chairs encourage good posture and good posture leads to feeling good! I want to feel good!

60. Diane: Before I started at this job, I worked in a similar position in a different county. I knew the man who had this job through common meetings we would attend and joint programs we worked together accomplishing. Well, unfortunately the man passed away and I eventually applied for his position. I got this job - which is closer to my home. The school system is always low on funding for things like chairs. So I have the chair that the man who had this position used for many many years. I would want it replaced no matter what because it is worn, but because it is "his" chair - it holds a memory of him. No disrespect to the dead, but it has been some what creepy using his chair, knowing he used it for so many years.

61. Kelli: I'd be thankful for a new chair because the chair that I have now makes it difficult to sit with good posture. I tend to slouch...and that makes my back stiff and sore! A new chair would really help to improve my posture and save my aching back! Thanks!

62. Mike: I'd love to have the kneeling chair for 2 reasons. 1. I sit all day both at work and when I get home, its reaking havoc on my posture (and my belly). I think that a kneeling chair would help both. 2. My desk at home is such that no chair that I've ever found is able to slide underneath it. I think the kneeling chair would be able to hide out of my way when not in use. Thanks!

63. Audrey: I'm 70 years old and trying to improve my health, stamina and posture. I've slumped over computers for too many years. I would be thankful to win a new chair! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

64. Barbara B.: My desk chair is very hard so I can't sit long. I'd be grateful to have a more comfortable chair, especially an exercise ball chair so I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

65. Terri: I work on the computer 10-12 hours a day and my current chair definitely needs to be upgraded!!