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When we rate chairs, we rate them on a variety of criterion - some chairs qualify for different criteria than other chairs for reasons such as a task chair is not meant to be plush, so you can't rate it on how plush it is. A home office leather chair, or a La-Z-boy chair, for example, are meant to be plush, so we would use the plush rating there.

Most all of the chairs rated by SitBetter and by fellow chair experts on our partner blogs will be rated by 3 categories, plus an overall rating, from 1 chair to 5 chairs, 1 being NOT VERY, 5 being VERY.

It is important to understand that our rating system is not based on BAD or GOOD - we would never endorse a bad chair or sell a bad chair - but rather on how the chair stacks up against similar chairs in that category. Thus, 1 means it doesn't measure up very well, and 5 means it leads the pack in that category.

Here are some of our more commonly rated category terms:

Durability - Measures the warranty, the make-up and build of the components too.

Style - Is the chair a looker? Will it get you phone numbers?

Adjustability - How much does the chair adjust? This is critical for ergonomic chairs.

Plushness - A key term for leather office chairs, it measures the sinking feeling you get when you sit in it. The "Aaaahh" factor.

Customization - For lounge chairs, high end chairs, where fabric and customization is critical...

Softness - Another key term for leather office chairs, this measures the leather (or vinyl, or caressoft) to see how soft it is. No one likes to sit on sandpaper.

Back Support - Specifically a category for chairs we are testing for back pain relief. How well does it support your back?

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