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The Evolution Chair - the Original Exercise Ball Chair. Here's the story: The chair's initial market was as an alternative ergonomic seating solution for dental hygienists. This is one profession who spends much of their day sitting on operator stools without effective support for their backs. Traditional dental operator ergonomic chairs are designed to support the body, but they don't use the body to support itself This design trend of supporting the body in a particular position, rather than increasing the body's ability to support itself is one of the key differences between ergonomic chairs, and stability ball chairs. By integrating a stability ball into a chair base, the Evolution Chair promotes more balanced muscle activity between the abdominal and lumbar regions. It supports the development of core muscles which promotes a healthier posture. It reduces spinal compression and the head forward position. This is caused by leaning forward in standard chairs and on stools.

Since its entry into the market in 2004, the Evolution Chair has been embraced by many fields - dental, fitness, physical, chiropractic, massage therapy and ergonomic communities, to name a few. They have endorsed the Evolution Chair as a medically sound way to integrate movement, improve core strength and back health.

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