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Protech Mats

Protech Mats

Pro-Tech Mats Industries, Inc. was founded in 1994. Randy Ernst, President and wife, Darlene Ernst, CFO, worked in the automotive industry for 23 years. Randy was a line technician working on hard, wet, and oily concrete floors. The years of working on the hard flooring was not good to him leaving him with heal spurs, bad knees, fused vertebrae in his lower back and sciatic nerve problems. Together Randy and Darlene wanted to create a mat to provide relief of fatigue to anyone who performs a stand up job task.

In 1994 Randy and Darlene teamed up with a family friend who was a rubber chemist with over (40) forty years experience and after (2) two years they developed the rubber compound to manufacture the Ortho Mat. Realizing that they had a great product, Randy and Darlene decided to take it to market and be in business for themselves. With both of them coming from the automotive industry where service is important, they decided that they would provide the best anti-fatigue mat and outstanding service to their network of Ortho Mat distributors. Now 13 years later, PTMI offers 5 different mats for use in many applications.

Our Opinion: The best for standing comfortably. High quality mats for any industrial application, health-care mats, or anything similar. They are soft and really help you reduce fatigue. We have them in our warehouse!

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ProTech - Duro Ortho Mat

MSRP: $184.00

ProTech - Electro-Static Discharge Ortho Mat

MSRP: $263.33

ProTech - Orthopedic Mat

MSRP: $46.00

ProTech - TUFF SKIN Professional Orthopedic Salon Mat

MSRP: $399.90

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